Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Flippin' Turtle!

Heidi Ho Stampers!

Wow - been a while since I posted ... again!  Been busy doing a lot of domestic things lately ... cooking and baking amongst other things.  Every now and then I go through these spurts of trying new recipes (in the never ending quest to find a meal that everyone will eat!!)  My new favorite tool in the fight ... Pinterest!  Yep - been using new recipes for a few weeks now and I've gotta say - 90% of them are awesome!  Had one epic fail lastnight - the crockpot 7-Up Chicken.  Good in theory - but in reality it was a gluey mess that wasn't too good ... should have just been done in the oven, not the crockpot.  Never fear!  There are more recipes to try!  The downside to it all is it takes time ... and that means less crafting!  Even that has an upside, though because too much crafting hurts my back so all in all it's a good thing ... I think ... I'm a little confused now ... what I DO know is I have a project to post.  Yes, I made it over a week ago ... but it was Craig birthday (oh ya!  I forgot to tell you .. I bought him a digital smoker for his birthday - he LOVES it ... I used my "stamping stash" to pay for it and hid it at my Dad's for the last 2 months so he had no idea.  It wasn't completely altruistic, however.  Between the smoker and his new BBQ (thank you Mr. Tax Man) I figure I don't have to cook another meal until October!!! ... guess I can stick to baking ...)

Hmmm - seem to be rambling on ... again .. and digressing all over the place (quite messy, really!)  Let's check out that card, shall we?  It is another Flip Card - same idea as the Rather's Day Flip Card I posted ... different colors, paper and stamp set but just as much fun!

Ta-Da!  Fun!  I used Turtle & Co. stamp set and the DSP is Twitterpated.  I used a Designer Flower Brad and some butterflies punches out with my Beautiful Wings Embosslit.  Pretty straight forward.  We made this card at class last week.  Really easy once you see it done.

That's it for now.  I'm half way through designing my scrap-album fold-out book thingy that I will be posting shortly.  I'm holding a class on Friday June 1st.  I'm still working out the fine details of the class but space is limited and I already have 4 people coming so act fast if you want to attend!

I'm off to bed ... ahhhh .... bed ...

Have a fun sleep :)


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