Monday, September 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Treats Throwback ..

Happy Labour Day!

I LOVE Labour Day.  No, not because the kids go back to school the next day and I get my "life-asI-know-it" back (although that really adds to my love of it!).  I just have really fond memories of it from my childhood.  Yes, I'm dating myself here … but I always looked forward to the long weekend and the Jerry Lewis Telethon … DESPITE the fact that I HAD school when it was over.  I remember watching it for hours and waiting to see the next awesome act.  My childhood friends, m brother and I would try to do something to raise money for the charity - a garage sale, a lemonade stand, a talent show.  Yes - those were the days before iPods, XBox games and so on - back when the neighbourhood kids would get together and just play all day.  The weather was always nice (fall is SO my favourite) and mom would always have great comfort food dinners.  *sigh* - such great memories.  Yep - I love Labour Day weekend.  (Things have changed just a *little* - tonight the 4 of us are heading out to the Katy Perry concert!  I GUESS it's similar entertainment to the telethon *lol*)

I'm up earlier than usual - Alicia couldn't sleep … so now she's in MY bed, sleeping … and I'm down here chasing a fly.  (Ever get jealous of my glamorous life??)  To be showered,dressed and ready-to-go before 8:00 am on a Sunday is just WRONG in my mind but there you have it.  Today will go by in a blink getting ready for tomorrow.  We already labelled all the backpacks, lunch kits, shoes and water bottles - we picked out the outfits and found our memory stick - we updated our annual "interview" of favourite things for their diaries …. today we need to do hair and pack lunches before the concert so we can make it to school on time after a WAY too late night tonight.

One fun thing I did this morning was try out a new mascara I got this weekend.  A friend of mine is now a rep for a company called "Younique".  I agreed to do an on-line "party" as I saw and liked the mascara they sell.  I tried it out this morning.  Check.  This.  Out!
OK - kind of a scary up-close eye shot … and makes my nose look freakishly shaped … but look at the difference from this stuff!!!  And that's just one coat!  It is a 2-step process - you apply it just like regular mascara - you put on a gel, then these tea leave fibres, then the gel again to seal it.  It's insane!!! I have really sparse and thin lashes - this stuff puffed them out and lengthened them without it clumping and/or making me look like a prostitute!  Yes - this my new favourite non-stamping product!!!  I'm going to check my other mascaras - why would I ever use anything else???  Yes, you can order some to (and then I get credit for my on-line party :) )  It is $35 Canadian 9plus $5 shipping - in the US it's (I think) $29 + shipping and it comes right to your door.  If you want to try this stuff out (and/or buy 5 extra bottles for Christmas presents like I am!) here is a link to do so.

Right!  Guess I should go put mascara on my other eye before I forget and go out looking a little lops-sided *lol* … but before I do how about another throwback project?  These little treats are still in the top 10 most popular projects from my blog -

These were SO quick and easy to make - 28 made in 1 hour 15 minutes.  LOVE!

Click here to se the original post.

Wish me luck for tonight and tomorrow.  Until next time, have a stampy Labour Day!


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