Thursday, September 22, 2011

Is it over yet?


Is it Friday, 7:00 pm yet?  I am officially counting down the minutes until my husband comes home from his fishing trip.  a) the children are reacting very badly to him being gone - they are over emotional and acting up like CRAZY b) the floor hasn't been swept since he left (he sweeps it EVERY night after dinner) c) the carpets haven't been vaccumed since he left (he vacuums every Wed & Sun) and I'm starved for adult interaction!!!  I honestly do NOT know how single parents do it ... and WORKING, single parents ... well, they deserve a million dollars just for not going postal!

Right ... Craig just phoned ... I feel a little better now knowing that the calvalry is coming - I just feel so overwhelmed with everything!  He's such a GREAT husband - he really does at LEAST half the work around here ... the floors, the garbage, the yard ... it was an effort for me to go and pick all the ripe tomatoes today ... and clean the cats litter box!

Phew - just a few more hours.  On the bright side, I'm off in 10 minutes to take Alicia to her first Sparks meeting.  Awwww - I think I'm more excited than she is!  I'm likely dating myself here but when I was her age it wasn't called Sparks, I was a Twinkie :)  hee hee - isn't that cute?  Of course next was Brownies - I never did get into Girl Guides.  Anyway .... no time for babbling today -

I thought I would post a few of the swaps I got from Regionals on Saturday.  There are some FABULOUS cards!!

This my absolute FAVORITE - by Tamera Gadd - how freakin' adorable is this??!!  I get this new Big Shot die tomorrow - I can't WAIT to play with it!!!

Oh!  Look at the time - gotta fly - I'll post more later ...


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