Saturday, August 23, 2014

Happenings Simply Created® Card Kit Alternate Project

Happy Saturday!

Stupid back of stupidness had be awake before 6:00 am - again - grrrr - I've managed to sleep in TWICE this summer … and by "sleep in" I'm talking 8:03 am and 8:23 a.m. … and time is running out before it's back to school!  $100 says come Sept 2nd I could sleep until noon!

Oh well - gives me a chance to drink my coffee and start the day in lovely peace and quiet!

The PLAN was to craft the day away yesterday.  Ya, no.  Didn't even make it the basement stairs let alone DOWN them!  By the time I walked the dog, took a shower, paid a few bills, downloaded some pics, sent a few e-mails, made a few phone calls it was time to make dinner.  The days DO slip away, don't they!

Never mind - we'll try again today … in the meantime, another video. This one alters the projects in my favourite card-making kit - Happenings Simply Created.  SUCH a great value - LOVE it!

Enjoy, and have a stampy Saturday!

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