Thursday, August 22, 2013

MuslinTreats - Quick, Easy and AWESOME!!

Happy Thursday!

... and breeeeaaaaathe ..... ahhhh ... that's better :)  I have had the fun of crafting for the last 3 hours straight.  Woo hoo!  I feel whole again *lol*.  Seriously - I DO go into withdrawal if I don't get my fix ... and today I did!  Not ONLY did I manage to spend 3 hours crafting, I managed to make some AWESOMELY AWESOME, QUICK AND EASY treats!!!  I LOVE when that happens!  I feel like I'm some sort of crafting superstar when I come up with (what I think is) an original idea.  Now I KNOW there are probably hundreds of crafters out there who have come up with something very similar ... after all I AM using the new little muslin bags from the holiday mini ... there are only SO many things you can do with them, right??  But I came up with the decoration all on my little own and feel like a genius!  ... and just wait until TOMORROW!!  Not only did I come up with super cute and super quick TODAY but TOMORROWS made me all giddy ... you know how I get :))))  SO!  Before I burst I have to show you!  CHECK.  THIS. OUT.!!!
Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  LOVE IT!!!!  Ok, ok ... I know ... it's just a bag ... but it's so stinkin' cute I can't STAND it!  I needed some little treats super fast.  My Summer Stamp Club order came in yesterday and I like to deliver ASAP ... but I didn't have my little treats ready yet ... nor did I even have an inkling what I wanted to make this month!  I decided Tea and Biscuits were the way to go.  Now.  How to package them?  Well ... in my ongoing mission to use what I buy before it retires I grabbed my pack of Mini Muslin Bags.  I saw in the mini catalogue that they could be stamped on.  So that was my plan.  I grabbed my Soft Suede ink pad, knowing that was the perfect color to go with the bags.   Now ... what to stamp?  Well duh!  How about the "Tea Party" set I bought a month ago ... with no idea how I would use the set on a card!  Bam!  Approximately 3 minutes later I had the above piece of loveliness staring back at me!!!  I whipped up the other 7 bags in about 20 minutes flat!  I put some "Thin Addictive" biscuits from Costco ... and a bag of tea in each one and Wa-low!  Quick, easy treats!!!  
Don't you just love them????  I do!  Of course now ... although my mission is to use what I buy before it retired I also have issues with running out of things before they retire so now I have to order more muslin bags and In Color Boutique Detials! ... sigh ... perhaps I need to call a therapist ... apparently I have a lot of confilicting issues *lol*
Here is a pictorial of the assembly ... oh, and to attache the In Color Boutique button thingies I just used 2 mini glue dots and they stuck just fine!  Oh, and I punched the hole in the tag with my craop-o-dile ...
So here are the products I used for these little yummies (wouldn't these be great to have on hand for little thank-you's for teachers, friends or hostess gifts??!!  Just sayin ...
Mini Muslin Bags - item # - 132180 - $14.95 (for 8)
Soft Suede Ink - item # 126978 - $7.25
Pistachio Pudding Ink -item # - 131177 - $7.25
Pistachio Pudding Marker - buy the set of In Color Markers - item # 131260 - $19.95
Crisp Cantaloupe Ink - item # - 131176 - $7.25
Crisp Cantaloupe Marker -  buy the set of In Color Markers - item # 131260 - $19.95
Very Vanilla Card Stock - item # 101650 - $9.25
In Color Boutique Details - item # - 130938 - $11.50
Tea Party Stamp set - item # - 129138 (clear) - $20.95 - item # 129135 (wood) - $27.95
Large Tag Punch - oh poop - it's retired ... oh well - use your paper snips!
Mini Glue Dots - item # 103683 - $5.95
Click here to place an on line order to make your own!
So that's what I got up to today!  Pop in again tomorrow to see my second fabulous project (assuming I find 45 minutes to post it ... lots of pictures for that one!)  Until then ... have a stampy day!!

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