Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Moustache Fun

Happy Wednesday!

OK - no time to chat this week - I'm just gunna throw out my posts so I can get caught up and get on with current crafting!

Check out these AWESOME little treats:
LOVE them!!  I made these for my club girls' treats last month.  SO quick and easy!  I cracked off 30+ of them in about half an hour.  I used the new Moustache Thinlit and then punched a hole in them with my 1/8" handheld punch (did you notice SU brought back the handheld punches??  AND that they are "deep reach"??  Check them out on page 223!!)  The hole is JUST big enough to snugle slide the handle of a lollipop in it and it will stay in place.  I'm spending my evenings making 90 more of these for the 1st day of school - 30 for the teacher's lounge with "Have a Fun Year" card, and 30 for each of the girls' new classmates.  Quick, easy and KEY-UTE!!

Thanks for popping in.  Until tomorrow - have a stampy day!


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