Friday, October 3, 2014

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Happy Friday!

Busy, busy day today!  Craig is off, which usually means I move at half the speed of a "normal" day … and added to that I'm in the final stages of prep for Alicia's Epic Movie Star Birthday Party tomorrow.  Oh ya, it's gunna be fan-flippin'-tastic if THIS Momma has anything to say about it!  We've got it ALL going on!

The party starts at 4:00 pm.  As the 8 guests arrive they will be greeted by the paparazzi snapping their pics as they get out of their vehicles and walk the red carpet to the house.  I bought three red plastic tablecloths that ail be taped to the sidewalk and driveway (let's hope they don't kill themselves on the slippery stuff!")  They were told to dress like a movie/rock star so I expect lots of feather boas, tiaras, sunglasses and bling … and of COURSE a lot of Diva Attitude!

The party has all kinds of activities planned.  Movie Charades, "What Movie is this Line From", Lego Bingo, Minute to Win It hysterical games … during these games the Divas will earn play cash which they can later spend at the Movie Concession Stand.  Yep - we'll be watching a movie or two and they get to stock their popcorn loot bags with sugar before hand!  there will also be hot dogs, nachos, pizza and pop to help their sugar comas … and of course they are all in traditional red and white striped bags, bowls and containers.

Six of the little Divas will be "sleeping" over.  Dear LORD, how did that happen???  I thought there would be 2 or 3 MAX who would stay - nope 6.  Note to self - pick up the Costco size bottle of Advil today …

Sunday the "fun" continues.  I'm thinking I'll send Craig to Tim Horton's for donuts … I can't imagine forming a coherent sentence tomorrow morning let alone make breakfast for 6 guests and 2 children.  Yup.  Tim's.  It's gunna happen!

Oh … the fun doesn't stop at breakfast … oh, no … MY little Diva gets to be the star for a few more hours yet as she, her bestie, me and Rebecca head to the movies for the one and only showing of the new Equestria girls movie.  Yes - that will last until around 6:00 pm at which point I will drive her bestie home, get into my Sweet Leg leggings, crawl into the fetal position and wonder what the hell i was thinking - as I do EVERY year after one of these parties!

Wow.  My head hurts just thinking about it,  Alas - I do what I do to give my girls happy childhood memories and smiles on their faces for years to come.  Is it worth it?  You bet.  Will I do it again next year?  Most probably.  Will it kill me?  No - close, but no.  Do I love my girls?  With every fibre of my being.

Right.  Having said all that, I'm off to Costco to stock up on snacks … and Advil.  Pop in again soon - until then … enjoy this quick little video … and have a stampy day!


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