Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Coffee Mug Fun!

Happy Wednesday!
OK!  I'm getting there - slowly but surely!  I'm chipping away at things on my to-do list ... and I actually HAVE a to-do list that I made with my Paper Pumpkin kit from a few months back.  I'll share that with you tomorrow(ish) *lol*
The week has been flying by!   Monday Alicia's bed arrived - Oh.  Em.  Gee !!!  That bed is a TANK!  I didn't realize how BIG it was!!  It's a "full" which I GUESS is almost as big as a queen!  Problem is Alicia's room isn't that big ... so it was VERY crowded until we moved things around a bit.  Craig had the day off ... good thing - there is no WAY I couldn't have unpacked ANY of the bed - it weighed a TONNE!  Even Craig struggled with it.  Yes, a few bad words were heard by my delicate little ears!  Nevertheless he got it done ... and then I spent the rest of the day putting the bedding on and making it look pretty.  Alicia didn't know it was coming so when she got home I told her there was a surprise for her in her bedroom she FLEW up the stairs ... and the squealing began.  It was hilarious!  Here is a picture of her walls before we painted - yes, I had hand-painted the squares when we first moved in ... and she was only 6 months old :(

Here is a pic of the finished product:

Quite the change!!  Freakin' LOVE it!!!  I just HAVE to make a card using these colors!!  Next up is Rebecca's room!

Right - enough rambling about decorating or I'll never make it to the school to help out with the field trip!  I DID want to share a little fun I had a few weeks ago with coffee mugs.  I CASEd this idea from a project I found on Pinterest.  NOT being a perky morning person and HATING noise before my coffee I just HAD to make some for myself!  Check it out!
LMAO - LOVE them!!!  I simply picked up some mugs from Superstore (for $1.00!), grabbed my beloved Sharpies and wrote what I needed to write.  No - I didn't seal the Sharpie ... and I didn't bake them in the oven to permanently set the marker ... and yes, after 2 washes the ink started to come off ... but that was ok!  A funny thing happened the third day I was using my new fabulous mug.  I was on the couch first thing in the morning, laptoping away when Rebecca came down.  She was buzzing around, flitting from one side of me to the other and generally annoying my grumpy-morning-self.  I looked up at her and asked "What are you DOING??!!" - she said "Trying to see how much coffee is left in your cup so I know if I can talk to you yet".  HAAAAAAAAAAAA!  THAT made me laugh out loud - NOT and easy thing for me to do pre-breakfast!!!  SO!  With that in mind, and realizing that the children did in fact "listen" to the mug (but they don't listen to ME!) I figured I needed to write something new on the now-clean-cup ... so then next morning THIS is what the read:
*lol*  Again, I had to laugh when for two days they didn't talk to me if I was holding the mug!!!  I think I need to bake THAT saying on!

That's it for today - I have lots of yummy projects to share ... but I REALLY need to finish prepping for this week end's festivities before I do that - however, when I have 19 things to do I seem to get 18 of them done ... and I'm really good at procrastinating so pop back again soon - you never know, I might just blog first, prep second *lol*.   Until then, drink some coffee and have a stampy day!


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