Wednesday, December 26, 2012

You Rule!

Happy Wednesday!!

Where to start??!!  I suppose first off I should say Merry Christmas!  I truly hope you have all had a fun, relaxing few days!  Heaven knows all PARENTS out there deserve a day or two off after all their hard work for the last month or two in getting ready for the big day!  I KNEW I would get it all done in time ... I always do ... somehow *lol*  Although about a month ago I was stressed to my back teeth with all that I had to do I actually was 100% ready about December 20th.  I have had a few days to try to relax and enjoy ... and catch up on sleep!  I am beyond thrilled to say that last night I managed a full 9 HOURS and am in an incredibly improved mood ... even Craig commented that I seemed "particularly happy today".  Yep ... nothing like 2 days of absolutely no schedule and no stress to fix a gal up!

We had a fabulously relaxing day yesterday.  Rebecca came in at 6:00 am but since I had mentioned, oh, about 19 times that I wanted everyone to stay in bed until 6:30 am I convinced her to crawl in with Craig and me for half an hour.  We all managed to fall back asleep and I woke at 6:59 am!  I would have rolled over again but I had told my parents to come over at 7:00 am and had visions of them sitting in their van ... in -28 degree weather so up we got!  The girls stayed upstairs for a minute while Craig and I went down, plugged in the tree and (most importantly) started the coffee.  I wanted to be in position when they came down stairs so I could see their faces when they saw the 4 foot tall doll house waiting for them.  Oh what a wonderful sight!  Their little faces lit up with excitement and my heart was happy.  There won't be many more of these magical moments as Rebecca is now 9 1/2 years old and keeps asking if Santa is real.  I haven't said yes or no ... I've just asked what she thinks and then I say that Santa is real as long as you believe in him.  I tell her that Santa is not about the presents but that he is about love and believing in something you can't see or touch - much like God and Jesus.  I know she WANTS to believe and even though "friends" at school have told her that Santa is just "your Mom & Dad" she will believe at heart for a little while longer.  I had planned to tell her "the truth" after Christmas ... and even have the letter all picked out (thank you Pinterest!) explaining everything nicely but 3 nights ago I woke up at 2:00 am and was awake until 6:30 in tears over the prospect of ending the magic.  I was seriously messed up!  I had a breakdown like this when Rebecca turned 1 year old.  I just kept crying because a very precious chapter in her life was closing.  While I knew there were great, exciting chapters to come I mourned the passing of the thirst year of her life.  This was very similar ... except that I couldn't find happy thoughts to get me through!  I just couldn't cope with ending such a majical part of her life.  Oh maybe I could handle letting Santa "go" but that would also mean the end of the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny and Trixie, our Elf on the Shelf.  I simply couldn't do it.  I decided that morning that I wouldn't give her the letter.  Craig says "she needs to know" and worries she'll get ridiculed at school if she "believes".  I disagree.  I know if kids question her she'll say "I don't KNOW if he's real or not ... I mean you can't prove something DOESN'T exist" ... yes, I've prompted her a bit *lol*.  Can you relate?  I hope I'm not alone in my bizarre struggles.  Is this sort of thing really worth losing sleep over?  I dunno.  I can't help it.  I SO want my kids to have a happy, magical childhood ... it keeps me young and believing as much as them ... and I just can't end it.

ANYway!  don't know where THAT ramble came from *lol* ... let's get on to some projects, shall we??  I mentioned a while back I had some projects to finish off ... and I did.  First up I'll show you the ornaments we made using the Ornament Keepsake Kits that were on sale.  These were fun to put together and I cracked 8 of them off in about 2 hours (the girls made one each too with my help)
Isn't it pretty??  I have 2 more kits downstairs.  Mom really liked them so I think I'll make a batch for her for next year.  The other kit may get made up and used for tags next year - they really are lovely :)

Next up are some glitter ornaments.  Not my original idea - I saw them on Pinterest and on Stampin' Connection.  I LOVE making these glitter ornaments - they are very addictive!  This year it was Rudolph:
Hee hee - so cute!  The girls each made one using the dark brown glitter from one of my retired glitter packs from a few years ago.  There wasn't enough for mine ... so I used some of my retired gold for a "blonde" rudolph.  I swirled the Vanish with Pledge to coat the inside, then poured in a tonne of glitter and dumped out the excess.  I punched the antlers out with the (retired?) snowflake die and attached them with mini glue dots.  The nose is the red glimmer paper punched out with the 3/4" circle punch - the eyes are white with the 1/2" circle punch and the black with the eyes from the Owl Punch.  All were attached with mini glue dots (I SERIOUSLY use those things for SO many projects!!).  The string is our (retired) gold elastic ... but any ribbon or thread would certainly do.  These were quick and fun to make and look great on the tree :)

Right.  Next up are two cards that hit "the cutting room floor" when I was designing my projects for my article in the upcoming Stampin' Success Magazine.  I was asked to design 4 projects using By the Tide from the new mini catalogue (have you SEEN that catalogue yet???  OMGoodness!  Once again I earned quite a few air miles buying virtually every item in it!!!)  Here is my first reject:
Nope.  DIdn't float my boat.  I don't even feel like giving you the recipe for it ... so I'm not gunna *lol*.  The next one is a little better but still didn't make "the cut":
Ehhh - so-so.  Also didn't make it ... and also not gunna give you the recipe :))  Now ... on to a QUICK and easy project that I DO love .. drum roll please ....
Ta Da!  Love it!  A quick card that was fun to make :)  My favorite cards are always the ones that I design with a certain person in mind.  This one is for you, Tammie M :)  Tammie's (aka "The Lady From The Bathroom ... long story .. I"ll share one day *lol*) birthday is January 1st and I wanted to send her a fun card using some of the new products from the new catty.  Mission accomplished.  This set just screamed Tammie to me - she's bright ... fun ... and sparkly - just like this card - and she desrves to be a Queen For a Day - when Tammie is around you just KNOW you're in for a fun time - I hope she likes her card :))  It's made with the new "You Rule" set stamped in Melon Mambo.  The sentiment is from the same set.  This is a "keeper" set as it can be used for guys or gals (there is also a "King for a Day" sentiment).  Check out the bling on the crown!  The larges rhinestones are NEW ... and BIG ... just like the jumbo pearls.  Make note, if you add these jems you will have higher postage (I think it's $1.25 in Canada ... I learned that trying to mail my Christmas cards with the jumbo pearls) ... but well worth it!  The other jewels are from the standard pack in the main catty.  It took a few minutes to get all the bling on ... since ALL my nails have snapped off in the last 2 weeks ... but I used my tweezers and it wasn't too fiddly :) 

So that's what I've been up to ... that and organizing my craft room, as I do every Christmas break.  I've reorganized all my punches and ribons and am in the process of purging my excess stock.  SO therapeutic!  I don't know when I'll post next ... I hope to craft some more this week while the kids play and Craig is at work ... but I have NO agenda .. I"m gunna take it as it comes ... for once!

I hope you have a relaxing week too ... and that you manage to get some "you" time in to craft, read or do whatever makes you happiest.  Have a stampy week!


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