Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ta Da!

Happy Tuesday ... well, it is for those of you who can walk properly I'm sure it is.  Myself?  I'm hobbling around like I'm 110 years old.  All for good reason, though.  Crafting.  That ALWAYS makes it worth while :)

As promised, I spent all day ... and I'm talking ALL DAY making Alicia's birthday invitations.  I figure in total it took 8 hours.  Needless to say, I can barely walk today.  BUT LOOK HOW DARN CUTE THEY TURNED OUT??!!  Aren't these wirth 24 hours of agony?!?!  (Ask me that again around hour 20 and see what I say!)

Oh!  Look - I took a picture of the "not-as-time-consuming-as-the-first-one-I-made".  Oops - my first card / template had about another 20 minutes worth of work on it.  I had sponges, cut, crumpled and glued on about 8 little strips of paper to look like shredded cheese ... oh hang on ... I'll go take a picture of that one ... ya gotta see it ... hang on ... be right back ...

Hee hee.  Too cute :)  It is certainly not an original idea - I had lots of samples to copy off the internet.  It was more time consuming than I thought it would be (don't I say that every time I make invitations?!)  Regardless, they were fun to make.  I sued Crumb Cake, Very Vanilla and Cajun Craze for the crust, cheese, sause and pepperoni.  I use Always Artichoke for the green peppers and black for the olives.  There was a LOT of sponging, measuring, punching and cutting done ... but it's worth it for my little girl.  6 years old next Wednesday.  Sigh.

Right - I'm off to do the dishes and stretch my back ... I have a perty tomorrow night I have to plan, cut and pack for .. and then another one Saturday so lots of crafting in my future.  If you don't hear from me for a week or two ... I'm in traction!

Have a fun day - enjoy this PERFECT day :)


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