Friday, August 5, 2011

Virtual Garage Sale ...

Yes, I'm still here.  I can't BELIEVE I haven't been near my craft room for WEEKS!!!  This having the kids 24/7 is REALLY messing with my routine!!  Well, that and the fact that I've been excercising 6 days a week.  No wonder I rarely excercise - who the hell has half a day every day to dedicate to it??  Seriously - by the time I'm done, cleaned up and fed the kids it's noon!!!  Something's gotta give!  Today I put EVERYTHING (including feeding the kids!) on hold until I got some stamping paperwork done.  Well ... at noon I stopped to fill up the kiddie pool ,... at 2:00 I stopped to feed them lunch (I THINK I fed them breakfast at some point *lol* and by 4:00 pm I had sent the 2 e-mails I wanted to send and re-vamped all my promotional material to reflect the new catalague page numbers and prices.  Sheesh!  It's 6:30 pm - I still haven't made dinner ... or excercised ... or showered for that matter ... guess I should get on that sooner rather than later!!

OK - onto more exciting things than my personal hygiene ... MY VIRTUAL GARAGE SALE!!  (If you aren't currently on my e-mail list and want to be so you can see what is up for grabs just send me a message)

How it will work.

This Tuesday, August 9th I will send you all an e-mail listing the items I have for sale and their prices.
  • You have until Wednesday, August 10th to check out the items and make a list of what you would like to purchase.
  • THE SALE STARTS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 10TH AT 7:00 PM. Starting at 7:00 pm you E-MAIL me what you would like. Don't e-mail me BEFORE 7:00 pm ... it starts AT 7:00 pm and will be on a first-e-mailed-first-get-basis. This will allow everyone the same chance to see the list, go through it and get their orders in.
  • THE SALE GOES UNTIL THURSDAY, AUGUST 11TH AT 7:00 PM. I am attending a Trade Fair Saturday morning in Bon Accord and I will be (hopefully) selling any remaining items then.
That's it - that's the sale.  Clever, huh?  This way I don't have to nail down a date and time to have everyone over (and I don't have to clean my house!!!) ... and people can shop even if they are on holidays!  Love it :)

Oh - I guess I should also mention the current SU promotion that is going on - the "Buy 3 Get One Free" Designer Series Paper promotion.  The promotion funs through the month of August and is limited to the $13.50 Designer Series Papers.  Contact me if you would like to place an order or want more details.

Have a GREAT weekend ... guess I should go feed the children :)


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