Friday, September 6, 2013

Halloween Birthday Invitations

Happy Friday!!

Woo Hoo!  We made it through the first week of school!!!  Now the questions is can we do it again next week???  I am SOOOO happy that school is back in session.  Don't get me wrong - you KNOW I love my girls to death - but you ALSO know that I just can't function without routine.  Yes, I TRY to relax but as every year passes I find I'm just not capable of doing that.  Multitasking is just my way of life.  I know it, I love it and it's just the way I roll!  I was SO productive yesterday it put me in the best mood ever.  In fact I was so perky I couldn't even STAND myself *lol*  All my moons were in alignment and I tell ya - if I could have 10 days in a row like yesterday my life would be organized until three days after my death ... wait ... if I was that organized 10 days from now I would be back to having to relax ... and I don't DO relaxed ... so meh ... be careful what you wish for, eh??

I am thrilled beyond words to report that my eldest Rebecca is doing SO well with going back to school this year!  Seriously!  Rebecca, as I've mentioned before, has a lot of anziety in her little self - it just breaks my heart to see such an awesome 10 year old with so many worries.  Last year the first week of school was absolute hell for all of us.  She was stressed beyond belief, I was crying every morning and the whole house was just stressed.  This year it is the complete opposite!!  Oh sure, there were a few tears on the first day but nothing ANY kids doesn't go through with all that is new.  Not only did she stay strong on her first day but she has eaten her entire lunch every day this week.  That may sound strange to you but to me it is an absolute miracle and blessing.  Last year she rarely ate at all ... normally about 3 or 4 fish crackers and a piece of sausage or two.  That was it.  Again - it had me in tears and stressed beyond words.  We have both worked SO hard this summer on her confidence, coping techniques and believing in ourselves and it really seems to be paying off.  Phew!  There IS a light at the end of this long, horrible, anxiety driven tunnel.  One thing I have implimented for this school year is scheduling one-on-one time with both girls.  That may sound rediculous ... that you have to schedule time to spend with your family ... but it really is necessary in my world.  Having a home-based business is tough in that office hours are pretty loosey goosey.  Add that to being a mom and there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done.  Usually by the end of the night I'm tired, the girls are playing and so I just let them be and often don't make the time to play with them.  That stopped this week.  I now have written on the calendar that Monday night is "Alicia Night" and Thursday night is "Rebecca Night".  When it's in the calendar it's pretty much in stone.  Their special night will only be changed if it can be replaced another night that week ... and it has to be a darned good reason to switch it.  We will be doing anything from painting our nails to coloring, going to the library or baking ... what we do doesn't matter - what matters is that it is a minimum or 1 hour of time dedicated to them.  No phone calls - no e-mails - just them and me.  This week Alicia and I baked on her night and finished her birthday invitations and Rebecca and I put together a Halloween foam kit I picked up at Michaels.  Check it out:
Fun!  It took us an hour to put together and was lots of fun.  We chit chatted about nothing and just enjoyed our time together.  I already love this new tradition.  At the end of the day nothing is more important than family.  My girls need to know that ... and I need to show them with my actions, not just my words, how much I love them and enjoy spending time with them. 

Now!  About those birthday invitations Alicia and I finally finished.  Wanna see them?  SURE you do ... I've only been promising them to you for, what, 3 weeks?? *lol*.  OK ... without further adeau - here it is:

(Yes, I know I have my watermark twice on the second pic ... I figured I didn't REALLY need my address and phone number all over the internet *lol*)

These invitations were so quick and easy to make!  It's a standard 4 1/4" x 11" strip of Whisper White card stock scored at
2 3/4" and 8 1/4".  The samped images are a mixtured of the Best of Halloween stamp set and the reitred "Wicked" stamp set and the retired "Toxic Treats" set, stamped in black Staz-on.  The label on the front was stamped in Rich Razzleberry, sponged with Basic Black ink and punched out with one of the Labels Collection Framelits.  I typed up the invitation inside details on the computer, printed them out on card stock and attached them to the inside.    Oh!  the front has Pumpkin Pie card stock and the "Your Invited" is from the retired "Introducing" set.  Wa-low!  A quick and easy invitation that took me 2 weeks to complete *lol*.  I hope it was worth the wait!!  I'm glad I have them done a few weeks early as it is "all systems go!" around here now with my "busy stamping season" upon me.

I am currently working on the cutest stinkin' Halloween favour in the history of Halloween favours so pop in again soon to see THAT project.  Until then ... have a stampy day!!!


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