Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Double Vision Technique

Happy Wednesday!!!

Have you missed me??  Have you missed my rambling?  I've missed DOING it! 

I FINALLY found a few hours tonight to start NINE blog posts!  NINE projects!  Yep - I HAVE been crafting, just not posting!  What HAVE I been doing?  uhhhhhhhh - I dunno - but I've been stupid busy since the day school started!

I vaguely remember 4 days ago - Saturday - we had Family Fun Day.  The four of us signed up for Archery lessons.  Yep - nothing says "Awesome Mom" like arming your minors with weapons when they are underslept and fighting with each other *lol*.  Not gunna lie - I was a *little* concerned about my 8-year-old-with-a-temper ... but she didn't shoot anyone, I'm happy to report.  In the end the only one who got hurt was me ... and I did it to myself!  Yep - have a lovely purple /blue /brown bruise the size of my fist thanks to 20 pounds of force of cable slamming against my inner arm.  Note to self:  Keep body parts out of the way of compound bows!
I spend most of this week prepping for my Stamp-a-Stack this weekend (yes, I actually have all 5 cards designed and 90% CUT and it's only Thursday!!  I usually start cutting around 9:00 pm the night before!) and planning Alicia's 9th birthday party.  Oh it's gunna be fun!  We struggled to come up with something that could even come CLOSE to trumping last year's EPIC party ... her Halloween Party complete with Haunted House in the basement and "guess what you're touching" games.  We finally settled on a Movie Star Party and Sleep Over.  It will be a BLAST!  I've bought all the decorations - will be making cupcakes that look like bowls of popcorn, we'll be doing hair, makeup and nails ... and of course watching movies late into the night before pretending to sleep for a few hours!  The paparazzi will naturally be on hand as the guests arrive and walk the red carpet.  Oh ya - feather boas, silk gloves, tiaras and sunglasses will be the fashion for the evening ... Minute to Win It games where they earn play money to buy candy at the movie concession stand .... and whatever else Mom cooks up between now and then.  Should come CLOSE to last year's party of awesomeness!!!
So that's what I've been doing for the last 5 days - before that is a blur of meetings, trips to the airport, designing projects and general "normal stuff" - you know - the life of a SAHM!
Enough rambling?  Ready for a project??  OK!  This one is already "old" by my standards as I posted it on FaceBook ages ago and we made it at my classes last week (do you follow me on FaceBook?  Search for "Tamara's Paper Trail" and "Like" it and/or "follow" it to get notifications whenever I post things.  I use FB a lot more frequently than my blog - quicker and easier!) .... but I digress ... as usual *lol*  OK - HERE - HERE is my project.  I call it my Double Vision Technique card:
OK - THAT picture lighting totally sucks!  Here's a better pic of the funky background:
I found this technique on Pinterest - where else?  It was linked to Splitcoast Stampers and I found the tutorial by Susan Roberts over at  - it shows quite a few cards made using this technique.  It really doesn't get any easier!  You simply run your cards stock through the Big Shot (I used the Large Polka Dot folder - freaking LOVE that folder!!!) then you flip the card stock over and run it through with the folder again.  Genius!  Gives you an embossed and a debossed image.  SO cool! 
The rest of the card is pretty straight forward.  I sued my 2" circle punch for the black and silver card stock circles - and the new Festival of Trees stamp set (stamped in Memento ink) and punched out with the coordinating punch.  Some Basic Black Bakers Twiner, some flags and the "Good Greetings" stamp set (which you get for FREE if you host a party with over $325 CDN sales!) finish it off.  I'm surprised but I actually LOVE this black and white Christmas card!
So there you have it - a not-so-brief update on my "crazy" and a fun technique to try out!  Pop in again soon to see those other 8 projects I have in "draft" post form.  Until then ... have a stampy day!

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