Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Washi Tape Grunge

Happy Tuesday!!1

Hope it's dry and warm where you are ... not so much here in Alberta lately!  It's been raining seemingly for EVER!!  You may have seen the flooding that happened in Southern Alberta.  We have been luckier in Edmonton ... just a lot of rain - the odd street is flooded here and there but nothing remotely CLOSE to what Calgary and surrounding areas got!!  Of course I LOVE rain!  I am NOT like my BFF who THRIVES in 40 degree Vegas heat ... my maximum temperature is a lovely 24 degrees ... 21 is just fine by me!  I really should live in San Diego ... it fairly consistent at 21-24 every single day.  THAT I could take - heat, nope.  Rain ... no complaints here!  As you know my favorite day is a cold, rainy Sunday ... rain all day.  That bring back fond memories as a child of roast beef smells filling the house while I sat at the kitchen table doing my paint-by-number ... you remember the ones .... they were black velvet ... I often did a cat ... or a horse ... and I had to use toothpicks because the spaces were too small for the cheap, fat brushes that came with it.  Now that I'm older a rainy day means one thing .... stamping (and if I'm REALLY lucky, napping!)  Now although it has been raining for weeks and weeks around here I certainly haven't had the opportunity to spend as much time stamping as I would like! 
  • 2 weekends ago on my perfect rainy Sunday I was at Brownie camp.  It was 9:30 am ... I had 3 cups of pretty *average* coffee down my throat ... was standing outside in my not-so-flattering Barbour jacket and baseball hat (and I do NOT pull off a ball cap very well!!) - with a map - and 10 underslept 7-year olds about to wander through the forest looking for hidden signs. 
  • Today it has been POURING rain all day - my house was clean and my chores were done.  Alas, rather than hiding in my craft room with the cat on my lap and the dog at my feet I was at the local Leisure Centre ... with 200 grade 4, 5 and 6 students.  We spend the morning swimming.  Have I ever mentioned that I completely believe I was a cat in a previous life?  I do.  I love napping in the sun and hate swimming.  So naturally I wasn't REALLY thrilled at the prospect of today's field trip.  I somehow survived 2 hours of ear-shattering noise ... only to spend the next 2 hours in the ice arena area helping 4 girls put on their skates ... and then watch them skate ... and wish I were home stamping.  Once I survived THAT fresh hell I got to drive through driving rain to the other side of town to take the girls to their swimming lessons.  Yes - although I love being able to help out with the girls' field trips today has sucked everylast ounce of energy out of me and I am now counting down the second until I can go to bed (I figure it's 10,800 seconds ....)  Again - not my ideal rainy day kind of activity!!
On the bright side!  The forecast is for the same all-day rain tomorrow that we had today ... and I HAVE NOTHING ON THE CALENDAR!!!  Woo Hoo!!!  Guess you know what I'M gunna be doin'??!!!  Yep - once that dog is walked I'm hitting my sexy yoga pants and holey tank top and heading to my "happy place".  Yee Ha! .... and to top it off - tomorrow night is CRAFT NIGHT!  Weeeee!  I have 6 other addicts heading over to hang with me and craft up some loveliness.  Yes ... tomorrow is my little island oasis in a week of crazy business!  (Thursday is games day at school so the THIRD day this week where I'm there!) ... and of course Friday is the girls' last day ... and a half day ... and then it's summer break ... so really, tomorrow is my last *sane* day for the next 8 weeks *sniff* (*lol)

Right!  Enough rambling of a water-logged exhausted Mom ... onto my fabulous project of fabulousness!  Last night I spend some quality time stamping with my youngest, Alicia.  (We needed some bonding time ... but that's a WHOLE other story ... which some of you have already heard!!)  We made the Fishin' Around card from my post the other day ... she made it for her show and tell at school today.  Once we were done it was 7:30 pm ... time for the girls to start their bed-time-show.  That's when I also realized that I still needed to crack of 25 cards for my Club Girls orders (which I was planning to start delivering TODAY!)  So!  I needed quick, I needed easy, and I needed AWESOME!  I think I nailed it:
I LOVE this card!  I know, I know ... I say that about EVERY card I post ... but I DO!  This is SO not my style!  .. and I've been saying THAT a lot lately too ... which makes me wonder WTH my style IS anyway!!  ... but I digress ...
Back to the card!
This is slightly smaller than a standard card - it measures 5" x 3 3/4" rather than the usual 5 1/2" x 4 1/4".  I was DETERMINED to use that damned Washi Tape ... so I grabbed the 3 rolls of Epic Day tape (page 155 - $6.40 for all 3 rolls!)and stared at it.  Then I grabbed the coordinating DSP (page 154 - $13.50) ... then I grabbed my catalogue to see what colors were IN the DSP ... Pool Party, Crumb Cake and Calypso Coral.  I wanted a simple Thank You sentiment.  I found it in the Oh, Hello Set - page 34 - $22.95 clear; $31.95 wood - and stamped it in Calypso Coral on a 1 1/2" x 3" piece of Whisper White card stock.  This washi tape just screams Grunge to me ... so I grabbed (dare I say it ...) one of my new favorite sets - Gorgeous Grunge - page 109 $21.95 clear; $30.95 wood and my Pool Party, Crumb Cake and Calypso Coral ink pads and stamped randomly on the pages.  The sentiment piece needed some grounding to I cut the DSP to 1 3/4" x 3 1/4".  Then came the Washi tape ... I placed the DSP and sentiment on the base ... tore some washi tape and attached it!  No snail, just washi tape ... no rhyme - no reason - no thinking - no being careful - I just tore and stuck.  And I absolutely-flippin' LOVE how it looks!  And quick?  I checked the clock and it took me exactly 36 minutes to crack of 24 of these little beauties!!!  I was done and still had time to watch the end of the girls' show with them!  That is MY kind of card!  I said it a few days ago and I'll say it again - this catalogue has been the best one for me "creatively" speaking in my 8 years of stamping.  This is SO not my style ... but the products I used just made it SO quick and easy ... and lovely!  I'm inspired by every set, DSP and embellishment.  Seriously.  I can't even stand it.  And wait.  Just WAIT until you see the holiday catalogue that is coming out for August 1st.  Flippin' heck, Ladies.  I truly might need medication to help me get over my excitement for that one.  Wait.  You'll see.

OK - I'm getting myself all worked up here ... and I now have only 9,480 seconds until bedtime .... so I better start winding down ...

Pop in again soon to see what I'm hyperventilating over next!  Until then ... have a stampy night :)


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