Thursday, June 7, 2012

Movie Time!

Happy Thursday!

Hope y'all had a fun day.  I.  Did.  Not.  I'm only now, at 8:16 pm, just 2/3 of the way through the hell that is .... pricing items for a garage sale.  My Dear Lord!  Did I really BUY all this stuff?????  Wow.  Please.  If you EVER see me in or around a toy department any time other than November I beg of you - kick me in the head until I leave!!  Honestly.  I won't press charges ... in fact I may even send you flowers as a thank you.

So - I am taking a little break to "talk" to you (yes, I know I'm really just typing ... and there is a chance no one will read this ... but it's therapeutic ... and let's face it ... my husband and kids don't really listen to me so if you ARE out there and reading this, it's by CHOICE and you're really paying attention, right?  Which leads to my next question ... why do you keep coming back and reading my rather neurotic ... or is it psychotic ... ramblings?  Hmmm - interesting ... I'll have to ponder that more later ...)

Perhaps you REALLY come to see the projects ... and you skip the rambling ... hee hee - na ... you read it ... I know you do.  I do the same thing.  To be honest - there are quite a few blogs I follow and I don't really care for the projects at all ... I just like reading about their lives ... yes - I guess that makes me a cyber-voyeur!

Right!  I did come with a purpose - no, I don't have a project to share today ... instead I'm posting two videos.  The first one is from the SU Home Office and shows off the new ink pads ... which I LOVE and can't wait until I own the new ones in ALL the colors .... patience, Tam .... one pad at a time ...

The second video is one I found on the net showing off how to REINK OUR MARKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

So - grab a drink and a nice light snack, sit back and enjoy the show.

I'll post a project in a few days (I've grounded myself from stamping until the other 1/3 of the garage sale pricing is done!)

Have a stampy evening!


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