Saturday, October 25, 2014

Calling All Super Heroes

Happy Saturday!

Ever tried blogging with a cat's head on your laptop keyboard?  Good times! *lol*  Yes, my lovely fur balls have joined forced to ensure that they wake me up at 5:00 am everyday and then thwart my efforts to be even mildly productive at that time.  They take turns.  Seriously.  Every.  Day.  This.  Week.  I ask you … is it REALLY necessary a) to lick yourself for 10 minutes straight and b) to lick yourself for 10 minutes straight at 5:00 am?  That sound drives me crazy in the DAY time, never MIND when I'm in the middle of a romantic dream with George Clooney!!!!  Dumb fur balls!

Well … despite being up ay stupid-o'clock AGAIN I'm looking really forward to today.  I'm spending most of it cooking with friends.  We're getting together to make 10-20 freezer meals so I can offer my family better options than Kraft Dinner on those nights when we have things going on.  Notice I say "offer" because let's face it - they aren't very likely to EAT these lovely offerings, now are they?  Nope.   The little *angels* will likely wrinkle their noses and decide they don't like it before it ever hits their cute little tongues … cause that's what they do *lol*.  But thats ok.  I've decided Mom's Restaurant is closed from now on as I can't seem to figure out the rules of what they do and don't like.  Seriously.  They will eat, say, lasagna, … but not on a Wednesday of a full moon in a month that ends with the letter Y … but they'll eat pretty much anything if they get to do it in front of the TV … or if grandma is over … or if they are wearing their lucky socks.  Ya.  Whatever.  So I decided a few months ago since I can't please everyone I'm gunna please myself! (hey, isn't that a song?).  I make what I think Craig and I will like and if the small people can't *possibly* gag it down because it's soooooo horrible … well … the toaster is over there!  They HAVE used the toast option a few times but really … they're pretty lazy and rather than get up and make the toast they usually gag down my food.  Score one for mom!  Sooooo - to sum up a rather long, rambling post (hey, give me a break, it's 5:30 in the morning!!!) I'm going to make 20 meals that I'M looking forward to eating!! … once I can eat carbs again, that is!

Right - enough psychobabble about my pets and kids - on to an actual card!  Here is what we made at Technique Class last month:
Sca-WHEEL!  Don't you just LOVE it???? I sat and stared at it for EVER when I first made it.  LOVE it!  I got the inspiration from Laura-Lee Doucet over at   Here is her card that I loved:
I just loved the colours she used and the city line image … so I set out to make my own version.

As much as I loved the reflection aspect of her card Watercolor Paper is expensive … and I didn't have a lot on hand so I needed to make it a lot smaller.  I just used a 2" piece for mine, matted on a piece of Island Indigo card stock on a Very Vanilla base.  For my image I used the "Calling All Superheroes" photopolymer set and inked it with finger daubers using Blackberry Bliss, Tempting Turquoiseand Crushed Curry inks.  Once I had the stamp inked I used a very light spritz of water on the stamp so the colours would blend slightly.  I stamped it on the watercolour paper and then used my aqua painter to blend the colours more.  I waited for it to dry completely before mounting it on the card and adding a few rhinestones to make sure everything would stay attached.  I used the Million and One stamp set, inked in Blackberry Bliss.

I absolutely LOVE this card … but let me warn you … if you MAKE this card only make one … EVER!  You will love that card … but you will never, EVER be able to make another one quite as lovely.  Trust me … I tired … 17 times!  There were two problems when I tried to make this again in class.  1) I forgot how I did it the first time (took 5 attempts of daubing and spritzing to find out what I did!) and 2) that Blackberry Bliss ink stains your stamp quite completely.  What that means is that I wasn't abled to get the same colour of yellow and/or blue ever again … the pink tint altered the colours slightly … and those colours are what I loved about the card.  Now don't get me wrong, I made some really NICE cards after the first one - but the first one is the best one.  You've been warned.

Right!  It is now 6:32 am and I think it is reasonable to make a cup of coffee!  Pop in  again soon.  Until then - have a stampy day!


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