Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A "Sweet" Pencil

Now how flippin' cute is this???!!!!  I can't take credit for the idea.  I saw it on our Stampin' Up! web site with a similar project made by Niki Toll.  I just HAD to run out and buy all the supplies to make them .. ok - that was a few weeks ago ... but I DID finally get around to making it!
The PLAN was to make 35 of them.  I like to make treats for ALL the school staff every now and then.  This seemed to be the perfect gift.  I went to the dollar store, bought 35 packs of Mentos and 2 bags of jumbo Hershey's Kisses.  I wrapped the Mentos in a piece of Blushing Bride card stock (I never dreamed I would use this color as much as I do.  I actually dislike the color imensely but it has come in REALLY handy for bizarre projects like this ... it's the perfect color for the eraser!)  I glued a Kiss to the end (using the Tombow and some patience) then I ran a piece of More Mustard through my crimper and glued it in place.  The little silver band is a twist tie that came in my Pretzel Bags ... the perfect touch.  Now as cute as this little gift is I'm QUITE certain that life is WAY TOO SHORT to making 35 of them!!!!  Not hard ... just time consuming, fiddly and a little goopy if you don't get the glue just right.  So .. I now have 34 rolls of Mentos that will likely end up on my hips rather than in the class staff room .... I feel 35 Butterfly Post-It-Note Holders coming on ... back to the dollar store!

Have a fun day :)


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