Sunday, January 12, 2014

Spiral Flower Originals Die by Stampin' Up!

Happy Sunday!!!  I can't begin to tell you what a great mood I'm in today!  I SHOULD be tired and cranky due to another night of not-so great sleep but I'm just feeling so GOOD lately!  Why?  I think I really have the hang of this "relax" gig!  I have had a GREAT week of just "going with the flow" and doing what I WANT to do not what I feel I HAVE to do ... and of course 95% of the time what I feel I HAVE to do is totally self-imposed and nobody really gives a rats patootie if I did "it" or not!!  I have been organizing and purging almost every room, closet and drawer in the house ... and it feels great!  I have been so much calmer, patient and loving towards Craig and the girls this week it's actually weirding me out a little *lol*.  Pre-Christmas I was  always agitated and "put out" if anyone asked anything of me.  Really?  You can't put Barbies's hair in a ponytail yourself?   Really?  You can't find your mitts yourself?  Really?  You're hungry again??  I just fed you 6 hours ago!  Really?   You can't drive yourSELF to school?  Yep ... I was one wound up, stressed out Mom ... and hated it.  I hated the tone of voice I used, I hated the lack of patience I had ... I hated it all.  This week has been TOTALLY different.  The kids seem shocked when they ask me to do something for them or play with them now and I say YES!  I have been more fun so THEY have been more fun.  We have gone places and done things together and it has been fabulous.  I have two beautiful, awesome little people in my life and I really am blessed to be their mom.  I am making the time to BE with the. ... and relax.  It's been so great!

Ok,  wow,  didn't sit down and plan to gush all THAT out this morning!!! (Must be the lack of sleep!!).   The plan was to just say hi and share the above video with you.  Oh well ... You secretly love my reflective ramblings, don't you? *lol*. The flower die they show is one of my new toys that I hope to play with today while "relaxing" ... But we'll see how the day goes!

Pop in again soon to see what I put together Friday night.  I had PLANNED to make cards with my guests at my Technique class ... But I got sidetracked (SQUIRREL!) and ended up making some Framelit Storage boards instead (as you do!) Craig is going to hang them today so I'll take pictures and post them soon.  Until then, have a stampy, relaxing day!!!

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