Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Build a Banner Simply Created Kits

Happy Tuesday!

No time to chat ... we're off to swimming in 15 minutes!!

I'm currently pouring over my Holiday Mini catalogue and going through the few items I haven't ordered yet (and am now ordering!) and though I should share a video on the Build A Banner Simply Created Kit.  Now originally I looked right past this item (page 31 of the mini - $24.95) ... not being much of a "banner" kind-a-girl, despite this being a hot trend at the moment.  Once I saw this video, however, I decided to get the kit.  Not necessarily for the BANNERS but for the mask/templates that come WITH it!  I will DEFINATELY use those!  Check this out:
Awesome, yes?  That video showcases the Christmas Banner Accessory Kit.  Here is a video using the Halloween Banner Accessory Kit:
So are you convinced??  I am!  Send me an e-mail before the 14th of the month if you would like to order one (or more!) or order directly through my store here and it will be shipped to your door.

The Main Kit is item #133507 -  $24.95 plus s/h/gst (Canadian price)
The Christmas Accessory Kit is item # 132697 - $11.95 plus s/h/gst (Canadian price)
The Halloween Accessory Kit is item #132698 - $11.95 plus s/h/gst (Canadian price)

Right!  We leave for swimming in 5 minutes ... until next time, have a stampy day!


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