Wednesday, April 6, 2011


2 HOURS PER CARD today.  Seriously!  My creative juices were very slow in flowing today I tell ya!  I had a great PLAN for the day - ship the kids off to school then spend 3 hours in my craft room.  I had SOOOO much work to do - design Rebecca's birthday invitations, make (and mail) Easter cards, send a Thank You card to a friend, design a card for National Administrative Assistant week, design a card for National Nurse Week, decide on a technique for FRIDAY'S class, DESIGN the technique class for Friday's class, design two other projects for Friday's class, make a card using my new stamp set and DSP, make a 3-D card using the flower punch or flower Big Shot Die .... the list is a looooooooong one.  Of course when you leave things until the last minute the only thing you can be sure of is your plan will never play out the way it was supposed to.  Alicia woke up this morning feeling "queasy".  Hmm - I knew she wasn't faking because she was having a party at school today - kids don't fake being sick when there are parties (only when there are tests!)  Well, she had a bit of soup (for breakfast!) and went off to soup feeling so-so.  Fearing I would get a call from the school I jumped in the shower and put on some "slap" do I woudn't scare the children if I DID have to go to the school.  Yep - as I finished "the process" I got the call.  Alicia still didn't feel well.  So much for my plan of uninterrupted crafting!  I DID manage to get some cards done but it was a PAINFUL process.  Seriously - I literally laugh when I look at the simplicity of this card knowing that it took me close to 2 HOURS to make it.  2 HOURS!!!!!!!  LOOK AT IT!  Sheesh!  While I love it I can't believe it took me so long!  I just sat and stared at the paper for EVER.  The paper is fantastic but it's just so busy that the rest of the card HAS to be simple - here's what I came up with (yes ... after 2 hours ...)
I used Bravo Burgundy cs, ink and button (retired so if you don't have the buttons just stamp a button from Button, Button and punch it out with the 3/4" circle punch!).  I also used the corner rounder and the sentiment fromg Bring On The Cake (that's a MUST HAVE set!!)

OK - have to put the kids to bed ... tune in tomorrow for my other 2-hour projects (that will only take you 20 minutes to re-create!)


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