Monday, July 29, 2013

Giggle Greetings Cat

Happy Monday!

I can't believe it's Monday already!  Where are the days going??  It's obvious we're on holidays - one day just blurs into the next ... and it's great!  I wake up every morning with no clue what day it is!  Heck ... on Saturday I had an argument with Craig and the girls as to what day it was.  Alicia asked if it was Satruday.  I said no, it was Friday.  It took them 5 minutes and a calendar to convince me that it was, in fact Saturday!!  I lost a whole day somewhere! *lol* ... I'm taking that as a good sign - one that I'm relaxed ... and not senile!

We're planning on heading to Drumheller on Wednesday as the weather is reported to be 22 degrees.  That's the best day of the week, according to the forecast.  Today was another sketchy day, weather wise, so it was play dates and crafting time for me :) 

The card I have for today literally takes 2 minutes to create ... well ... 2 minutes for an ORGANIZED crafter!  It actually took me closer to an hour.  Why?  Because I couldn't find the washi tape I was looking for.  After searching for 10 minutes I wasn't even convinced I would USE the tape I was looking for but it became the principle of the thing for me!  I ended up cleaning, sorting and organizing the chaos that was my desk ... and I STILL couldn't find it - I was going NUTS looking for it!!!  I finally gave up, stole a little strip of it from another card ... and then, as I was reaching for a stamp set I spotted it ... tucked willy-nilly on top of a stamp set.  No where NEAR where it was supposed to be!  So it took me an hour to create my 2 minute card ... but at least my desk is nice and tidy *lol*.  So ... without further adeau I give you my 60 minute-2 minute card:
Hee hee.  I love this stamp!  It was the main reason I bought the set.  It's "Giggle Greetings" ( page 29; $20.95 clear; $27.95 wood).  When I saw it I immediately had the card planned in my head.  Disgusting as it is I invisioned splotches from the Gorgeous Grunge set (page 109; $21.95 clear; $30.95 wood) to mimmick the loveliness that cats yack up when they get a fur ball.  Hee hee - yes, disgusting but funny!  The splotches are in Smoky Slate and Calypso Coral.  The cat is stamped in black Staz-on and colored/hilighted with a blender pen using the same inks.  I added some washi tape from the Epic Day This and That selection (page 171; $6.50 for 3 rolls) ... and yes, the gray is the one that went missing :).  The thin little strip of grey is not washi tape ... I took that from the self-adhesive strips that came with my Tag a Bag Accessory Kit (page 158; $9.95).  It's actually the strip BETWEEN the *main* strips.  It added just a fun little contrast to the other two tapes.

That's it!  A cute, quick, disgusting little birthday card to give to someone *of a certain age* ... who has a sense of humour!

Thanks for popping in.  Come back again tomorrow when I'll showcase the AWESOME Merry Little Christmas Simply Created Card Kit found on page 27 of the Holiday Mini.  This kit is GREAT and is available starting this Thursday, when the catty goes *live*.  Until then ... have a stampy night!



  1. Yes, it's very cold. I guess you really didn't need that central air. LOL. Loving the card, so cute. Drumheller just a day trip?

    1. Yes, trust me to get a/c on the coldest summer ever!! *lol* I'm still holding out for a super hot August! Yep ... Drumheller is just a day trip ... a loooong day trip but it will be great!