Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Paper Pumpkin "Wish" Stencil

Happy Wednesday!

I seem to be getting "into" this summer gig now!  You KNOW I'm relaxed (well …. as relaxed as I get!) when I take up reading.  I hate reading.  Ok - hate may be a bit strong but I read a book every year or so … usually when on holidays … 'cause there's nuthin' else to do.  Reading tends to put me to sleep.  If I try to read in bed I make through about one page.  Makes for a looooooong book at that pace!  I really do wonder how I made it through University having to read all those ever-so-exciting marketing and accounting text books!!  … but I digress …. how did I get on this topic anyway … oh ya, I started reading at the swimming pool yesterday while the girls frolicked in the water.  Yes - It's August 7th and I'm finally starting to relax *lol*  Today's entertainment is going to the movies … it's $2.50 for the 12:30 show.  We've seen it before but hey, for that price were goin' again!

OK - enough unfocused rambling (SEE what happens when I'm relaxed??!!) … I promised you another project and gosh golly that's what yer gunna get!  Here she is: 
Ta Da!   Like it?  I do!  I have had this one in my head for a few weeks now - ever since I put together my July Paper Pumpkin kit.  Remember this?
 See the "Wish"?  Those are die cut stickers (made from card stock so they are sturdy).  Well … after I made the cards I was left with the sheet that held the stickers:
I just HAD to keep it so I could use it as a stencil for a card.  The back of the sheet is/was sticky so I took my embossing buddy and poofed it all over the back so the powder would de-stick it.  The great thing was it de-stuck it ALMOST 100% … but it was still tacky enough that it held the sheet in place when I put my card stock layer underneath it … like so:
I then grabbed my trusty finger daubers, my Blackberry Bliss, Old Olive and Soft Sky ink pads and went to town:
I just LOVE this colour combo!!

I finished it off with some white ribbon (left over from the paper Pumpkin Kit), stamped the "Make a" in Blackberry Bliss and punched it out with my 1 3/8" circle punch and stuck a star (also left over from the kit) with my 2-way glue pen.  Wa-low!
Love it!!

I have another card to share tomorrow - so ya'll come back now, ya hear!  (and yes, if you recognize that phrase you'll know what TV Show it's from … and that I now feel very old …)  Until next time …have a stampy day!


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