Monday, September 29, 2014

3-D Pumpkin Tutorial

Happy Monday!


Actually it isn't a happy Monday.  Yes, Mondays ARE usually my favourite day of the week.  Today kinda sucked.  In a nutshell I realized someone scumbag gained access to my PayPal account and, after seeing there was no money in it, requested a transfer of $500 from my bank account to my PayPal account.  Luckily I spotted it and stopped it from happening … but not before spending an hour of my time dealing with PayPal and my bank and getting REALLY fed up with being on hold. Of course if I hadn't spotted it the scumbag would have (after the 5-8 day processing time) accessed my PayPal account again and then transferred that $500 to their account.  I spent all day saying VERY bad words and getting a tension headache from it all.  That sort of thing makes me SO mad!!!!

…. and breathe ….

So!  I spent all day running errands and being mad … and now I'm absolutely exhausted.  I will now spend the rest of the night changing every password I have for EVERY account just to be safe.  Luckily I have nothing better to do with my time!

OK - venting done!  Before carrying on with my banking fun I thought I would take 10 minutes for myself and post my tutorial for these adorable little paper pumpkins.  Check these out!

This is one of the projects I submitted to Dale, the Manager of Stampin' Up! Canada, for the centrepieces at the Edmonton conference.  They DID make paper pumpkins similar to these but they had little green paper leaves rather than the tops shown here.  Obviously when you have to make 15 sets of them it's easier to use a leaf punch than what I did.  Either way these are cute and fun to make.  Here is how you do it:

3-D Pumpkins:

To make the Large/Tall Pumpkin:

·      Cut out 8-12 Scalloped Ovals using the largest framelit in the Oval Framelit collection (the scalloped oval.)
o    The more pieces you cut the “fuller” the end product will be.  I used 8 for each of the pumpkins shown. 
o   The number you cut needs to be an even number. 
o   I prefer to use DSP for this project as plain card stock may crack when folded – the DSP doesn’t. 
o   You can use all one pattern of DSP or mix it up using different patterns and/or different packs, as I did here.
o   For the above projects I used a mix of Pumpkin Pie DSP and (retired) Newsprint DSP – there is a newsprint pattern in the current “Typeset” DSP which can be used. 
·      Once all pieces are cut out,  stamp the newsprint DSP with the “splotches” from “Gorgeous Grunge” using Pumpkin Pie ink

·      Trim a little strip off the bottom of each oval so it will sit flat (about ½”).  I trimmed one oval and then used it as a template for the other 7 pieces, lining up the scalloped edges to ensure all pieces are cut exactly the same.  (We will be adhering the pieces together and ideally you want the scalloped edges to be aligned as much as possible.)

·      Once all pieces are trimmed, fold each one in half, aligning the scallops as much as possible

·      Apply snail adhesive to one side of one of your Pumpkin Pie oval pieces.  Take a second oval (in the opposite pattern/paper), align the scallops and adhere the two pieces together.

·      Repeat the last step, alternating the patterns/paper as you go if you are using until you have a circle.

For the medium pumpkin I used the third largest circle in the Circle Framelit collection.

The smallest pumpkin was made using the 4th largest oval in the Oval Framelit collection.

For the pumpkin stem:

·      Punch out a flower in a green of your choice (I used Old Olive) using the Blossom flower punch.  Hot glue it to the top of the pumpkin
·      Cut a strip of newsprint (“Typeset”) DSP 1” x 3”.   Scrunch it up a few times to loosen the fibres and make it malleable.  Twist the paper into a tight “stem” shape.  Hot glue it to the flower.
·      Cut strips of Old Olive DSP ½ “ x 4 ¼” and use the edge of your paper snips to curl them.  Once curled cut them to the desired length and hot glue them to the stem.

These can be made in a variety of sizes using our framelits. 

So there you have it!  A month after designing them you have your blog post and tutorial.  These are a lot of fu to make - give them a try … and have a stampy day!


Build a Banner Simply Created® Kit

Happy Monday!

Have a stampy day!


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Edmonton Conference 2014

Happy Sunday!

Wow!  Don't you HATE when you feel hungover but you went to bed at 9:30 pm without having a drop of booze??  I do!  Ugh!  My body has said ENOUGH already, take a day off! … and that's exactly what I plan to do today!

This week has been crammed full of out-of-the-norm activities for me!!  Camp Monday - Wednesday, Thursday to sort orders and recover from said camp then the Stampin' Up! Edmonton Conference all day/night Friday and Saturday.  All kinds of crazy fun but DEFINITELY need a down day!!

So let's have the hi-lights from camp, shall we?  Yes, there were lots of fun moments - watching the kids grin ear to ear for 3 days of fun, friends and fresh air; the beautiful sunset over Crimson Lake, getting to know the other parents/teachers who attended, and seeing Rebecca take control of a horse 5 times her size.  Of course there were also the not-so-fun moments that I completely expected; the NOISE that 35 students can make in a confined area; the 10 km hike in the rain at 10:00 am … inspecting various type of animal poo;  the not-being-able-to-sleep past 5:00 am due to my aching back, and the 2:00 am whispers of "Mrs. Rebecca … I have to go to the washroom".  I realized once I got home that part of my not-so-happy demeanour whilst wandering through the wilderness in the rain was due to the fact that I was PMSing (unscheduled) … so that explained a LOT of my back pain and general crabbiness *lol*.  Overall, however, I'm glad I went.  We DID have some good times - charades, campfire songs and n epic ghost story (which I enjoyed … but set "lights" out back about an hour as we had to calm more than a FEW hysterical children down!)

Here are a few pics of Pioneer Ranch, Rocky Mountain House:

Will I do it again with Alicia?  You bet - Grade 5 camp next year for her … and the bus ride is only about an hour long (wa-hoo!)

After my "down day" Thursday all hell broke loose again for the SU Conference here in Edmonton.  All KINDS of fun!  I volunteered for the afternoon session of fun to register guests and pack the loot bags … then I got to "play".  My three guests arrived and we had a quick bite to eat before heading on for free stuff, make and takes and laughs.  I didn't actually put my projects together, as I needed to help register the late evening batch of stampers, so I don't have pictures of the completed projects … but I have a few of the fun!  

We went through various "stations" … at each station we completed a certain step of our final project … so at 1 stations we would stamp something, the next punch something out and so on.  Three stations were "fun" - games, video etc.  At one station we were blindfolded and had to draw things as instructed - too much fun!  I love how Wanda is smiling at the camera, even though she's blindfolded.  How did she know she was having her picture taken???  Hmmmm - peeking a little Wanda??
 Wilma and Darlene were VERY focused … and Wilma got the most points for accuracy!
Wa-low!  Our finished masterpieces!
Saturday started WAY earlier than I liked … had to be on the south side for 9:00 am for the business session.  The 3 hours went very quickly as Dale, the Manager for SU Canada shared some great information and business tools with us.  We did a great brainstorming exercise that I WILL use moving forward!

After lunch it was time to play!  There was "SU Let's Make a Deal Jeopardy Feud" trivia/knowlege/silly fun to start.  Here are my pals Joan, Tracy and me being silly.  Yep - just call me Llama Lps Bertram *lol*
We then had more make and takes and lots of prizes.  I managed to finish mine this time, but didn't take pictures .. so here are Joan's completed projects:
So much fun!  After our party was over I went to an "after party" organized by fellow demonstrator and Artisan Krista Frattin.  I finished all 11 projects in exactly 2 hours … but I haven't taken pictures yet so that will have to be for another day.  I came home - "watched" a movie with the family (ok - they watched Turbo while I watched/cleaned stamps from LAST Sunday's Stamp-a-Stack) and then promptly went to bed … for one of the worst sleeps I've had in a while (well … maybe since Tuesday night at camp! *lol*)  Guess I shouldn't have taken that Tylenol 3 (with caffeine) before bed!

So that brings us back to my original statement of feeling hung over without the booze … feeling tired and sore, but smiling from the good times over the last week.  I'll now walk Doodles to work some kinks out … then do a whole lot of "nothing much" with the family.

If I'm up to it later I will post a full tutorial on how to make these adorable little paper pumpkins:

So pop in again soon.  Until then, have a super, stampy Sunday!


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Chalkboard Banner Simply Created® Kit Alternate Project

Happy Thursday!

K - now I'm just gunna post a bunch of videos for a few days  because today is the only "free day" I have this week.  Yep home from camp - try to recover today, then tomorrow and Saturday I'm at the Stampin' Up! Conference all day and night.  Sunday I recover from that and then it's rolling right into Alicia's birthday party next weekend.  Since I have Technique Classes right after that so I NEED to spend any free time I have designing for that …. so videos it is for a few days.  I promise - I DO still have those other projects drafted … just need to finish the posts and details … and of course I'll update you on the joy that was camp!

Have a stampy day!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Build a Banner Simply Created® Kit Alternate Project

Happy Wednesday,

If all has gone well I'll be heading back home on the Yellow Bus of Ickiness today … oh for my own shower and bed!

Another video.  Have a stampy day!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Under the Tree Paper by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Tuesday?

Yep - still at camp … and likely selling my sleeping bag to the kitchen staff for a cup of coffee!

Think of me while you watch this little video - and have a stampy day!


Monday, September 22, 2014

Watercolor Winter Simply Created Card Kit by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Monday!

… well - maybe!  As you read this I am probably on a yellow school bus with 30 noisy 11-year-olds heading down the hi-way to Rocky Mountain House.  Yep.  I'm goin' camping.  Yes.  Me.  Camping.  I know.  Wonders never cease, do they?  I'm a little scared, I gotta admit.  3 days.  50 kids.  A toilet that is "down the path"... and bugs.  I hate bugs.  I hate camping.  I'm not really even that keen on nature. Oh sure - I love the IDEA of camping - and being all relaxed - and sitting around the campfire - eating smores, singing songs, telling stories and laughing.  In reality, though, you generally just have to do housework in a confined, stuffy space … while the other campers in your party frolic in the wilderness … and bring BACK bugs to show you.  Those bugs, and about a billion of their little friends then bite you and proceed to keep you awake all night by dive bombing your ears just as you start to doze off.  You're cold, damp, tired and hungry.  Oh sure - you could eat but that generally means you get to clean up the mess you make in a 12x12 bucket of luke warm water, so you starve instead rather than deal with THAT!  Ya - I like the IDEA of camping - in practice … not so much.

Now on the "up" side of this little "adventure", shall we call it, the teacher assures me that the toilet which is "down the path" does flush … good thing - that was a deal breaker for me!  We also don't have to sleep in a tent.  We are in some sort of solid structure …. with concrete mattresses, I'm quite sure.  No, no - I'm not being negative or pessimistic … I DID go to Brownie camp 2 years ago … and Grade 5 camp last year, so I know of what I speak!  At Brownie camp I "slept" in a chair!  … it was more comfortable than the "bed"!  Grade 5 camp wasn't TOO bad … in fact I did have quite a few laughs with the other moms and was so tired that the concrete mattress couldn't keep me from sleeping … so this trip just MAY be a lot of fun … once/if we GET there!  We have to travel 3 1/2 hours on a yellow bus!!!!  Have you BEEN on one of those lately??  Ugh!  The smell of them makes me queazy … and Rebecca, whom will be glued to my side the entire time, will undoubtedly get bus-sick (she has every other trip so I kinda think she will again!) so I don't think THAT will be a lot of fun … and the SEATS!  The backs of them are straight up and down … they are SO uncomfortable … and slippery!  I darn near fall off with every bump!  Booking a Greyhound was too expensive … ohhhhh how I long for the bathroom at the back of the bus … and the little TV screens to keep the children entertained while I recline and nap.  *sigh*  I thick my reality is going to be a LITTLE different than my dream!

Wow - I paint a pretty awesome picture of Grade 6 camp, don't I *lol* …. awww - you know I'm just messing around … more or less … I AM kind of looking forward to it.  Last year WAS a lot of fun and this year we get to ride horses and fun stuff like that … and I get to spend 3 days with my Girl and her friends - so ya, I might bitch a lot but deep down you know I'll have at least a LITTLE *fun*.

Right!  So after all that I'm not even going to share a project with you - HA!  Another video … check out this awesome little kit - available now :)

Wish me luck - and have a stampy day!


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Flower Patch

Happy Sunday!

This is another card we are making in today's Stamp-a-Stack:
It's a lovely little card - but a little more fiddly than I like to have at a SAS.  Alas - I like what I like and my peeps know that I almost ALWAYS have one "more complicated" card.  It's not hard - just a few steps by the time you stamp and punch out all the flowers and leaves.  I used he Large Polka Dot embossing folder for the background.  I used the Flower Patch stamp and coordinating framelits for the image.  Oh!  Take note - when you try to take those stinkin' little framelits out of the package be CAREFUL!  A few of them are SHARP little suckers and when you try to peel them off the tape you can quite easily slice your thumb open.  Just sayin'!

I used Pink Pirouette and Melon Mambo for the flower, Wild Wasabi and Garden green for the leaves and then some So Saffron for the centre, which I actually punched out with my small scallop punch rather than the matching framelit ('cause I was gushing blood and couldn't be bothered to get another one off the tape!)  I popped the centre up on a dimensional.  The sentiment is from last years' retired hostess set … SUCH a great set!  I added a few rhinestones to finish it off.  I bright, cheery card for many occasions!

Gotta fly - pop in again.  Until then, have a stampy day!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Custom Star Boxes by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Saturday!

Here's another video for your viewing enjoyment :)

Have a stampy day!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Up-Cycled Lollipop Container

Happy Friday!

Ya - I know, I already posted a video this morning ... but I'm not quite ready to walk the dog yet so I thought I'd post THIS little beauty.  I so LOVE this project!  I love when I get to create without having a class in mind.  When I do that I don't have to worry about how many buttons I have, whether the stamp set is current or not ... all those little things I need to think about when designing classes.  Yup - the BEST crafting is when you get to play and just have fun!  That's what happened here:

Isn't he just the cutest little thing???  For those of you who follow me on FaceBook (if you dont, WHY NOT??!! *lol*) you will recall that I was trying to submit some fall centerpiece ideas to Dale, the Manager of SU Canada Operations, for our upcoming, cross country conferences.  This was one of my submissions.  He didn't pick this project to showcase but I love it and have it on display, full of lollipops :)

I DID have to be mindful to use mainly current product - which I did ... except for the buttons - those were retired. 

Here is what I did. 

I had this lollipop container sitting on my desk, alfter making 90 moustache lollipop treats for the teachers and kids' classmates for Halloween (yes, I have Halloween covered but don't have tonights DINNER figured out yet *lol*).  Looking at it it seemed PERFECT for a pumpkin decor piece. 

I bought the lollipops at Costco.  I think they were $10'ish.

I started by putting some white tissue paper inside the bowl.  Of course it would be a lot faster to use ORANGE tissue paper but I wanted to play with my new Blendabilities to see if they really DO color anything
I used my Pumpkin Pie Dark and Medium Blendabilities and started coloring.  Yes, I was worried that my markers would dry out doing so, but they didn't.  Yay!
When you first color the plastic it is wet and yep, if you wipe it most of the color will come off ...
... so don't wipe it!  LEt it dry and then you have a pretty vibrant bucket ...

I put a little green tissue paper inside as well ...
I used my new tree punch to make the nose.  You can either not punch the stem by linig up the punch with the bottom of the card stock ...
... or by cutting it off (duh!)
If you don't have the tree punch you can also use the Pennant Punch ...
For the hat (which was SUPPOSED to be a stem ... but looks more like a hat) I hot glued two of our button containers together ...
... then wrapped it with a piece of Chocolate Chip card stock ... then a little burlap ribbon (using the hot glue gun) and then embellished it with various buttons, some raffia I had in my stash and some leaves made with the new Flower Frenzy Bigz Die.  I used my hot glue gun to assemble it all.
See the little squiggle of ribbon?  That is the new Old Olive Thick Bakers Twine in the 2014 Holiday catty.  Wanna know how I made it twisty?  I grabbed a pencil. wrapped it around the length of it and then ran a bead of hot glue down one sode.  Once the glue dried I peeled it off the pencil (ya, some of the pencil came with it *lol*) and wa-low!  a twisty piece of ribbon :)  
And there you have it - one adorable little pumpkin/scarecrow that hold lots of yummy treats.  How cute would this be to have on your desk at work??
OK - the dog is now looking at me all sideways so I guess it's that time.  Off I go!  Pop in again tomorrow - and have a stampy day!

Four Feather Fun

Happy Friday!

Today I'm back with another project to share!  Wa-hoo!

This is one of the five cards we are making at the All Occasions Stamp-a-Stack this Sunday.  This a quick and easy card that really can be used for almost every occasion or sentiment!

I have to say the Four Feather set is one I will be using a LOT!  I have seen SO many quick, easy, lovely cards made using it … along with the coordinating framelits.  A GREAT value (15% off for the bundle!) that you won't regret buying!

The first card above is made with Blackberry Bliss card stock and ribbon, with Smoky Slate Ink.  The second is made with Island Indigo card stock and ribbon with Soft Sky … or was it Pool Party … nope - Soft Sky - more bus than green … ink.  I used silver sequins that come in the new Frosted Sequins pack in the Holiday catalogue.  You get 450 in the pack!!!  There are different sizes of silver sequins as well as snowflakes - GREAT value for money!!!  The sequins are attached with mini glue dots.  The sentiment is from Lots of Thanks set - another one to have in your stash!

Thats it for today.  Pop in again to see another video.  Until then - have a stampy day!


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Frightful Wreath Simply Created Kit by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Thursday!

Me again …. Ih've had a LOVELY day of crafting.  I finished cutting the projects for Sunday's Stamp-a-Stack and then spent an hour putting together my Halloween Wreath with Rebecca.  It turned out GREAT!  I THOUGHT I had posted this video … but can't see it anywhere .. so I'm posting it now.  We watched it to put ours together rather than read the instructions.  Easier that way,

Off to serve dinner - pop in again tomorrow.  Until then - have a stampy day!


Curvy Keepsake Box by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Thursday!

Ya, I was gunna post another project but thought I'd drag it out a little longer for ya!  I thought today I'd share another video.  This one is on the new Curvy Keepsake Thinlits Die.  Ho-LEE COW do I love this thing!  I was pretty sure I didn't need it right away so I didn't order it on my pre-order last month.  I was wrong!  I ordered it a week or two later and I LOVE this little stinker!  There are fantastic ideas all over Pinterest - the ideas really do seem endless!  I made one last week in a matter of minutes - they are a MUST if you make teacher or co-worker treats - you can change the design every season for a quick, cute little treat.  That's it for now - off to start my crazy for the day!

Enjoy the video and have a stampy day!!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Double Vision Technique

Happy Wednesday!!!

Have you missed me??  Have you missed my rambling?  I've missed DOING it! 

I FINALLY found a few hours tonight to start NINE blog posts!  NINE projects!  Yep - I HAVE been crafting, just not posting!  What HAVE I been doing?  uhhhhhhhh - I dunno - but I've been stupid busy since the day school started!

I vaguely remember 4 days ago - Saturday - we had Family Fun Day.  The four of us signed up for Archery lessons.  Yep - nothing says "Awesome Mom" like arming your minors with weapons when they are underslept and fighting with each other *lol*.  Not gunna lie - I was a *little* concerned about my 8-year-old-with-a-temper ... but she didn't shoot anyone, I'm happy to report.  In the end the only one who got hurt was me ... and I did it to myself!  Yep - have a lovely purple /blue /brown bruise the size of my fist thanks to 20 pounds of force of cable slamming against my inner arm.  Note to self:  Keep body parts out of the way of compound bows!
I spend most of this week prepping for my Stamp-a-Stack this weekend (yes, I actually have all 5 cards designed and 90% CUT and it's only Thursday!!  I usually start cutting around 9:00 pm the night before!) and planning Alicia's 9th birthday party.  Oh it's gunna be fun!  We struggled to come up with something that could even come CLOSE to trumping last year's EPIC party ... her Halloween Party complete with Haunted House in the basement and "guess what you're touching" games.  We finally settled on a Movie Star Party and Sleep Over.  It will be a BLAST!  I've bought all the decorations - will be making cupcakes that look like bowls of popcorn, we'll be doing hair, makeup and nails ... and of course watching movies late into the night before pretending to sleep for a few hours!  The paparazzi will naturally be on hand as the guests arrive and walk the red carpet.  Oh ya - feather boas, silk gloves, tiaras and sunglasses will be the fashion for the evening ... Minute to Win It games where they earn play money to buy candy at the movie concession stand .... and whatever else Mom cooks up between now and then.  Should come CLOSE to last year's party of awesomeness!!!
So that's what I've been doing for the last 5 days - before that is a blur of meetings, trips to the airport, designing projects and general "normal stuff" - you know - the life of a SAHM!
Enough rambling?  Ready for a project??  OK!  This one is already "old" by my standards as I posted it on FaceBook ages ago and we made it at my classes last week (do you follow me on FaceBook?  Search for "Tamara's Paper Trail" and "Like" it and/or "follow" it to get notifications whenever I post things.  I use FB a lot more frequently than my blog - quicker and easier!) .... but I digress ... as usual *lol*  OK - HERE - HERE is my project.  I call it my Double Vision Technique card:
OK - THAT picture lighting totally sucks!  Here's a better pic of the funky background:
I found this technique on Pinterest - where else?  It was linked to Splitcoast Stampers and I found the tutorial by Susan Roberts over at  - it shows quite a few cards made using this technique.  It really doesn't get any easier!  You simply run your cards stock through the Big Shot (I used the Large Polka Dot folder - freaking LOVE that folder!!!) then you flip the card stock over and run it through with the folder again.  Genius!  Gives you an embossed and a debossed image.  SO cool! 
The rest of the card is pretty straight forward.  I sued my 2" circle punch for the black and silver card stock circles - and the new Festival of Trees stamp set (stamped in Memento ink) and punched out with the coordinating punch.  Some Basic Black Bakers Twiner, some flags and the "Good Greetings" stamp set (which you get for FREE if you host a party with over $325 CDN sales!) finish it off.  I'm surprised but I actually LOVE this black and white Christmas card!
So there you have it - a not-so-brief update on my "crazy" and a fun technique to try out!  Pop in again soon to see those other 8 projects I have in "draft" post form.  Until then ... have a stampy day!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Halloween Treats

Happy Saturday!

Up at 6:00 am again today - I've been on SUCH a roll getting things done the let two weeks I couldn't stay in bed!  … well that and my lower back was KILLING me … stupid lovely fashion boots of stupidness!

I'm pretty pumped about all the crazy that's going on in my world over the next month or so.  I've booked LOTS of classes, I'm planning Alicia's 9th birthday party (Movie Star Theme home-party!), Stamp-a-Stack, 3 days of camp with Rebecca (Lord help me!), Stampin' Up! Conference, Stampin' Up! Head Office Training session (!!!), then Alicia's party, then my brother and SIL come to town for Thanksgiving, then Halloween.  Throw in a couple of field trip helper days for the kids, after-school activities and general "life"and yup - back to the crazy I love!

I had HOPED I'd get a chance to post some projects yesterday … alas, life happened again and I ended up running errands for 4 hours instead.  It was actually quite fun.  I hit Michael's to pick up some super cheap sketch pads for Alicia's birthday (she's recently taken up a love of drawing so a great birthday present from Auntie!).  Whilst standing in the line to pay the key-UTEST little 1 year old boy was wobbling down the aisle grinning from ear to ear at everyone and everything.  An elderly lady spoke to him telling him he was "such a HAPPY little boy!"  With that he wobbled over to her and have her leg a BIG hug.  It made everyone smile and laugh.  The lady was thrilled - she said "any day you get  free hug is a good day".  With that I said "Awwww - I'LL give you a hug!" … and I did *lol*  With that her husband looked at me and said "What about me?"  … so I hugged him too *lol*  It started a chain reaction of hugging - it was hysterical … and everyone left with a free hug and a smile on their faces.  It was pretty awesome!  That set me up for a happy day … despite the hell that was Costco that followed … and the double train that had me sitting forEVER on the way home.  It was just a great day!  Of course once you get home from Costco you need to spend an hour finding room to PUT everything, freeze everything and generally gut and reassemble your entire kitchen.  Follow that with dinner, dishes and stamping class and … ya … blogging projects didn't happen.  On the bright side ONE DAY I will have LOTS to post, as the projects keep getting made and being added to the "blog one day" pile *lol*

To keep you crafting I thought I'd post another throw-back project.  This one is from last year - I posted how to make cute little hand sanitizer favours.  Remember these?
The original post and TUTORIAL to make them is here 

Sorry I don't have anything new for you … soon!  Until then, have a stampy Saturday!


Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Double Vision Card

Happy Tuesday!

GEEEEEEEZ where do the days go???!!!  I can't believe I haven't posted since last Monday!  I have LOTS to share but I simply haven't had half an hour to post them.  Right now I NEED to hit the basement to cut the paper and set up for class … TONIGHT!!!  So I just thought I'd quickly pop in, say hi, confirm I'm still alive (and yes, LOVING my back-to-crazy "schedule"!) and throw out a teaser of one of my projects.  I won't share the details, just the pic.  Mean, huh?  Well, it's that or nuthin' Sista!  So here it is …. I saw this "technique" somewhere - likely Pinterest - and will research the who, what, where so I can give credit another day.  In the meantime, I'm calling this the "Double Vision Technique".  Here is the card I made for class tonight:
LOVE it!!!  Took me about 2 hours of tweaking and playing around with different elements before I settled on this … yep - love it.

I have 3 other cards designed … boxes, trees and tutorials … hopefully Friday I can carve out some time to share!  Until then - have a stampy day!!!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Treats Throwback ..

Happy Labour Day!

I LOVE Labour Day.  No, not because the kids go back to school the next day and I get my "life-asI-know-it" back (although that really adds to my love of it!).  I just have really fond memories of it from my childhood.  Yes, I'm dating myself here … but I always looked forward to the long weekend and the Jerry Lewis Telethon … DESPITE the fact that I HAD school when it was over.  I remember watching it for hours and waiting to see the next awesome act.  My childhood friends, m brother and I would try to do something to raise money for the charity - a garage sale, a lemonade stand, a talent show.  Yes - those were the days before iPods, XBox games and so on - back when the neighbourhood kids would get together and just play all day.  The weather was always nice (fall is SO my favourite) and mom would always have great comfort food dinners.  *sigh* - such great memories.  Yep - I love Labour Day weekend.  (Things have changed just a *little* - tonight the 4 of us are heading out to the Katy Perry concert!  I GUESS it's similar entertainment to the telethon *lol*)

I'm up earlier than usual - Alicia couldn't sleep … so now she's in MY bed, sleeping … and I'm down here chasing a fly.  (Ever get jealous of my glamorous life??)  To be showered,dressed and ready-to-go before 8:00 am on a Sunday is just WRONG in my mind but there you have it.  Today will go by in a blink getting ready for tomorrow.  We already labelled all the backpacks, lunch kits, shoes and water bottles - we picked out the outfits and found our memory stick - we updated our annual "interview" of favourite things for their diaries …. today we need to do hair and pack lunches before the concert so we can make it to school on time after a WAY too late night tonight.

One fun thing I did this morning was try out a new mascara I got this weekend.  A friend of mine is now a rep for a company called "Younique".  I agreed to do an on-line "party" as I saw and liked the mascara they sell.  I tried it out this morning.  Check.  This.  Out!
OK - kind of a scary up-close eye shot … and makes my nose look freakishly shaped … but look at the difference from this stuff!!!  And that's just one coat!  It is a 2-step process - you apply it just like regular mascara - you put on a gel, then these tea leave fibres, then the gel again to seal it.  It's insane!!! I have really sparse and thin lashes - this stuff puffed them out and lengthened them without it clumping and/or making me look like a prostitute!  Yes - this my new favourite non-stamping product!!!  I'm going to check my other mascaras - why would I ever use anything else???  Yes, you can order some to (and then I get credit for my on-line party :) )  It is $35 Canadian 9plus $5 shipping - in the US it's (I think) $29 + shipping and it comes right to your door.  If you want to try this stuff out (and/or buy 5 extra bottles for Christmas presents like I am!) here is a link to do so.

Right!  Guess I should go put mascara on my other eye before I forget and go out looking a little lops-sided *lol* … but before I do how about another throwback project?  These little treats are still in the top 10 most popular projects from my blog -

These were SO quick and easy to make - 28 made in 1 hour 15 minutes.  LOVE!

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Wish me luck for tonight and tomorrow.  Until next time, have a stampy Labour Day!