Monday, November 26, 2012

Another Case ... or three!


Woo Hoo!  I MADE IT!!!  I survived the weekend and can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!  I am beyond THRILLED to say that my project submissions for the Stampin' Success magazine are "in the mail"!!  Phew.  I'm SO glad that is done ... well ... ALMOST done ... I still have to e-mail the Editor with my "recipe" for each project.  That should take about 2 hours ... THEN I'll be done ... but I'm glad to have them physically in the mail.  Now I just have to wait until March for it to hit the glossy pages of the magazine :)))))

It was a long tough week last week.  I finished my magazine projects Thursday so thought I could play catch up on a few things Friday.  Nope.  Insert children ... and "life".  Alicia woke up in tears because she felt "icky".  Now of course the kids say that EVERY morning but this morning I could tell she really meant it ... so ... she stayed home.  I warned her I still had things to do and whilst I would certainly take care of her and color a bit I couldn't sit and watch TV all day with her.  She was good with that.  I made plans for my dad to come over and watch her for 1 1/2 hours in the afternoon while I helped out with Rebecca's school field trip.  It took some convincing to get Alicia to "agree" to having him stay while I left rather than HIM help with the field trip while I stayed.  I am, however, a very good saleslady and eventually had her looking forward to him coming and me going :)

I jumped in the shower at 11:00 am and just as I was drying my hair the school phoned.  It was Rebecca's teacher.  I assumed she was just confirming what time I was coming to help out.  WRONG!  She told me that Rebecca had fainted!  Long story short she fainted while walking to the bathroom to clean a fresh papercut.  Her teacher said she bumped her cheek and had a mark but was otherwise fine.  I spoke to Rebecca and naturally she wanted to come home.  (I know my daughter .... she wasn't hurt and she felt fine but she was terribly embarrassed!!)  So ... I called dad and said not to bother coming as I didn't need to help with the field trip anymore.  He said he would still come so I could walk the dog.  So he headed off.  I quickly called Craig to tell him what happened and HE immediately ditched work and came home.  Then my MOM called, ready to cancel her lunch so SHE could come.  WHOA people!!!  Everything was just fine!  I tried to call dad to tell him Craig was coming home and not to bother ... but he had already left.  I picked up Rebecca who was very pale (although the staff said she was whiter than snow when she went down!) and we came home.  She needed a cuddle and a good cry.  She headed up to bed to watch TV.  Alicia was now disappointed that it wasn't just "her and Papa" time but I bribed her into a smile with a new sticker book.  Papa showed up but I didn't need him.  Craig showed up and he walked the dog.  (... any of this chaos sound familiar?  ... or is it just me and my life??  *lol*)

ANYway ... all is well with everyone.  Rebecca had a bruised cheek.  HER version is that she DIDN'T faint ... her arm had swung up and hit her in the face and made her fall.  Ummm - ok.  Not sure why her arm would be swinging that hard or high but I wasn't going to argue with her.  She was good enough to go to her skiing lessons on Saturday so all is well again. 

Needless to say I didn't get anything work-wise accomplished Friday so Saturday was a bit of a scramble.  I had Craig take the girls to skiing lessons alone while I cut paper for my two upcoming Stamp-a-Stacks.  SHEESH!  I am now officially down to HALF A PACK of Whisper White card stock and FIVE envelopes - FIVE!!  Guess who put in an emergency order at 11:45 pm yesterday *lol*?   Sunday was great.  I had my Stamp-a-Stack and it was really relaxing.  I had some new ladies stamping with us (hi Patti and Kristin!).  I really enjoyed it.  I spent the rest of the afternoon making up my "extras" and then once the kids were in bed I made my "good" copies of my magazine projects.  Yep - my bed felt VERY good when I crawled into it.  I think I was asleep in about 15 seconds!

So now you understand why I say HAPPY MONDAY!!!  I MADE IT!!!!   (aren't you glad you come in to check out my craziness every week?  Makes your life look calm, doesn't it??  DOESN'T IT??)

So ... how about some cards?  I have 20 minutes before child pick-up so let's roll with some more "CASE"ing ...

Here is a card I wanted to make for my class a few weeks back.  I love the colors and the paper piercing.  Of course I HAVE all the paper piercing but I hadn't USED any of them yet (sound familiar??)  This was a great card to try it out on ... and it also allowed me to use my new Paper TRIMMER on the green layer.  The originator is/was .. oh for Heaven's Sake ... I can't FIND it!!!  I know I'll stumble accross it again - it's a great card - I just can't find it in my Favorites of Stampin Connection nor on Pinterest ... sorry - I'll report the creator when I find it!
This is 99% exactly her original card ...
Love it!  The colors are NOt Quite Navy and Wild Wasabi.  I used Framelits for the shapes around "Frosty Friends" which was stamped in Staz-on and colored with the markers.  I used the paper piercing template to pierce ... and pearls for the snowballs - oh, and the base is run through the polka dot folder.

Next up is one I used for my Stamp-a-Stack yesterday.  Again - CASEd ... this time from Chat Wszelaki at .  Great card - so quick, easy but WOW!
It used the Four Seasons hostess set, a 1 1/4" circle punch of Silver glimmer paper, a 1" punched out snowflake and some dimensionals.  The ink is Baja Breeze and the Sentiment is Curly Cute.  Quick and EASY!!  Thanks Chat for a great case!

The next two are my own creations ... which didn't make "the cut".  This one is "ok" but didn't blow my hair back ...
Sigh.  I really was convinced this set was a great set ... "Christmas Blessings".  It is one of the first ones I bought on the pre-order.  I had great visions of it being embossed in silver .. I've tried a number of cards a number of times but it just hasn't grabbed me.  This one was so-so.  It just didn't quite sit right with me ... so it was "out"!

Last up (I now have 3 minutes before I have to leave!)  is another one I THOUGHT would work for my upcoming SAS ... but in the end I changed it for something else.  Just didn't float my boat:
Jolly Bingo Bits is a must-have set ... and I have scads of the Gumball Green ribbon on hand but .. nope ... I chose my next card instead ... which I love ... but I'm gunna keep it until tomorrow or my kids will be left standing at the school gate looking forlorn ... and we don't want THAT do we???  Heck no!  So off I toddle.  Come back tomorrow for a card I DON'T like ... and one that I LOVE ... both made with the same set.  Until then ... have a stampy day :)


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