Monday, February 24, 2014

Bright Blossoms Flashback!

Happy Monday!

A relaxing but full day today - NAILED my cardio workout this morning, had coffee with a friend then walked the dog (in -35 degree weather!!!!  ARGH I'm pretty much DONE with winter!!!).  A little "work" then off to the vet to have Koda's paw checked out.  He has managed to cut his carpal pad (the one up the leg a ways) on the ice snow and it was bleeding quite badly yesterday and a little again today so I took him in just to make sure everything was ok.  $135 and a band-aid later all is good.  ... and I have now decided both of the girls are going to vetrinarian school.  $82 for 22 minutes of work.  Seriously.  Vet school it is!

Thought I'd post a few more of the cards I've been putting together from my "left overs".  I love this card ... and's rediculously quick and easy ... and a great card for the boy birthday parties we are going to this month!

 I was sad to see this "Need for Speed" set retire.  It's a "keeper" for sure!  The other 2 images are a quad bike and a jet boat.  GREAT set!

This next one coordinates with a set that I was surprised is still current - Bright Blossoms:
I had it tucked away and haven't used it in AGES ... I think because I was sick to death of it!  This set was one that was available on a pre-order before it hit the main catalogue a few years ago.  That meant it was oneof the only new stamp sets I had to play with ... so I played with it ... a lot ... and then was sick of the sight of it!  I didn't actually use the Bright Blossoms set on this card - but I did on the envelope ... but the retired DSP paper coordinates with it.  The sentiment is from "Happy Day" - another set that you wouldn't think you would use very often but you DO! ... check out page 112 to check that one out.

OK ... I'm off to search for food for dinner ... I'm thinkin' fish ...

Pop in again soon - until then ... have a stampy day!


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