Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Join the Club!

Happy Tuesday!

I was GOING to share a project with you today ... but I changed my mind :)  Nope - today I'm just going to post a copy of the e-mail I sent out to my e-mail customers yesterday inviting them to "Join the Club".  I thought "what the heck - might as well extend the offer to ANY Canadian crafters who check out my blog".  After all - you don't ask, you don't get, right? 

If you are in Edmonton, Alberta Canada feel free to contact me if you are interested in joining.  Not in Edmonton?  Never fear!  Even long-distance crafters can be a part of my 10 Month Club.  Our ordering system allows for individual orders to me mailed to individual customers ... the only catch is there is a minimum $9.95 shipping charge per order.

So - having said all that, following is the e-mail I sent out to my local peeps:

Well hellooooooooooo there! I hope you are all having a FABULOUS summer break - whether you went away or stayed local! The weather has been amazing this summer so with any luck you managed to get out and enjoy it. I seem to be 2 weeks ahead of the game this year and am already gearing up for my fall stamping schedule and stamping club - yay me!

For those of you who have been "with me" for a while now you will know I send this e-mail out twice a year. For those of you who are "new to me" this will be, well, new *lol*

A very large part of my business is my stamping club. I generally have two or three running at any one time ... and it is time to start up my fall club. Let me ask you this:
  • Are there 10 items in the Stampin' Up! Catalogues that you like?
    • Yes: It's in your best interest to join the club
    • No: Check for a pulse ... *lol*
I suppose before I go any further maybe I should address the questions some of you may have ... "What is a stamp club?"
  • The short answer is it is a group of women who buy some stuff every month and get free stuff for doing so.
  • The long answer is the 7 point "benefit" and 11 point "explanation" below *lol*
Before you read on know that I am looking for 10 women (or men!) to fill my club. I already have 7 verbal "YES! I want to join the club!!" confirmations. I would be over the MOON if I could get 13 more "YES!" replies to have 2 clubs running - you never know - I just MAY earn that European Cruise this year if I do!

There are LOTS of holidays coming down the pipe - this would be the perfect time to join my club. You can stock up on all your crafting/packaging supplies while staying on budget, having some fun and earning free product!

So without further adeau ... I give you "the long answer" to the questions "what is a stamp club?"

noun: club; plural noun: clubs
  1. 1.
    an association or organization dedicated to a particular interest or activity.
    "a papercrafting club" (ok - I added that bit!)

What are the benefits of joining MY club?
  • At least $40 in free product
  • A FREE Ink Pad (for new members) or Designer Series Paper (for returning members) of your choice
  • 20% discount on your order during your hostess month
  • Entries into free draws (everyone wins at least once!)
  • Free Catalogues
  • Discounts on classes
  • Buying the craft and packaging supplies you need on budget
Here is how it works:
  • 10 members commit to making a minimum $25 (+ GST and s&h) purchase each and every month for 10 months from Sept 2014 through and including June 2015
  • Each month, one stamper gets to act as the hostess and earns the free hostess benefits. Everyone gets to pick the month they would like to be the "hostess" on a first-come-first served basis (with Sale-a-bration months being chosen by a draw.) If 2 members want the same month a draw will be made to decide who gets that month
  • With 10 members adding at least $25 to "the pot" each month, each hostess is guaranteed a minimum of $250 in the pot, providing her with a minimum of $35 in free merchandise ... but I will personally top the pot up to $265, if need be, to get the free spending up to $40!!
  • The hostess may increase her hostess benefits by hosting a workshop and/or collecting outside orders (but is NOT required to do so)
  • Members receive a free current Idea Book and Catalogue and all seasonal Mini Catalogues and the new Idea Book and Catalogue when it comes out in June, 2015
  • The monthly orders (along with payment) must be submitted by the 15th or each month. If for some reason your order is NOT placed on time then an order for Whisper White Paper and/or Whisper White Medium Envelopes (for the amount as close to $25 as possible) will be ordered on your behalf.
  • During your hostess month you will receive 20% off your personal order
  • *** There will be exclusive, monthly draws for products - everyone will win!
  • Club members receive discounted rates for attending my technique classes and craft nights and get priority at these events if they reach capacity seating
  • Returning club members receive a free package of Designer Series Paper (a value of over $13.50!) of their choice during their hostess month as a "Thank You" for re-joining
  • New club members will receive a free Classic Ink Pad (a value of over $7.25!) of their choice as a "Thank You" for joining
** As I mentioned above, I would LOVE to get TWO clubs going this fall so I encourage you to ask a friend to join with you ... if they are new to my club and they join not only will YOU get your free ink pad (or designer series paper) during your hostess month but I will ALSO buy you ANY stamp set of your choice, up to a value of $21.95 as a "Thank You"! So talk to your friends and join together! The more members we have the larger the monthly order ... and the larger the monthly order, the more free products for members!!!!

If you would like to join the fun please get in touch sooner rather than later so I can get everything in order (it takes quite a while!). Registration will close Friday, September 5th and the first order will be due September 15th.

Of course if you have any questions give me a call!
So there you have it - my bi-annual "Join the Club" e-mail.  If you are interested please get in touch - the more the merrier!  Make sure to pop in again tomorrow for that project I was "going" to post today!  Until then - have a stampy day!!

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