Sunday, March 31, 2013

Home Made Easter Gifts

Happy Easter ... again!

I just couldn't resist posting again today.  I just HAD to share the little gifts my almost-10-year-old made for me, her dad and her sister.

These SHOULD have been made weeks ago ... when I first suggest the kids make Easter cards.  Of course I got the standard "maybe later" response.  Alicia DID make Easter cards for everyone last week when Rebecca was having a sleep over at Grandma's ... soat least ONE girl was taken care of!

Last night ... while I'm on the phone ... Rebecca (my 9 year-old) is frantically trying to get my attention ... which of course I ignore and muttering my usual "Do you see this thing attached to my head?  It's a phone. I'll talk to you when I'm done".  She kept hopping around and looking distressed ... so I said goodbye to my Mom and asked her what was wrong.  Ina total panic ... "Mom!  Would you pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase drive me to the store so I can buy you guys Easter presents??!!??!!"

I looked at the clock.

It was 4:45 pm.

I just looked at her ... stunned.

Me:  "Uh - let me think about that for a second .... oh!  NO!"

I then tried to explain to her that Easter was NOT about presents, or chocolates or rabbits and that she did not have to give any of us anything.  While she knew all that she replied "I know ... but I WANT to ... PLEASE!". 

Me:  "Still no".

**insert flood of tears here**


Me:  "Right.  After dinner Dad and Alicia can watch Wreck it Ralph (no ... STILL haven't made the time to watch it!!) and I can help you make them something"

Rebecca:  "But what am I going to get YOU??"

Me:  "Honey - the best gift you can give me is to spend time with me crafting"

Rebecca:  "I know - but I still want to MAKE you something but you can't know what it IS"  *insert more tears here*

Sigh again.

Me:  "OK, OK - don't panic!  I'll show Daddy how to get onto Pinterest and show him my board of Hoiday craft ideas.  You guys can pick something and he can help you, if you need it".

Rebecca:  "ok.  thanks mom" **insert hanging head, slumping shoulders and shuffling off to find her sister**

So I showed Craig Pinterest and a few ideas and after dinner off they went.  Just look what she came up with:
Hee hee - isn't it adorable??  She did such a great job!  She even used dimensionals to pop up the little cheeks!  I ahev to go back and hot glue the little tail on ... and maybe secure the bow a little better ... but only because I want to keep it forever :)))

After I cleaned up the kitchen we went down and worked on presents for Alicia and Craig.  She agreed to a bookmark for Alicia.  (Thank-you again Pinterest for the last-minute ideas!!) Check it out!
Awww ... and look at those little faces from about 5 years ago!  I think Rebecca was 5 1/2 and Alicia was 3.  It was our first family vacation to San Diego.  This picture is one of my all-time favorites.  No it wasn't taken at Legoland, Sea World or theSan Diego Zoo ... it was taken in the parking lot of the Alamo car rental place *lol* Ahhh - those special memories *lol*!  Anyway!  Check out the bookmark!  We just used some of my retired Pretty in Pink Satin Ribbon .. andf some white taffeta - used two piece of the white - looped them into a cross and secured it with one of our retired brads (ice, I think).  Quick and easy!

Then came Craig's present.  Ugh.  This one resulted in a bit of a battle between us.  Rebecca wanted to make hime beaded key chain.  Great!  I can do that ... 6 or so beads in the shape of a cross.  No problem.  Problem.  She didn't WANT to make a cross - she wanted to make a rabbit.  Mmm hmm.  Let me think about that for a minute.  Oh ya!  NO!  About 15 minutes later I think she got the message that while she was quite welcome to make a rabbit beaded key chain I wasn't going to.  I didn't know how (the instructions were beyond bogus!) ... I didn't have time ... I didn't WANT to ... and most importantly "a lack of planning on your part does not make an emergency crafting situation on MY part!"  (at this point I was REALLY trying to hold it together - I was tired and cranky ... and still had a few hours of putting Easter Baskets together, putting out rabbit food, doing the scavenger hunt and filling and hiding about 150 eggs around the house ahead of me ... and of course I couldn't start any of THAT fun until they were both asleep ... which is usually not until about 10:30 pm when they are all excited about big days ahead!  Despite being on edge I kept my cool ... last Tuesday I made a 30 day challenge for myself not to yell .... NOT an easy task for this short-fused, underslept Mamma!)  ANYwaaaaaay .... she finally accepted that it was too hard to make so we jumped on pinterst again and found an adorable little pompom rabbit we could make.  We didn't have any large WHITE pompoms around (and pink, teal and orange just wouldn't do!) so we had to improvise a bit.  Here is what "she" made:
Hee hee - didn't "she" do a great job?  Yes - I guess she WAS the creator ... I was just the labourer ... since she couldn't cut the ears ... or the feet ... of the pipecleaners ... and couldn't use the glue gun ... but other than that it was all her *lol*.  Daddy loved it nonetheless ... and she went to bed happy that she had gifts for everyone.

This morning was fun - all the eggs were found and the Scavenger Hunt really made them think (they were stumped on one or two and needed more hints) ... and now they are on a sugar high!  I'm off to take a nap before the bird goes in and our parents come over for dinner.  Thanks for popping in.  I have 2 cards to share in the days ahead so pop back again soon.  Until then - have a stampy Easter!


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