Sunday, August 31, 2014

Thoughts of Fall ...

Happy Sunday!

An early start for me today.  Been awake since about 4:00 am (stupid bladder of stupidness!!!) … well that and I couldn't switch my head off … I was mentally constructing paper Christmas trees.  Yep.  I know.  I need help.  Yesterday I had a GREAT day playing with paper and I made some serious progress on my "Project Dale" stuff … but there just HAS to be a faster, cleaner way to assemble my lovely creation of fabulousness!  … I just haven't quite figured it out yet … like I'd be able to come up with something brilliant at 4:00 in the morning!!!  Now I'm just tired and the bags under my eyes are so big you could pack your lunch in them!!  Never mind - can't look beautiful EVERY day, right? *lol*

Instead of posting another video today I thought I'd do another "throw back" to one of my most popular cards from last year (it was a good "great card" year!!)  This one comes from February 17, 2013 … it had a LOT of hits!  Remember this?
So simple but so striking … think I have to CASE myself on this one too.  No point reinventing the wheel, right?  A great card is a great card … I'll just switch up the stamp sets.

Click here to see the original post.

Well - I think today DEFINITELY qualifies as a "two-cup-of-coffee" kind of day … then more prep for the crazy that hits tomorrow (the night before the first day of school … dun dun duuuuuuunnnnn …)  Pop in again to see if I survive it!  Until then, have a super stampy day!


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Lovely as a Tree - again ...

Happy Saturday, Take II

The family is finally awake, dog is walk and "breakfast" is being eating (yes, at the crack of 11:40 am!!!!)  SOMEone slept until 11:00 am after she stayed up wayyyyyyy past her bedtime last night!

I was just checking my blog stats(yes, I'm a numbers girl!) s I like to see which of my products are most popular with my peeps.  By FAR the most popular project I have ever posted is my SpongedLovely as a Tree card from October 2nd last year.  Remember this?
Yep - since I posted it I have had 2,281 "hits" on it!  Crazy!!!  My plan is to CASE myself and do a similar layout using different colours and stamps.  Gotta give the people what they want, right?

Here is the original post.

Off to the cave!  Have a stampy day!


Snowflake Card Dies by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Saturday!

Just sitting here … in the peace and quiet of the morning while everyone else sleeps … ahhh - is there anything so lovely as that first hour in the day where you can just ease into the day with not demands on you?  Love it!

I spent a lovely evening in my cave last night - half by myself and half with mini-me, Alicia.  Rebecca was at grandma's for a sleep over so I got to spend some one-on-one time with my wee one.  I managed to chip away a bit more at my centrepiece projects … some were an epic fail but I[m getting closer to something that I can submit.  I had to laugh when I was looking at what was SUPPOSED to be a Christmas Ornament/Ball … but wrinkling my nose 'cause it just looked like a Christmassy beach ball … when Alicia looked at me (very sternly) and said "Mooooooom …. don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good!"  LMAO - wow!  She DOES listen to me occasionally.  In the end we BOTH agreed it looked stud and moved onto origami Christmas Trees.  Yes, I ended up spending more time helping her with her tree than I did on my project … but I didn't mind.  It was great, quality time with my Peanut.  THOSE are the moments that make the looks, attitude and tantrums tolerable :)

Today I'm sharing a FUN card that is very easily made using the Thinlit Die in the new Holiday Catalogue  Yep - this bad boy is going to be one we make in class for SURE!  Check it out ...

SO easy when you have the right tools!!

Today is another day of crafting and sorting garage sale items for Friday … with a little help from my friend Wanda … I wonder if we'll actually accomplish anything or just drink coffee and laugh a lot … time will tell!

Pop in again soon.  Until then - have a stampy day!


Friday, August 29, 2014

DIY Gift Box Tops by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Friday!

Stress levels are rising as Sept 2nd quickly approaches!!!  As always, once that day hits it's a sprint to Christmas with most of the weeks being a complete blur!!  I'm not complaining, mind you - I'll accomplish more in the next 3 weeks than I have in the last 2 months!

Ready for another video?  This one is making a box using our Gift Card Framelit - new to the holiday catalogue.  I'm not sure I would ever MAKE one of these given that I am now "The Ultimate Master" of box-making (you don't have to bow or anything … and you can just call me Madame UM … ).  Yep - spend an hour in the cave last night and made ELEVEN different sized boxes with the new box-making punch.  It's safe to say I'm addicted *lol*

Regardless, here's a fun little project to keep you entertained … back to the Craft Cave for me … have a stampy day!!!


Thursday, August 28, 2014



I MUST have been asleep this morning when I made my earlier post … it totally slipped my radar that TODAY IS THE DAY THE HOLIDAY CATALOGUE GOES LIVE!!!  … likely because *someone* has already placed 3 orders from it on their demonstrator pre-order!!  Yep - placed yet another one just yesterday!!!  Seriously.  Love.  This.  Catalogue.

Click on the image over on the RHS to access it if you don't have a hard copy yet.  I didn't mail them to everyone so if you don't have one and want one let me know … better yet, come to my Open House / Catalogue Launch ned Friday night and pick one up … whilst seeing all the goodies up close and personal.

Bring on the holiday crafting season.  WA-HOOOOOO!

Gift Box Punch Board

Happy Thursday!

Right - naturally I didn't make it to my cave yesterday - life got in the way again.  But it's all good … I get there one day soon …

I got clearance from Dale to make a few of my designs for those centrepieces and new product is winging it's way to me as we speak … so I have 2 or 3 days to come up with the templates before "final draft" production begins.  Good thing because today is Launch Pad Trampoline fun (and hopefully no trips to emergency with broken arms or bumped heads!), followed by play dates (which involves 6 children 11 and under … WHAT was I thinking??!!)  Tomorrow's entertainment involves bowling … and sleepovers … and maybe, just MAYbe some crafting!!  Well … a girl can dream anyway!

I don't have samples to share so I've uploaded a whole SWACK of videos to keep you entertained in between project postings …

My favourite item in the Holiday Catalogue is the new Box Punch Board.  LOVE it!!!  … and it's only $24.95 - practically free!

Check this out … and I'll try to post projects soon - until then - have a stampy day!


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Prep

Happy Wednesday!

Ack!  How did I go from "WHAT are we going to do today?" to "I need to freeze time so I can get it all done on time!"??  Amazing how one little e-mail can move you from snails pace to warp speed!

A few days ago I received an e-mail from Dale Hampshire, Manager, Stampi' Up! Canada.  He was looking for project ideas for the Make n' Take tables at the upcoming Edmonton Conference.  Naturally I had to avoid doing was I SHOULD have been doing (making projects for my upcoming classes, Stamp-a-Stack and Open House!) by heading to my cave and whipping up a few centrepiece ideas.  Here is what I submitted:

I won't go into great detail on how I made them … I think the pictures are pretty self-explanatory.  I will say the pumpkin at the top is about the size of a sale bowl … and hold 200 lollipops. I coloured the clear plastic container with my Blendabilities (!!), lined it with white and green tissue paper, hot glued two of our plastic button containers together for the stem/hat, used my oval punches for the eyes and free-hand-cut the mouth.  My hot glue gun was my best friends for this project.

I sent the pictures to Dale and spent the rest of the day baking cookies with the girls and loading up the calendar with fun activities for the rest of the week.  Yesterday, whilst eating my bucket of bok choy and bean sprouts (yep - down 10 pounds in 2 weeks, thank you very much!) I got an e-mail from Dale saying he like the (3) pumpkins and would like to use them for the tables.  Sca-WHEEL!  Yay me!  He then asked if I could make a Christmas version … perhaps with Christmas trees … WELL!  That was the end of my vision for the week, as I saw it!  I have done nothing else but come up with idea after idea after idea … and can't WAIT to crack on with the creating … alas … I now have scheduled plans for/with the kids for the next 5 days … and my "crazy-busy-do-I-really-have-to-feed-the-kids-today" self is back! *lol*  So enough yammering on already … Im off to play before we head to the movies!

Pop in again 3 months from now when I have time to share all I create!  *lol*  Until then … have a stampy day!!


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happenings Simply Created® Card Kit Alternate Project

Happy Saturday!

Stupid back of stupidness had be awake before 6:00 am - again - grrrr - I've managed to sleep in TWICE this summer … and by "sleep in" I'm talking 8:03 am and 8:23 a.m. … and time is running out before it's back to school!  $100 says come Sept 2nd I could sleep until noon!

Oh well - gives me a chance to drink my coffee and start the day in lovely peace and quiet!

The PLAN was to craft the day away yesterday.  Ya, no.  Didn't even make it the basement stairs let alone DOWN them!  By the time I walked the dog, took a shower, paid a few bills, downloaded some pics, sent a few e-mails, made a few phone calls it was time to make dinner.  The days DO slip away, don't they!

Never mind - we'll try again today … in the meantime, another video. This one alters the projects in my favourite card-making kit - Happenings Simply Created.  SUCH a great value - LOVE it!

Enjoy, and have a stampy Saturday!

Happenings Simply Created® Card Kit Alternate Project

Friday, August 22, 2014

A Little Sumthin' Sumthin' Simply Created® Gift Box Alternate Project

Happy Friday!!!

Brrrr!!!  My body can't handle these 20 degree temperature swings in such short time spans.  Fall is by FAR my favourite season of the year but holy COW I wasn't prepared for cold toes, a down vest and gloves to walk Doodle Dog this morning.  Woke me up though so I guess there was an upside!

I'm in a great mood today.  Last night I went out for dinner with my University friends.  *Sigh*  I just can't wrap my head around the fact that we graduated 22 YEARS ago - and we haven't gotten together for dinner for 5 years - flippin heck!    Scott, Ken, Marianne and I would get together most Fridays after class for a few bevvies at RATT, Dinwoody's or The Power Plant.  Ahhhh - those were the days - remember them?  No "real" stresses or worries in life (although at the time we THOUGHT we had them), studying hard, partying hard and enjoying so many simple, stupid laughs.  I'm so grateful that I can still call these people my friends, even if we only catch snippets of each others' lives on FaceBook and only hook up every few years.  Such a great night - I'll be smiling all day :)

SO!  Anyone who follows my business Face Book page "Tamara's Paper Trail" will know that yesterday Project Life and Stampin' Up! worked together for an epic Hide and Seek of a Project Life kit that was signed by both Becky Higgins and Shelli Gardner.  I haven't been able to determine if anyone found the Edmonton kit yet - but hey, if you are in the ares of 130th Ave and 107th Street you might want to look around … just in case!  I've said it before and I'll say it again - I LOVE the Project Life products!  I put together 8 pages in about 45 minutes - it's NOT scrapbooking - it's memory keeping - just 1 step up from slapping photos in an album.  You now slap your photos in a Project LIFE album along with a few journaling cards that tell a little story about the pictures.  Quick, easy, mess free and AWESOME!  The girls keep asking me "When are you going to do an album all about ME?"  … One step at a time, girls - first I need to finish the Florida trip!

Today's plan is to hit the craft room and start creating - SO excited!!!  I have most of my new toys from the Holiday Catalogue and an itching to get some projects done before my Catalogue Launch / Open House / Garage Sale Sept 5th.  Guess I should get on it!

Before I head down I wanted to post a few videos … so today I'm sharing one that used the little Sumthin' Sumthin' kits in the catalogue.  I used these to make the sweet little favours for my club girls last month … here is something else you can do with that kit.  Enjoy - and have a stampy, stampy day!!!


Thursday, August 21, 2014


Happy Thursday!

Just a quick post today for a QUICK PROMOTION - IT' IS ONLY ON FOR ONE WEEK!!!  Thanks to Mary Fish for summing it up so succinctly!
SHORT & SWEET STARTER KIT OFFER!  Aug. 21 - 28 ONLY!  Purchase the Starter Kit for $125 and get $190 in product.
YOU CHOOSE:  Up to $190 worth of Stampin' Up! products (any current catalog, clearance, specially priced bundles--if we sell it, you can include it) in your kit.  That's $65 in FREE product.
BONUS!  You can add items from the new 2014 Holiday Catalog RIGHT NOW!
FREE SHIPPING:  The kit ships to you FREE, another 10% savings
FILL YOUR WISH LIST:  Enjoy a 1 time benefit of 30% off your first product order of $200 or more (placed within 60 days).  Stock up and save on your favorite paper, stamps, inks and tools PLUS earn more free product!
EVERYDAY DISCOUNT:  You'll receive a minimum of a 20% discount on anything you purchase while you remain active.
Receive FREE catalogs and an opportunity to preview and PURCHASE NEW PRODUCTS IN ADVANCE--one of my favorite things.
EARN EXTRA MOOLA!  Stampin' Up! offers a fun opportunity to share your passion for stamping and earn extra income.  The choice is yours!
TEST DRIVE.  Take advantage of Stampin' Up! demonstrator discounts and benefits through January 31, 2015.  If you reach $400 in purchases and/or sales, you'll renew!
  There's no risk, no obligation to purchase anything further, no requirement to host workshops or parties and no penalty to drop!
Sign up directly on my website  Any questions?  Drop me a line!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Bordering Blooms Hello!

Happy Wednesday!

It's supposed to be a rainy, gloomy day around here today - just the way I like it after 2 months of non-stop sun and 30 degree temperatures!

As promised I'm gunna share a new card with you today.  Ready?
Ta Da!  It a fun little card - it is much more striking in person!  It uses that new set I mentioned last project, Bordering Blooms along with another new one "Hi There" for the sentiment.  I used Chocolate Chip and Soft Sky for my colors.  I cased the layout and colors from the "Thanks" card on page 163 of the catty.  Their card is a little 3"x3" car - mine is the front that will fit on a standard card, and measures 5" x 3 3/4".  The strip along the bottom is Soft Sky card stock that I ran through the ... oh look - it's retired (*insert sigh here) ... ok - the RETIRED embossing folder which I have no idea the name of .. because it's retired and isn't listed in the catalogue!  Poop.  Oh well!  You could use the Delicate Designs embossing folder instead.  There.  Crisis averted. :)  I SO love that the little brown flowers fit perfectly inside the Soft Sky flowers.  I also discovered that one of the Flower Fair framelits could also be used on this card - the design is the same, just a little larger!  I added a chocolate small heart and rhinestone for a little interest and Wa-low!  A quick and cute card :)

That's it for today!  Pop in again soon to see an awesome little album that I'm offering as a "Product Included" class in the near future.  Until then, have a stampy day!


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Join the Club!

Happy Tuesday!

I was GOING to share a project with you today ... but I changed my mind :)  Nope - today I'm just going to post a copy of the e-mail I sent out to my e-mail customers yesterday inviting them to "Join the Club".  I thought "what the heck - might as well extend the offer to ANY Canadian crafters who check out my blog".  After all - you don't ask, you don't get, right? 

If you are in Edmonton, Alberta Canada feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining.  Not in Edmonton?  Never fear!  Even long-distance crafters can be a part of my 10 Month Club.  Our ordering system allows for individual orders to me mailed to individual customers ... the only catch is there is a minimum $9.95 shipping charge per order.

So - having said all that, following is the e-mail I sent out to my local peeps:

Well hellooooooooooo there! I hope you are all having a FABULOUS summer break - whether you went away or stayed local! The weather has been amazing this summer so with any luck you managed to get out and enjoy it. I seem to be 2 weeks ahead of the game this year and am already gearing up for my fall stamping schedule and stamping club - yay me!

For those of you who have been "with me" for a while now you will know I send this e-mail out twice a year. For those of you who are "new to me" this will be, well, new *lol*

A very large part of my business is my stamping club. I generally have two or three running at any one time ... and it is time to start up my fall club. Let me ask you this:
  • Are there 10 items in the Stampin' Up! Catalogues that you like?
    • Yes: It's in your best interest to join the club
    • No: Check for a pulse ... *lol*
I suppose before I go any further maybe I should address the questions some of you may have ... "What is a stamp club?"
  • The short answer is it is a group of women who buy some stuff every month and get free stuff for doing so.
  • The long answer is the 7 point "benefit" and 11 point "explanation" below *lol*
Before you read on know that I am looking for 10 women (or men!) to fill my club. I already have 7 verbal "YES! I want to join the club!!" confirmations. I would be over the MOON if I could get 13 more "YES!" replies to have 2 clubs running - you never know - I just MAY earn that European Cruise this year if I do!

There are LOTS of holidays coming down the pipe - this would be the perfect time to join my club. You can stock up on all your crafting/packaging supplies while staying on budget, having some fun and earning free product!

So without further adeau ... I give you "the long answer" to the questions "what is a stamp club?"

noun: club; plural noun: clubs
  1. 1.
    an association or organization dedicated to a particular interest or activity.
    "a papercrafting club" (ok - I added that bit!)

What are the benefits of joining MY club?
  • At least $40 in free product
  • A FREE Ink Pad (for new members) or Designer Series Paper (for returning members) of your choice
  • 20% discount on your order during your hostess month
  • Entries into free draws (everyone wins at least once!)
  • Free Catalogues
  • Discounts on classes
  • Buying the craft and packaging supplies you need on budget
Here is how it works:
  • 10 members commit to making a minimum $25 (+ GST and s&h) purchase each and every month for 10 months from Sept 2014 through and including June 2015
  • Each month, one stamper gets to act as the hostess and earns the free hostess benefits. Everyone gets to pick the month they would like to be the "hostess" on a first-come-first served basis (with Sale-a-bration months being chosen by a draw.) If 2 members want the same month a draw will be made to decide who gets that month
  • With 10 members adding at least $25 to "the pot" each month, each hostess is guaranteed a minimum of $250 in the pot, providing her with a minimum of $35 in free merchandise ... but I will personally top the pot up to $265, if need be, to get the free spending up to $40!!
  • The hostess may increase her hostess benefits by hosting a workshop and/or collecting outside orders (but is NOT required to do so)
  • Members receive a free current Idea Book and Catalogue and all seasonal Mini Catalogues and the new Idea Book and Catalogue when it comes out in June, 2015
  • The monthly orders (along with payment) must be submitted by the 15th or each month. If for some reason your order is NOT placed on time then an order for Whisper White Paper and/or Whisper White Medium Envelopes (for the amount as close to $25 as possible) will be ordered on your behalf.
  • During your hostess month you will receive 20% off your personal order
  • *** There will be exclusive, monthly draws for products - everyone will win!
  • Club members receive discounted rates for attending my technique classes and craft nights and get priority at these events if they reach capacity seating
  • Returning club members receive a free package of Designer Series Paper (a value of over $13.50!) of their choice during their hostess month as a "Thank You" for re-joining
  • New club members will receive a free Classic Ink Pad (a value of over $7.25!) of their choice as a "Thank You" for joining
** As I mentioned above, I would LOVE to get TWO clubs going this fall so I encourage you to ask a friend to join with you ... if they are new to my club and they join not only will YOU get your free ink pad (or designer series paper) during your hostess month but I will ALSO buy you ANY stamp set of your choice, up to a value of $21.95 as a "Thank You"! So talk to your friends and join together! The more members we have the larger the monthly order ... and the larger the monthly order, the more free products for members!!!!

If you would like to join the fun please get in touch sooner rather than later so I can get everything in order (it takes quite a while!). Registration will close Friday, September 5th and the first order will be due September 15th.

Of course if you have any questions give me a call!
So there you have it - my bi-annual "Join the Club" e-mail.  If you are interested please get in touch - the more the merrier!  Make sure to pop in again tomorrow for that project I was "going" to post today!  Until then - have a stampy day!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Bordering Blooms

Happy Sunday!!!

OK, OK - I KNOW - it's been over a week - I hang my head in shame!  I was busy!  Relaxing!  Yes, bizarre behaviour for me, I know but stranger things HAVE happened!  Craig was off this week so we had a few family outings and generally putzed around doing a whole lot of nuthin' :)

So here I am ... avoiding my youngest and her latest tantrum.  Yes - you'd think at 8 1/2 years old she would be past them buuuuuuut no.  She is overtired (thanks to two late nights) despite sleeping 12 hours last night.  It is 2:23 pm and she's in tears because she's hungry and she doesn't like sandwiches.  Um.  Okayyyyyyyy.  I had to leave the room a) for my sanity and b) for her safety.  Seriously.  I know she's a mini-me but I swear I ws NEVER this much of a drama queen!!!

Right!  As the whimpering from the bedroom subsides I want to share with you my newest favorite stamp set and card!

First the card:

LOVE it!!!!!  The second one (in Rich Razzleberry) was my first attempt - which I loved - until I made the Cherry Cobbler card, which I love more.  The Cobbler one has a smaller whisper white front (4 1/2" x 3 1/4") and smaller Cobbler mat (4 1/2" plus 2 ticks x 3 1/4" plus 2 ticks).  The Razzleberry card is 1/2" larger.  I found the smaller layers really cut down on the white space and give the image more punch!

So!  Which stamp set did I use?  It's a new photopolymer set on page 162 - photopolymer means a) cheaper ($19.95) and b) easy to line up!  Here are the images in the set:
LOVE them!  There is a card on page 163 that I wanted to CASE so I ordered this set ... and I'm SO glad I did!  I love border stamps and this one is going to be very versatile.  The bottom image pits perfectly inside the 3rd image.  The third image ALSO exactly matches one of the flowers in the Flower Patch set on page 156 (*insert scrunchy excited face here!)

The sentiment I used is from Four You (Page 19 - a MUST HAVE set!).

I first stamped the image in Memento ink.  Since I didn't use the WHOLE image I had to flip the stamp face up and then apply the ink pad to the stamp to just where I wanted it ... a little fiddlier than just "stamp-and-go" but not too bad.  I also stamped the sentiment in Memento.  I then used my Blendabilities to color.  I used the darkest and lightest pens for both cards.  I didn't actually do any shading so I COULD have used my regular markers just as easily.  I also used my lightest Old Olive Blendability for the leaves.  I added some rhinestones but it needed just a LITTLE something more ... yep - Dazzling Diamonds!  My stampers all gasped when they saw we had the DD out - it's been DONKEYS YEARS since I've used that bad boy!  Everyone knows Craig's aversion to that glittery menace so I have avoided using it.  My gals were VERY responsible with it ... not a fleck was found on the table afterwards so you never know ... we just MAY have to crack it out more often *lol*

So that's it for today - I have a few other projects to share so pop back soon to see those.  Hopefully it won't take me 8 days to post them!  Until thedn - have a stampy day!


Saturday, August 9, 2014

Perfect Peacock

Happy Saturday!

Husband is cooking, kids are playing, pets are sleeping so I am blogging!

I wanted to share another card I made using the new Blendabilities (apparently my newest addiction!)  Check it out:
So pretty, yes??  (is the picture fuzzy or is it just my eyes??) 

I can't take credit for the color scheme of this little beauty - I CASEd it directly from page 170 of the catalogue.  Whenever I need inspiration to use a specific set (Perfect Peacock in this case) I turn to a) Pinterest b) the SU demonstrator website or c) THE CATALOGUE!  There are hundreds and hundreds of great ideas in that baby.  I often sit and look through it just to study the samples - their layouts and color combinations.  Lots of fun!

So for this one I used the Coastal Cabana, Daffodil Delight and Old Olive markers, with the Memento Tuxedo Black ink, of course.  The sentiment is from the new Flower Patch set (page 156 - a MUST HAVE SET!!!).  I added rhinestones to the peacock's crown and 3 on his body.  I then added one of our Vintage Faceted buttons with 2 glue dots.  Before doing so I threaded it with some delicious Coastal Cabana Thick Bakers Twine.

"Tamara!"  I hear you cry!  "How in the world did you manage to get that thick twine through those small button holes???"

Well, my Dear Stamper - let me show you!
Yep - these are floss threaders you can get at most drug stores!  The ones I used are actually needle threaders - but when I used them in one of my classes one of my stampers pointed out that her daughter, who has braces, uses the exact same thing ... so I looked and yup, you can get them in the toothbrush aisle of most stores for about the same price.  These little babies are the BOMB!!!  They eliminate any and all frustration that comes from trying to put ribbon or thread through our buttons.  You simply stick the pointy end through the whole - slide your twine through the loop and pull the pointy end and Wa-low!  Your twine is through the hole!  Best thing since sliced bread.  Seriously.  Buy some.  Now.  GO!  Don't wait - you'll thank me for it!!!

That's all I've got for today!  I think I'll go down and finish a few more pages of my Project Life book ... yessiree Bob - I've actually cracked that Bad Boy and am LOVING putting together our DisneyWorld memories (the good, the bad AND the ugly! *lol*)  So until next time - have a stampy day!


Friday, August 8, 2014

The Basics (Big Shot)

Happy Friday!

Today the plan is to get out and do something - don't know what yet - I suppose it depends a) how hot it will be today and b) what time the girls get up!  Summer is more than half over so we need to get out while we can!!

Today I have a quick post - a promotion and and video.

Through the month of August, when you buy a Big Shot you also get to chose a stamp set and coordinating framelit set for FREE ( from 5 chosen sets).  If you already HAVE a Big Shot you can take advantage of another special offer - the stamp set/framelit bundle at a15% discount.  These are two GREAT deals.  I don't have the star set/framelits yet so guess what's going on MY next order??

Check out the flyer and the video and get in touch, of shop  my on-line store, to place an order.

Until next time - have a stampy day!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Birthday Surprise

Happy Thursday!

Today we are off to the zoo :)  Yes, the Edmonton Zoo is perhaps the lamest zoo in all of Canada but hey - it's an outing and really, how often do you GET to see a gopher up close *lol*

Today's card was so quick and easy to make I almost couldn't like it … how could something so fast actually be nice???  You decide:
Yes?  Yes!  I seem to have been in a real Blackberry Bliss kind of mood this week - can't stay away from it!! This one is Blackberry Bliss and Soft Sky.  After I finished the "Wish" card yesterday I had my finger daubers still messing up my desk (Heaven forbid I should actually clean up after myself!!)  and I remembered seeing a card made with them on Pinterest designed by Teneale Williams over at (an AWESOME Australian demonstrator!!)  Check out her creation:

 Love it!

I simply grabbed the dauber, inked it once then daubed all over the card - i reined a few times but really didn't want TOO many harsh blobs. I then did the same with the Soft Sky.  The sentiment and hat are from "Birthday Surprise" - new in the catalogue this year.  I punched the hat out with my 1 3/4" circle punch (or maybe my 1 3/8" … can't remember …), wrapped some Baler's Twine around it (left over from the Paper Pumpkin kit!!) and added some gold sequins with glue dots.  It took all of about 4 minutes from start to finish!!  I really quite like it!  … and it's easy to mass produce … I'm thinking it's a great Stamp-a-Stack card!

Ok - off to start the day!  Until next time - have a stampy Thursday!!


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Paper Pumpkin "Wish" Stencil

Happy Wednesday!

I seem to be getting "into" this summer gig now!  You KNOW I'm relaxed (well …. as relaxed as I get!) when I take up reading.  I hate reading.  Ok - hate may be a bit strong but I read a book every year or so … usually when on holidays … 'cause there's nuthin' else to do.  Reading tends to put me to sleep.  If I try to read in bed I make through about one page.  Makes for a looooooong book at that pace!  I really do wonder how I made it through University having to read all those ever-so-exciting marketing and accounting text books!!  … but I digress …. how did I get on this topic anyway … oh ya, I started reading at the swimming pool yesterday while the girls frolicked in the water.  Yes - It's August 7th and I'm finally starting to relax *lol*  Today's entertainment is going to the movies … it's $2.50 for the 12:30 show.  We've seen it before but hey, for that price were goin' again!

OK - enough unfocused rambling (SEE what happens when I'm relaxed??!!) … I promised you another project and gosh golly that's what yer gunna get!  Here she is: 
Ta Da!   Like it?  I do!  I have had this one in my head for a few weeks now - ever since I put together my July Paper Pumpkin kit.  Remember this?
 See the "Wish"?  Those are die cut stickers (made from card stock so they are sturdy).  Well … after I made the cards I was left with the sheet that held the stickers:
I just HAD to keep it so I could use it as a stencil for a card.  The back of the sheet is/was sticky so I took my embossing buddy and poofed it all over the back so the powder would de-stick it.  The great thing was it de-stuck it ALMOST 100% … but it was still tacky enough that it held the sheet in place when I put my card stock layer underneath it … like so:
I then grabbed my trusty finger daubers, my Blackberry Bliss, Old Olive and Soft Sky ink pads and went to town:
I just LOVE this colour combo!!

I finished it off with some white ribbon (left over from the paper Pumpkin Kit), stamped the "Make a" in Blackberry Bliss and punched it out with my 1 3/8" circle punch and stuck a star (also left over from the kit) with my 2-way glue pen.  Wa-low!
Love it!!

I have another card to share tomorrow - so ya'll come back now, ya hear!  (and yes, if you recognize that phrase you'll know what TV Show it's from … and that I now feel very old …)  Until next time …have a stampy day!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Flower Patch Blendabilities

Happy Tuesday - Take II!
I'm just killing 20 minutes before we head out to the swimming pool so I thought I'd post an actualy PROJECT today - woo hoo!
Yes, yesterday I made it down to the craft room to play - I had a great time!  I wanted to design a few cards for my next stampin class using the Blendabilities.  Here is what I came up with:

LOVE it!!!  I should have taken the picture in different lighting - oh well - it's pretty, trust me :)  What's so fun about this one "live" is the texture of it - it's actually embossed!  I stamped the images (from Flower Patch - a MUST HAVE set - just sayin'!) in Versamark on black card stock and embossed it with Winter White embossing powder.  I then colored it with the Blendabilities to get this GREAT gradiated look!!
I used the light and dark Old Olive Blendabilities (let's call them BB's from now on, shall we?  Too long to type Blendabilities everytime ... and autocorrect is driving me nuts ... I'd call them BM's ... but that just sounds wrong *lol*) .... ANYWAYYYYYY ... Old Olive, all 3 of the Calypso Coral BB's and the lighted REal Red  - oh - there IS no Real Red BB ... guess it was the lightest Cherry Cobbler *lol*

I punched the shapes out with the coordinating Flower Patch Framelits and attached them to the card.  The flower is popped up on dimensionals - the sentiment (from the same set) is in the Memento Ink and I added some rhinestones to finish it off.  I originally colored the rhinestones with my BB's too (yes, you can color ANYthing with these great little markers!!) but changed them back to plain - the color was a little OTT (over-the-top)

I matted the card front on black and Calypso Coral card stock and Wa-low!  One card ready for class!!

OK - gotta go grab my suit and the kids and head for the water!  Pop in again tomorrow - you KNOW when I play I don't end up with just one card!!  Until then - have a stampy Tuesday!!


Catalogue Corrections

Happy Tuesday!!

I'm not sharing a project today (but ya never know - the day is still young!) - rather I thought I'd post a list of Catalogue Corrections.  Take a peek and update your catalogues so you have accurate information when you go shopping!
If you can't read that drop me a line and I can e-mail it to you.

That's it - for now!  Have a stampy day!!


Monday, August 4, 2014

Blendabilities - I Like You - Take II

Happy Monday!

Yep - once again my favorite day of the week!!

Today I wanted to share the projects we will be making at my upcoming "Product Included" Blendabilities Class.  I had a chance to play with the new alcohol based markers and yes, they really ARE as easy to use as "they" say and give beautiful results with little experience.  Here are the 6 cards my stampers are going to make:

They are all made using the "Moonlight" Designer Series Paper Stack (48 pre-cut 4 1/2" x 6 1/2" double sided sheets!!) and the hostess set "I Like You".  I used the "Says It All" stamp set for the sentiments on the 6 cards shown - the sentiment on the single Razzleberry flower is from the I Like You set. 

This is a really quick, easy, simple card with an image that is just right for practicing with the Blendabilities.  It's not too big to be overwhelming.  I found a bit of a groove I like.  I started with the big flower first and used my darkest marker to shade the inside areas of the petals.  I then took my medium marker and swirled color around the darker spots.  I then took my lightest marker and colored over the whole shootin' match!  The image is small enough that it doesn't dry too too quickly so the blending result is easy and pretty.  Once I was done I went back in with my various colors to darken spots as I felt it needed.  All 6 only took me about 15 minutes to color.  Not bad at all!  I'm hoping to have a lot of people register for this class - it's the best way to try out new products, go home with a stash of cards AND take home the ink and a package of Blendabilities!  It's all good!!

Thanks for popping in - until next time, have a stampy Monday!!


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Pillow Box Treats

Happy Sunday!

OK - Today I have a NEW project to share with you!!  I'm all caught up on "old" projects so I can now move on *lol*.

These are the treats my Club Gals got in with their orders this month:

So stinkin' KEY-UTE I can't STAND it!!  And SOOOOO easy!  The most time consuming part of this project is putting the jelly beans into the bags and tying them!!!  How is it that this little project of yumminess is so quick?  Simple!  I used the new "A Little Sumthin' Sumthin'" kit on page 198 of the catalogue!!!  Yes!  I LOVE KITS!!!  For just $19.95 (plus s/h/gst) you get all the supplies needed to make 10 pillow box treats.  They are designed to hold a gift card so they are IDEAL for Teacher Gifts!!  I usually give hand made cards to the teachers but as you know I give my club girls a little treat every month ... and I need 18-22 of them ... so in order to get the 10 treats I needed without breaking the bank I simply cut the pillow boxes in half and wa-low!  I had 20!  Here are some pics I took to show you how:

First off - here is everything that comes in the kit.  I didn't use the sticks or grey strips of paper for my project - they can be used to make a teeny little pom-pom-type embellishment - cute, but I didn't use them (I'll be saving them for another project though!)
 I simply took each pillow box, measured down 1 1/2" inches (or 6 little circles!) from each box end and drew a line.
 I then cut the box in half:
 The kit provides 10 little speech bubbles that coordinate with the Sumthin Sumthing stamp set.  I don't HAVE that one yet (insert gasp here!) ... but I have the next best thing ... the "Just Sayin'" set.  The "Gee, Thanks" sentiment matches the size perfectly.  I used my Stampin' Write Marker to ink up the sentiment rather than my ink pad (in Real Red) because the stamp has a border around the sentiment but the pre-punched speech bubble already has one (in silver) ... and I didn't want the red border ... so I used my marker:
 I grabbed my stash of small cello backs, popped in 18-20 jelly beans (purchased just for tis occasion!) and tied them with the ribbon that is included.  Since I made 20 treat I DID have to dig out my stash of ribbon for the extra 10 but Lord knows I have LOTS of ribbon for that!!  The sentiment isn't even taped down - it's just clipped with the little wodden clothes pin that's included.  Again, I needed 10 more but again, I have a stash ;)
 Super Love!!
I HIGHLY recommend this kit.  Quick, easy, affordable and adorable for teacher or co-worker gifts.!!

(Oh!  I can't take credit for this little cutie!  I CASED it from Stampin' Up! when I saw it demonstrated by Donna Griffith at the 2014-2015 Catalogue Premiere that I went to back in the Spring.)

That's it for today.  Have a super stampy Sunday!!!


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Work of Art CASE

Happy Saturday!

Told ya I'd be catching up on old projects!  This one was one we made at Technique class back in June.  It is a CASE from Jen Timko over at  Jen is an "Artisan" designer for Stampin' Up! - which is to say her works is AWESOME and she was one of a handful of demonstrators chosen to showcase their projects every month.  Here is what I made:
This is 99% Jen's card - I just changed the colors and added some sequins.  For this card I used Melon Mambo, Crisp Cantaloupe, Bermuda Bay, Sahara Sand and Early Espresso inks with the Work of Art stamp set.  I just LOVE when I can make a card using only one stamp set!!  I attached the sequins with glue dots - a MUST have in your tool kit!

That's it for today - have a stampy Saturday!


Friday, August 1, 2014


Happy Friday - Take II!

2 Posts in one morning??  What's going ON?  *lol*  a) I'm on a roll and b) a new promotion just started that I couldn't wait to share!!!

Have you always wanted a Big Shot?? Now is the time to get one!! With every purchase of a Big Shot in August, you can pick one of five FREE stamp set/Framelits bundles below, your choice! 

Do you already HAVE a Big Shot?? You get a deal too! You can purchase these designated bundles at an amazing 15% off! This is one deal you don't want to miss - only available from August 1-31. THESE BUNDLES ARE ONE-TIME ONLY EXCLUSIVES!! I'm ordering today … next order not until August 15th.  Send me an e-mail or pop over to my 24/7 online store ( and have it shipped directly to your door!  

Seriously.  This is a great deal!!  Check it out!
We now return you to your previously scheduled stampy day :)


Paper Pumpkin Cards + boxes

Happy Friday!!!!

Wow - I can't believe it's AUGUST already!  ACK!!!  By now I usually like to have all my fall stamping classes and projects pretty much figured out.  I'm WAAAAY behind schedule!  Maybe it will get me in gear after I place my ore-order for all my HOLIDAY supplies.  Yep - today I can pre-order from the upcoming Holiday Catalogue!  Gulp.  I feel a LARGE Visa statement coming on!!!  There are SO many adorable kits, packaging ideas, framelits and new tools that I[m just DYING to get my hands on!!!  Ya - I know - I haven't even inked up the 20 new stamp sets I got when the annual catalogue came out.  So?  What's your point??!!  Christmas is looming (ya, THAT'S RIGHT - I said it!!) - bring on the Christmas crafting!!!

But!  Before we get into THAT I wnt to show you the projects that were in the July Paper Pumpkin Kit - Check.  It.  Out!

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!  Now I've been holding off on "pushing" the Paper Pumpkin Kits for the last few months.  I wanted to make sure I loved them before I endorsed them and encouraged everyone to spend $25 a month on a crafting kit.  I wanted to make sure you get value for your money because, to be honest, for a few months there the value wasn't what I thought it should be.  Since February the kits have been AWESOME ... ok the May one didn't blow my hair back ... in fact it didn't even rustle it ... but this one almost blew my hair right off!  In fact, I loved it SO much I bought 10 more.  Yep - uh huh - sure did.  10.  (Yes, I'm seeking therapy for my "one is good so 10 must be better" issues!!!).  Actually, I'll be offering a "Product Included" class in the near future so you can ALL make these little beauties.  They are SO worth the $25!  I got enough supplies to make 6 cards with envelopes and 6 treat boxes with embellishments.  They included a whole ROLL of ribbon!  ... and there is a tonne left over.  I also have lots of silver stars and sticky hearts to use on other projects.  $25?  Yep - good deal.  It includes the s/h/gst.  $25 - delivered to your door.  But WAIT!  For new susbscribers there is a promo on ... the first 2 months is only $12.50 per month!!!  You can cancel or suspend your susbscription any time - you have nothing to lose - I recommend it!!  Drop me a line if you want all the deets.
OK - I'm off.  Until next time - have a stampy day!!