Friday, December 26, 2014

Final Trixie and Buttonz Fun

Happy Friday!

Wow.  That's it.  It's all over for another year.  All that planning, prepping, shopping, returning, re-shopping, wrapping, cooking, cleaning, hiding, SEEKING (*lol*), researching, crafting, baking, hugging, squealing and smiling is over.  Bitter-sweet, isn't it?

What a wonderful 54 minutes it was yesterday *lol*.  Yes, 54 minutes is all it too from start to finish for gift opening.  hee hee - but it was all SO worth it, wasn't it??  Those smiles.  What is it about those SMILES that suck us into doing it all over again 354 days from now?  I don't know about you but I would quite seriously walk through the fires of hell to see those smiles.  Every time.

We had a VERY relaxing day with Mom and Dad coming for present opening, brunch and then again for dinner.  We didn't see the kids for hours as they played … and no fighting!  Result!

I hope you had a relaxing day full of smiles and family as well.

Speaking of smiling - thought I'd share the last batch of smiles that Trixie and Buttonz gave us this year!
Forget BUILDING a snowman, Trixie wants to BE a snowman!
… and a Christmas Tree!  "Oh, Trixie Tree, Oh Trixie Tree …. how lovely ARE your branches …"
Now THIS one I LOVED!  Yes, apparently Trixie wants to be barista when she grows up.  Her and her friends were kicking back at her little home-made cafe!
How cute is this little apron?  Hmmm - looks like some retired SU fabric and ribbon was used ...
Barbie was catching up on the latest North Pole News at the Kringle Koffee Kafe ...
Naturally Buttonz was munching on his favourite snack of coffee beans ...
… and Trixie left a happy note for us!
Alas - all good things must come to an end.  We said our goodbyes for another year and took some pictures with our little magical friends.  I seriously think I was more upset than the kids to see them go.  I actually WAS a little emotional.  Perhaps because Im very well aware that this may be the last TRULY magical Christmas.  Sigh.  WHY do they have to grow up???

OK - now that I'm all sad again I better go walk Doodles - he's looking at me all hopeful *lol*

Have a relaxing, stampy day, My Friends - and enjoy the rest of the holidays!


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