Monday, September 13, 2010

Something Unexpected!

So today didn't go as planned AT ALL!  The PLAN was to walk the kids to the bus stop then saunter home, make a nice cup of coffee and drink it in total peace and quiet while petting Charlie the Cat.  That was the plan.  I got up at 6:15 (to a screaming back ache) following a night of non-sleep thanks to 1) Craig tossing and turning then eventually giving up and heading to the couch to try to sleep 2) Rebecca then crawling into bed with me around midnight complaining of a sore knee (growing pains) 3) Alicia crawling into bed with me and Rebecca around 2:00 complaining about a bad dream 4) being elbowed in the eye by Rebecca 5) being whacked in the throat by Alicia and then 6) being jumped on by Charlie when I DID finally manage to doze off for 5 minutes.  SOOOO the day didn't start off as refreshing as I would have hoped.  On the bright side, the girls weren't QUITE as grumpy as usual when I finally managed to wake them.  That changed about 5 minutes later when Alicia said "I don't want to go to school".  Anyone who knows the hell I went through last spring when she decided she didn't want to go to playschool might understand the sheer terror those words can inflict on me!!!  To make a long story short, Rebecca got on the bus - Alicia didn't.  I drove Alicia to school.  She clung to me like I was about to send her to her death.  I walked her to her classroom.  Then it was time for her to go in ... that's when the fun times REALLY began!  Just like last spring the teacher had to pry my daughter's little fingers from my sweater and take her against her will into the classroom.  Naturally she was screaming, crying and begging me not to go.  I'm sure the entire school stopped and wondered who was being tortured!  I hung out in the hall way - unsuccessfully fighting back the leaking eyes.  The teacher came out about 30 seconds later and said she was fine.  Great.  How nice for her.  I'm now an emotional train wreck - again.  Good thing I had no makeup on (again - anyone who knows me knows I've gone out in public without makeup approximately 3 times in the past 12 years and this was NOT a pretty picture!)  Soooo - instead of my nice relaxing morning I ended up makeupless (?!) and emotional in public - AND I didn't have my coffee yet!  My plan to stamp the morning away wasn't going so well.  I WAS working on my Halloween treat bags for the kids' friends (yes, I KNOW it's only mid-Sept ... AGAIN - anyone who knows me knows I like to plan ahead!).  I went upstairs to check the Stampin' Up! website - around 3:00 a.m. I had remembered they were running a contest for the Disney World Incentive Trip that I am currently working towards.  I thought the deadline was Sept 30th but found out it is actually Sept 15th!  Soooooo - out with the Halloween Treats and in with the Disney projects!  I've only made 2 projects so far - not sure if I can get my other one done in time.  (Well, I COULD but it would likely mean not feeding the kids ...) so here are the two I've posted for the contest.  The first is a Photo Album - the second is a luggage tag.  I'd go into more detail but the kids refuse to let Craig put them to bed so I guess I'm it.  Sigh.  Ever had one of these kind'a days?  Thanks for peeking in - hope your day was less emotional than mine!

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  1. These are great projects! Very cute - they are soooo Mickey-like! I hope you qualify and win.
    I can very much relate to your 'day' - with 8 kids I've had many a night like yours, followed by 'one of those days.' Keep on persevering - they will grow up all too quickly. Then you'll wish for the night they'd climb in for a snuggle even if it means you might get a black eye in the process :-)