Monday, October 31, 2011

Paisely Petals Thank You

Happy Halloween!!

Everybody ready for the big day?  I'm happy to say that for once I WASN'T putting treats together last night!  No, instead of focusing on the mahem that will ensue tonight I was focused on keeping the peace in the household.  "What's up?" I hear you cry!  Well ... let me introduce you to our newest family member and the cause of a LOT of stress for our existing members ... meet Jade (aka JadeyKat)
Isn't she GORGEOUS??!!  I could just sit and stare at her all day!  She is a pure bred Bengal - they are fantastic creatures.  They are hypoallergenic and shed virtually no fur.  Their coats are soft as silk and they are very playful and good with kids.  Of course the downside is the cost.  Like any hypoallergenic purebred you're gunna have to pay the price to get one!  We got Jade Saturday mornning.  Long story short - she is a rescue cat.  WHY anyone would give up an expensive, lovely cat like Jade I don't understand but there you have it - their loss is our gain!  A friend of mine was looking after her but already had 2 cats and those 2 were bullying Jade.  I saw her, fell in love with her and approached Craig during a moment of weekeness and he said we could have her on a trial basis.  (He is NOT a cat lover ... or even a cat LIKER so what came over him I do not know ...).  I didn't ask questions or hang around for long for him to change his mind. 

So far things are going "ok" with the trial period.  I thought Jade and Charlie were getting along as well as could be expected until this morning.  Sure, Charlie is REALLY mad about the situation but there hadn't been any major confrontations ... until this morning.  Now I know where the term "cat fight" comes from!  Aside from that Charlie was sick this morning from the stress of it all.  Hopefully they will settle down soon and learn to at least tolerate each other (actually it's all Charlie - Jade is quite happy to ignore him and just go about her business but he has different ideas!). 

So that's what kept me occupied all weekend.  That and a little crafting.  A friend has commissioned me to make some Thank You cards for her.  I made two cards using the same layout and DSP but with different colors:

They both use the Paisley Petals DSP and the Four Frames stamp set.  The sentiment is from "Sweetheart".  I used a jumbo eyelet on both.  The top one uses the colors of Crumb Cake and Not Quite Navy with Crumb Cake Seam binding ribbon.  The bottom uses Early Espresso and Crumb cake with Early Espresso 5/8" Satin ribbon (retired).  I love the crispness of them both.  Simple, yet elegant.  This is my favorite DSP this year.

Right - guess I should go do some paperwork.  Have a fun Halloween!


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