Thursday, November 7, 2013

Flocking Technique Tutorial

Happy Wednesday!!

I can see the finish line!!!  Yesterday I doubted I would make it ... I thought if there was ever a time I was going to spontaneously combust yesterday was it ... but I'm still here and sprinting to the finish line!  I just finished packing for my party tonight and can't WAIT to start stamping with some new moms and my favorite first-time-mom Ms Sara :)

SO!  I still have 3 cards from last week to share with you but I couldn't WAIT to share this one first.  Hee hee - I was vibrating (as I do) when I came up with what I think is a whole new technique!!  ... Oh I'm pretty sure some other crafty lady has done it in the past but I haven't seen it before ... and I had even looked for it in the past via Google.  So!  Without further adeau I give you (drum roll please ......)

My Flocking Technique card:

Ooooo ... ahhhhhh .... so soft and floofy (yes, it's a word!) 

I don't know which I had more fun with ... making the card or coming up with a name for the technique.  Of course I settled on the boring old "Flocking Technique" just to make it easier for people to find it via Google, Pinterest and/or my blog but the fun options were endless!  My first instinct was to call it "Oh, Flock It!" ... that quickly moved on to "Oh, Faux Flock Sake" ... and my personal favorite "Try it ... it's fun ... if you don't believe me, Faux Flock yourself!" *lol* Yes, those of you who know me and my *potty mouth* I'm sure are SHOCKED that I settled on "Flocking Technique" ... but there you have it ... this IS a family-friendly blog, after all *lol*.

So!  Who wants a pictoral tutorial on how to make this little piece of flockiness?? (ok ... THAT'S not a word ... but it's cute ... and it's my blog so I can make up words if I wanna ...)

First off!  Head to your bathroom and find your Cotton Pads ... or cotton balls ... both would work ... (of course during class on Tuesday we came up with one or two OTHER cotton based products that could work as well ;) *lol*)  

Due to my addiction to Costco and Costco sized *anything and everything* I just "happened" to have 8 rolls of cotton pads in my closet.  One pad will do ( well, unless you want to make 100 of these cards ... then you would need 100 pads ... and a Costco sized pack!) ... but I digress ...

Tear the pad into two pieces, exposing the soft floofy inside of it.
 Stamp your image. I used Lovely as a Tree in Night of Navy (on a Whisper White layer)

Make sure the ink is dry.  Once dry, cover your layer piece entirely with Versamark.  I suggest using your oldest, grungiest (??!!) Versamark pad as the ink will very likely transfer from your card stock to your pad (... if you use a pretty, new pad that would quickly make it old and grungy!)
Sprinkle the entire layer with Heat & Stick powder:
Heat until melted with your Heat Tool:
The card stock will now be tacky.  You don't have to work crazy fast, but don't doddle too long ... the longer you wait the less tacky it becomes.  Grab your cotton pad and dab the floofy side all over the tacky layer:
The cotton will stick to the layer:
If you aren't happy with the amount of cotton left on the card you can re-heat your card stock and re-dab until you get the desired amount of floofyness.

On my first attempt my card looked a little dirty and more like a fur ball the cat yacked up than a pretty Christmas card ...
... but once I pulled off the crazy excess floofyness and then sprinkled it with some dazzling diamonds it came out quite pretty!

The Dazzling Diamonds gets trapped in the cotton fluff but it still may rain glitter when the recipient opens it.  I suggest once you apply the glitter ...
 ... flip over the card and flick / tap / spank the back of the card stock so as much glitter as possible falls off ...
For this particular card I finished it off with a banner stamped from the Hearts a Flutter set and the sentiment from More Merry Messages (carried over from last year's catty).

Oh!  I forgot about the pretty little scalloped border along the bottom of the Night of Navy Card stock!  I used the new Rotary Trimmer attachment and the *Small Scallop Stampin' Trimmer Rotary Cutting Blade* blade ... sheesh!  That's even more verbose than I am!!!  I think they need a shorter name!  *lol*  Now.  I was GOING to take pictures of how to attach this new bad boy to your Stampin' Trimmer and then how to use it ... but I didn't wanna ... Stampin' Up! has a lovely You Tube Video which taught me ... so watch this video and then you'll know how too!
Doesn't it make you want to go grab yours and try it out?  I admit it ... I bought it months ago but only unwrapped it Monday ... it's 1:38 and I still haven't made the beds or done the breakfast dishes yet (but I finished my blog post ... it's all about priorities, right??!!)
So that's it for today ... but I DO have more cards to share so pop in again soon to check those out.  Until then ... have a stampy day!


  1. Lol! Priorities eh!? Haha! You sound like me. What a cool idea!! I saw your card at SC and came to check it out! Looks beautiful. You did a beautiful job. Tx Ü!

    1. Thanks for checking back, Jessica. I'm glad you like it ... we had a LOT of fun with it at my class last week! And yep ... I'm all about priorities ... and putting first things last! *lol* ... today was another day of that ... you know I'm procrastinating on something when I decide I need to make my own breadcrumbs! *lol*
      Have a stampy day!