Tuesday, January 4, 2011


OK - so just a quick one while I wait for the doctor office to open so I can call and see if anything can be done for a borken toe.  I just kicked the bedpost and broke my pinkie :(  Starting to throb like MAD and it's at a 45 degree angle (I'll spare you the photo - it isn't pretty!)

So my plan of crafting for 3 hours while the kids are at school has been dashed - I'll likely be sitting in the ER for 6 hours waiting for them to straighten it (if they even DO that for toes!)  Luckily I spent some time in my newly organized craft room last night and came up with this card to show you:

You would never know it took me 2 hours to come up with such a simply card, would you?!    I finally used my "Three Little Words" set that I got LAST Sale-a-brations.  I HAD to have it but have never used it! 

Here is another  I made - not so crazy about this one - I think it's the color scheme ...

OK - off to call the doctor now ... hope your day is starting off better than mine is!!


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