Monday, November 24, 2014


Happy Monday!

MAN am I having an awesome day!!!  Days like today I just LOVE my "job".  I say "job" because it seems silly that I actually make money doing what I do … it really is the BEST "job"!  Oh sure, when business is slow things don't look so great but when I get to stamp with 18 new friends, like I did yesterday at the fundraiser, … and when you get FIVE new ladies added to your team of stampers … and when you get on-line orders from a FABULOUS promotion, well … it just make my heart HAPPY!!!

Yes, the Flexpointe Fundraiser was a HUGE success and I'm thrilled to have been part of raising so much money for the girls to travel to Disney World for their competition.  In the weeks … and hours … leading UP to the event I was stressed and had to work my butt off but once I got there (as ALWAYS happens!) the magic kicks in and I can't help but have a great time and know that it was all worth it.  Thanks Melissa and Daisy for asking me to help.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat!

So today I had nothing on the calendar … on purpose!  I KNEW I'd be on my computer, laptop AND cell phone all day taking and placing orders and answering questions about the AMAZING promotions that started today.  Yes, so far five ladies have taken advantage of the Starer Kit deal … combining it with the Extravaganza that is going on and getting some GREAT deals.  I can't stress enough just how awesome this deal is!  You COULD walk away with over $300 worth of product for the flat charge of $93.75.  Insane.  If you are on my e-mail list you will have seen the following message - I just thought I'd post it here too so you can see what I think you just HAVE TO HAVE!

Holy COW Ladies!  The two promotions that started today have me SOOO freaking excited!!
Before NOON today I already have FIVE ladies take advantage of the Starter Kit Deal ... up to $310 in product for a FLAT $93.75!  If you scoop the sale items as part of your Starter Kit you can walk away a MAJOR winner!  You don't have to quit your day job and start selling stamp sets - you can just take the kit!  I don't get ANY commission for selling the kits - I just like my friends to get the most bang for their buck.  Who wants to spend more than they have to???
The On-Line Extravanagza is in full swing as well!  Today is the ONLY day you can get certain embossing folders for just $7 ... the Gift Box Punch Board for only $17.47 (!!!!) and the Card Kit Bundle at 30% off (You get 2 card kits - each one has EVERYTHING you need to make 20 different cards - EVERYTHING! ... with s/h/gst that comes to $50.04 to make 40 cards.  Hellooooooooooooo - can you say "Christmas Presents for my neices DONE!"?
I'm placing an order - CALL ME - I can bundle orders and save on the flat $9.95 shipping cost for orders under $100.
Or order on-line - but remember to use the Hostess Code 6D7TEPRE at checkout to make sure you get entered into the draw for the free hostess benefits!
Eek!  I just read that the 6" x 8" Album is already sold out!  SEE??  I TOLD you items were flying!
Get those orders in Ladies!
Here are "My top "You'd be CRAZY not to order these!!!" items:

Tag a Bag Accessory kit - HALF PRICE - now $4.98!
Fast Fuse Refills - HALF PRICE - now $4.98!
Silver and Gold Satin Ribbon - HALF PRICE - now $4.75 each!
Gold and ...
Silver Glimmer Paper - HALF PRICE - now $2.98 each!
Big Sot Magnetic Plate - 40% off - now $29.97!
In Color Markers - 40% off - now $11.97!!
Punches, ribbon, bundles Oh My!
Don't wait if you want in on the deals.  They are "only while supplies last"!  … and if you want the BEST deal around consider buying the Starter Kit  - and joining my team.  You won't regret it!  Even if you don't want to "do the business" it is a GREAT deal.  You have NOTHING to lose!  Contact me if you want more information. 

That's it.  I'm hitting the Craft Cave later to unpack from yesterday … and get back to creating.  Can't wait.  Did I mention I love my "job"?

Have a stampy day!


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