Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Framelit Frames

Happy Tuesday!

Another relaxing, slow and steady day around here today.  It's 1:14 pm and all I have accomplished is walking the dog, excercising and eating lunch ... meh ... it's all good ... I'm really diggin' this relaxed pace ... but ya, I know, it's likely just a matter of time before all this relaxing bites me in the ass and I'm all stressed out about next weeks Customer Appreciation Night!  I really SHOULD get cracking on making samples of projects with all my new toys ... but ... not enough pressure yet, I guess.  Every time I hit the craft room lately I end up organizing instead of crafting.  (Organizing is my second favorite thing to do ... after crafting / mess making).  I generally only get into this mode every December/January.  I can't MOVE for the *stuff* and the organizing begins.  Of course you know how I am ... once I start a project I pretty much do nothing else until it's done.  I figure another 2 days should just about do it.  THEN I'll work on those projects.  Of course I'm also telling myself it isn't something that HAS to be done!  Right?  I mean REALLY ... sure it would be NICE to have samples but if I don't does anyone die or lose a limb?  No.  I'll do what I can when I can ... in the mean time, the organizing continues!

Wanna see how I organized my Framelits??  Of COURSE you do!!!  I LOVE this project - I had it done in NO TIME ... and felt really good about using up products I had kicking around in my craft room (I KNEW it would all come in handy one day! *lol*)  So here is what I made:
 YAY me!  Here are a few more shots closer up ...

This project may seem familiar.  Yes, last year around this time I had struck on *the answer* to framelit storage ... remember this?
I had simply used magnet sheets purchased from the *M* store, stuck them to the wall and was good to go.  Fast forward a year and I realized I now had SO MANY more framelits that I had more in a box on my shelf than I did stuck to the wall.  So I needed something else.  Over the last month or two I've seen a few other people using the magnetic TAPE to hold their framelits.  That worked nicely but I wanted something a little prettier to look at.  I was sitting in my craft room looking at the stack of 12" x 12" metal boards I have had sitting around for about a year and figured it was time to use them!  (What??  YOU don't have a stack of metal boards stashed away somewhere??  What if you had a crafting/storage emergency like this??  What would you do?!  Seriously.  You need to plan your hoarding a little more thoughtfully Sister!)

These metal boards I had aren't available for purchase - they were custom made a few years ago thanks to the genius that is Tamye Dunbar.  She had these frames made that are able to hang on a wall after being decorated - generally to be used as bulletin boards or nice, framed pieces of art showcasing family pictures etc.  ANYWAY ... you can't buy
THESE anywhere but you can always use a dry erase board, a picture frame, plywood, cork board, that stuff with holes that your husband hangs in the garage to hand his tools on (ys, I know it has a name ... can't think of it *lol*) ... ANYthing would work.  You simply cover your board/frame/wall with some pretty DSP (that I KNOW you are hoarding for just such projects!!!) and attache the magnetic tape to it in any way you like!  The magnetic tape I used was bought from *that place* for $4.99 ...
You simply pull off the protective backing and it sticks to your project.  It seriously doesn't get any easier than THAT!  It actually took me longer to get my husband to HANG the boards than it did to MAKE the boards!!  It won't be long before I run out of room again ... but luckily I have 3 boards left!!  Oh, and you can see here ...
... on the far right of the picture ... I used just a strip of the tape to hold my envelope liner and circle framelit cutter/scorer thingy (I seem to be struggling for words today ... so unlike me!!!)  This took up a lot less space than placing them on an actual board.  (Although I know Craig isn't thrilled that if/when I ever have to peel it off it's going to take the paint off the wall!  Oh well ... I can get around him :)   )

K.  I really SHOULD be doing something more productive so I'll run ... pop in again soon to see the cute little treats I made using the new FREE Sale-a-brations designer paper (available Jan 28th!!!).  Until then - have a stampy day!!


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  1. PEG BOARD! THAT'S the name of the board with holes in it that your husband uses in the garage to hang his tools on … PEG BOARD. Phew! That only took me 6 hours and 52 minutes to come up with!! *lol*