Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Stunning Ornaments with the Festive Flower Punch

Happy Wednesday!!

Long-time-no-post!  I can't believe it's been 2 full weeks since I posted … or that I've only posted twice this month! … then again yes, I CAN believe it as December always seems to be a gong show around here!  In the buzz and whirl that is the run up to Christmas I seem to be in survival mode … just barely keeping my head above water.  Naturally making sure the kids have a lunch in their backpack takes priority over blogging … and once school is done wrapping presents, baking and trying to RELAX takes precedence.  Now that "the big day" has come and gone I'm trying to GENTLY ease back into a mini-routine and a *little* work.  Of course "*real* pants" are still optional and "pants are optional" is still my mantra for the week … so I bring you this post from the comfort of my leggings and stretched out *sick* sweater (you know what I'm talkin' about - that sweater we all have that we wear when we are sick … it is over sized, stretched out, faded, likely has one or more holes, is COMPLETELY the wrong colour for your complexion and likely smells like a wet hamster but is sooooooo comfy and cosy.  Ya - THAT sweater!)

So!  Here I am (now that you have that great visual of what I look like this morning!) ready to share a few of my favourite gifts and ornaments for 2015.

I HAVE to start with this years ornament.  If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know that I love traditions at Christmas and perhaps my favourite one is that each year I make a tree ornament for my girls.  The idea started when Rebecca was born.  I had discovered "quilling" (rolling thin strips of paper) and made a few paper snowflakes on her first Christmas.  I thought it would be nice to make one every year so that, when she was grown and moved out, she would have a box full of lovingly made ornaments for her tree.  I made quilled ornaments for the first two Christmases but by the third year I was tired of them,  a) they are very time consuming b) by the third Christmas we were living at my moms and  I didn't have my crafting supplies c) I wanted to try something new.  Yesterday the girls and I dug out their special ornament boxes and went through them.  It really made my heart smile to see how many they have!  I have made at LEAST one every year (except 2004 … ??!!) … and aside from the ornaments that were made by ME there are dozens of hand-carved wooden ornaments made by my dad (given to them each year) as well as ornaments that either the GIRLS made or that we made together.  I absolutely LOVE that their trees can be FULL or ornaments when they are older .. and that they are all hand made.  LOVE!

So!  As always, I spent about 100 hours surfing through Pinterest for ideas and settled on these stunning pieces of loveliness …
I can't even BEGIN to describe how beautiful these are "in person"!  They are SO striking and sparkly.  Absolutely LOVE them!  Pictures truly don't do them justice.  Picture them with the glow of the Christmas lights bouncing off them in the dark.  Fabulous!!!
 Hmmm- the lighting on these isn't very "true" …

Red Glimmer paper ...
 Silver Glimmer paper ...
 Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer paper …
 Champagne Glimmer paper ...
My absolute favourite is the Dazzling Diamonds flower … then the red and Champagne (tied), then the silver.  The silver is pretty but it kinda hurts my eyes it so blingy! lol

I have to admit, it wasn't until one of my friends bought the Festive Flower Punch that I really considered buying it.  I'm not a fan of "fussy" and time consuming … but I also can't live with someone owning a product I don't have so, when it went on the Weekly Deal at 25% off I bought one.  It sat on my shelf until I decided to try making a flower.  Naturally I had no idea what to do so I headed to Youtube to watch a video on it.  Here is the Stampin' Up! video I watched ...
I still down have the stamp set (I can't imagine I'd ever use the set …)but I am SOOOOO glad I own the punch!

For my flowers I used a hot glue gun to speed things up.  That is a MUST, in my opinion!  The glue used in the video would simply take too long for this impatient crafter!  I also used my silicone mat to make sure I didn't have any glue "incidents" on my craft desk.

Once I punched out all my pieces (8 large petals, 4 small, two "centres" and two 1" circles I folded the petals in half (like in the video).  I would fold 1 flower, then glue it as the rough glimmer paper did feel like sandpaper against my fingers after a while so I had to split the steps up to save my skin!  The assembly process took 10 minutes per flower … so I made 6 per hour.

I made 6 of each flower, for a total of 24.  I gave my mom 12 (3 of each colour) and kept 12 myself … and putting 2 in the girls' keepsake boxes.

Oh .. I also attached some cord to the back of each ornament.  I simply attached it with the (retired) Sticky Strip.

Mom loved them.  So do I!

Wanna see two more of my favourite gifts/decorations from this year?  Ok!  They come from y eldest, Rebecca (12 years old).  She insisted on making everyones' gifts … and they couldn't be MY idea …or come from Pinterest.  I freaking LOVE what came out of her imagination (and my crafting stash).  Check them out …

Love love love!  The snowman (her gift to me) is one of my dad's socks (new, never work *lol).  The had is one of Rebecca's old socks (VERY worn *lol) and she glued the buttons and pipe cleaners on with my glue gun.  Not gunna lie - makes me a LITTLE twitchy that she's using my glue gun unsupervised!

The bottom picture is what she made for Craig.  She just made figures out of pompoms and cotton balls.  You can't see it very well but the black blob in the background is a reindeer.  LOVE it!

Right!  Doodles is giving me stink-eye which means it's time for his walk.

Pop in again soon to see more projects.  In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the holidays and have a stampy day!


Monday, December 14, 2015

Christmas Crafting Crazy

Happy Monday!

… I think … not too sure.  Been awake since 3:00 again - never a great start to the day.

Too.  Much.  Going.  On.

Last week everything was great.  I was on top of it all.  I was calm.  I was collected.  I was rested.   I was "normal".

As of yesterday I am bat shit CRAZY and have a to-do list that is 30 bullet points long! … and some of those bullet points have SUB-bullet points.  WTH???  I'm drowning, primarily, in school work!  With the last 4 days of school the kids have a TONNE of exams, assignments and "fun" things to do.  Translation - I'm juggling helping make a to-scale zoo (complete with fences, animals and dimensions), memorize useless facts about mercantilism and The Hudson Bay from back when the earth was still cooling, writing cue cards on the 6 form of precipitation … and 4 types of clouds … and how they are formed … meanwhile trying to figure out what everyone is going to wear to the 15 minute Christmas Concert Thursday night … oh, and whip up a potluck snack for the kids … and MAKE an ugly Christmas sweater … did I mention our fridge died last week?  Ya - so we're living out of a bar fridge and a box of condiments in the garage … did I mention Alicia has a RAGING cold?  Ya - 3 time she's been sick in 3 weeks …. AND I have my period … AGAIN!  %(@#%*!#(

*insert calm breathing here ….

OK … better ….

Shall we proceed … calmly?   Right ….

So that's why I've been MIA for the last week or so.  I say again … bat shit crazy …

In and amongst all the "fun" noted above I HAVE been crafting.  Yup - the last two Fridays I was at the school crafting with Alicia's class (ironically one of those classes I was in her classroom while she was sick at home on my couch!)  Naturally my samples got lost in the 27 kid chaos .. but here is an idea of what they made ...
We used the Fry Box Die to make Santa boxes.  They also made a white version with 3 punched out black circles for a snowman box.  IT was actually a fairly painless afternoon *lol*

Last week I went in and the kids made two cards and envelopes … not quite as painless but fu all the same ….

The reindeer card was quick and easy.  They simply stamped the antlers from the Wonderland set (2015 Holiday Catalogue that is retiring VERY soon!) … and the sentiment from Oh What Fun (In Chocolate Chip ink).  A 1/2" red glimmer paper circle was attached with a dimensional and they drew eyes on with a Sharpie.  I thought the card would be too quick so I made up a second one.  In hind sight the one would have been enough,  Alas! …

The second card was made with different lengths of 2", 1 1/2" and 1" strips (Cherry Cobbler, Pear pizzazz and Whisper White), punched with the banner punch.  The snowflake is a retired one I found in my stash of "single" stamps that we could buy a few years back.  We used a retired flower punch to punch it out and attach it.  The snowflake is in Early Espresso.  The 3 snowflake are in Pear Pizzazz from another retired set Christmas Punch (one of the very first sets I ever purchased!)
The sentiment is from the November Paper Pumpkin kit.  We added some rhinestones for some bling … they stamped and punched out the santa postage stamp for the envelope and they were done.

Last week the girls and I cracked of 16 Key-UTE little candy sleighs.  I've seen them all over Pinterest but it wasn't until my friend Barb posted pics of hers on Facebook that I knew I had to make them.  It took about an hour to do all 16!

 Walmart for the Candy Canes and Costco for the Gum, Chocolate Bars and ribbon.  I made tags using the Oh What Fn se (Black ink) and ornaments from a retired set from last year in Cucumber Crush - punched the top with the topper punch, added some Baker's Twine and DONE!

Thursday night Rebecca asked if I would make a card for her student teacher as it was her last day Friday.  Oh kayyyyyyy.  I've made this card before but this one had to be bigger so all 21 kids could sign it.  Mission accomplished.  I used a 12" x 12" piece of paper (and no envelope) to make one large enough.


Last night I worked on my angels from 2 years ago …
I had given all mine to my mom back in 2013.  I had punched out all the pieces, planning to put them together but apparently that takes 2 years … and a 30 Bullet-point to-do list to get 'er done!

Lord ply knows what I'll be creating THIS week … but rest assured there will be SOME crafting happening.  Well … if I survive the next 3 days, that is!  Pop in again next week to see if I made it!

Thanks for listening to my rant!  Now out's 6:30 and time to get the kids moving.  Wish me luck … and have a stampy day!


Thursday, December 10, 2015

Year End Sale

Happy Thursday!

I know, I know … it's been over a week since I posted a project.  Hang in there - some are coming!  To be honest I didn't DO much crafting last week - too busy being exhausted and dealing with sick children.  This week has been a little better as we have started making gifts and ornaments for family and friends.  Stay tuned!
Today I just wanted to mention that some of the current products (in the 2015 Holiday Catalogue) are on sale!  See over on the Right Hand Side?  The picture that says "Order 24/7"?  Click on that to go to my on-line store and order away!  Items are While Supplies Last.  If your order is under $200 make sure you enter Hostess Code 4BH4VYKH to be entered into my draw for free product!

Thanks for popping in - I hope your holiday prep is going strong!  I'll post a project very soon.

Have a stampy day!


Sunday, November 29, 2015

Wish List Booklets for 2015

Happy Sunday!

Is it nap time yet?  Ugh.  Been UP since before 5:00 am so now that it's 11:30 am I've already had a pretty full day and am ready for my nap!  Alas … I have about 7 things on the go and the Big Grey Cup Game is on at 4:00 pm so we'll have to see if I can squeeze some horizontal time in or not!


Meanwhile … on to a project!

Friday night was Craft Night.  As usual, I struggle to actually CREATE anything during Craft Night.  I'm too busy chatting (and/or drinking wine!!) to actually focus for more than 2 minutes.  Last Friday was no different.  After sending an hour tearing my Craft Cave apart looking for my Angel Ornament pieces to assemble (which I never did find!) I decided I could manage to make the girls' Wish List booklets for this year.  No … I didn't actually create a NEW new one … I just grabbed my favourite Christmas Card, ripped the front layers off the card base and turned it into a booklet.

Check it out ...


Remember the card they came from?

For those of you new to my blog a little backstory ….

Every year I make a booklet for the girls to write out what they want for Christmas.  They leave it on the coffee table, next to the cookies and milk, on Christmas Eve so Santa can review what they want.  After Christmas I then write down all the presents they GOT and from whom.  It's one of my favourite traditions and they make such a fantastic keepsake.  It's definitely one I'll keep alive for many many many years!

Want to make one yourself?  Click here to see my January 5, 2015 step-by-step tutorial showcasing last years book

Guess that's it for today.  Whatever you get up to today, I hope you have a stampy day!


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Angels Flashback ...

Happy Saturday!

No new projects to share today … but another great "flashback" project and one that is getting more and more "hits" as Christmas approaches. Remember these little beauties?
Yes, I found a similar version on Pinterest two years ago an they were my "annual ornament" that year.  Problem is they were so stinking cute I made about 30 of them … and they are rather time consuming!  I decided at the last minute to make some for my Mom for a Christmas present but in order to give her a nice even number (12, I think) I had to use my samples!  Yes, I punched out templates to make about 10 more for OUR tree … alas … the pieces are still sitting in a bag ready to assemble.  Apparently I lost my will to make them after Dec 25th two years ago *lol*

Perhaps I have a new project to work on this weekend!

If you'd like the full picture tutorial of these check out my original post from Dec 2, 2013 by clicking here

Think I'll hit a few stores to get 3 or 4 more presents of my "to buy" list … then home to start decorating the house.  Christmas is on it's way!!

Have a super stampy day!


Friday, November 27, 2015

Winter Wishes Treats

Happy Friday!

Black Friday!  Yup, I've already spent a little while shopping around on-line checking out the deals.  Lucky for my credit card balance so far I haven't found anything I "have" to have!  Then again, the day is young!  I find I now have a "home" day.  I hadn't planned on it but my wee one started feeling poorly yesterday afternoon (right in the middle of my very first Kids Stamp Class!!!) and is still snoozing away.  I'm keeping her home hoping she will feel better with some rest.  That meant cancelling the gym, a few deliveries and a few Black Friday shopping stops.

Oh well - truth be told I love taking care of my babies when they are sick.  That's my #1 job, right??  Right!  (and very much looking forward to cleaning, laundry, paperwork and a nutritious, thought-of-ahead-of-time meal!).

So … as my beauty sleeps I filly get a few minutes to post a project I made Tuesday.  Freaking LOVE it!  Check it out …
 LOVE LOVE LOVE!  I made 30 of these little packages of hot chocolate as gifts for my stampers, my mail lady, teachers, neighbours …. anyone who I'd like to give a "smile" to.  Who doesn't love a little something "just because"??  Aside from beautiful these are economical to give!  I purchase the packs of hot chocolate at Costco (where else???).  You get 36 packs for $9.99 …. naturally I bought them on sale for $7.99.  Can't beat that deal with a stick! (as Dad would say!)

I actually CASEd the bag from this great project I stumbled across on Pinterest … made by fellow demonstrator Robin Feicht over at
Such a SWEET little gift to give!  I just adored her tag and duplicated it fairly completely.

For my original package I used some cello bags that were from Sale-a-brations a few years back - I think they were called Twisty Treats - naturally I squirrelled a few away for just such an occasion …

I also used the Winter Wishes stamp set from the 2015 Holiday Catalogue (set to retire Jan 4th … or while supplies last!!)

I also used a plethora of embellishments and tools (ooooo - plethora …. big word for 8:19 in the morning!  Dad would be proud!)

Rich Razzleberry 1/4" ribbon, White Jute Ribbon, Snowflake Elements, Merry Moments Paper Stack, Banner Punch, Curvy Trio Punch, Mini Stapler, Bohemian Washi Tape … dimensionals, glue dots, Rich Razzleberry Marker, paper snips … my desk looked like a BOMB hit it once I was done!

OK … so now that we've seen lots of pictures let look at the project again! lol
Now.  As usually happens, I start mass producing a project and then run out of supplies.  No problem!  I have LOTS of "stuff" kicking around the Craft Cave.  I used what I had and came p with 3 different styles.

First I ran out of the clear cello bags (that made me sad).  No worries … I found 5 other kinds of bags … and these one are current - the polka dot bags in the catalogue …
I used those to make 5 of this style ...
 JUST as cute, no?  To make the bag slightly smaller I simply folder it so it was just slightly wider than the hot chocolate inside.

Next I ran out of the adorable Snowflake Elements (you get 24 in a pack but of course I was making 30 …)

Again .. no problem … I used the little clothespins in the catalogue  to make THIS version ...
Spot anything else different in the above package?  Yup - I ran out of the white Jute ribbon with 2 bags to go.  Again … no problem … I grabbed my burlap ribbon and cracked off the last two.

Here are all 3 together 
What I super DUPER love about these is (aside from using lots of my toys!!) is that once the recipient opens the bag and drinks the hot chocolate they can use the tag for a gift of their own … or even to attach to a card base and give it as a card.  Up-cycling - love it!

OK - I've rambled on enough for now.  Pop in again soon - I'll show you my new Craft Cave set up (insert squeal here!)

Have a stampy day!


PS - I forgot to mention the colours I used!  I stamped the sleigh (or sled if you're Canadian!) in Chocolate Chip.  The pine branches were stamped in Mossy Meadow (LOVE that colour!!), stamped off twice on scrap paper before stamping on the tag, the "Warm Wishes" is also inked (in Crumb Cake) and stamped off before stamping.  The Warm Wishes on the banner is Rich Razzeberry.

Sunday, November 22, 2015



I was JUST about to head to bed when I thought I'd check one more blog - low and behold there was the On-line Extravaganza list of products staring at me.  Whaaaatttttt?  Where did she get THAT?!  I hopped over to the SU site and sure enough, at 4:30 pm it had posted!!!!!!

Alright alright - enough rambling.  Click HERE to check out the deals then tomorrow (Monday morning) email me HERE or place on online order HERE to order what you want!  If you order online use HOSTESS CODE BPNMD26A if your order is less than $200 to get in on my product draw.

ACT FAST!  There are Monday-only deals, while supplies last!  In fact ALL items are while supplies last so get shopping the get ordering or get me your list.

I'm placing an order at 7:30 pm SHARP if you don't want to order yourself and/or want to save on some shipping.  (If your order is over $100 you might as well order yourself through my store - it won't save you shipping of I do it).  Just know that if I order for you the item(s) you want may be sold out by 7:30 pm, so it's a gamble.

Right - print off the list and get shopping!!


ONLINE EXTRAVAGANZA … and Thanks So Much ...

Happy Sunday!

Sigh.  Woke up at 4:30 am … again.  WTH???  Have a REALLY reached the age where I only *need* 6 hours of sleep?  Will I start getting up at 3:00 - 4:00 am every day then taking a nap every afternoon?  Surely not YET???!!!  Let's blame that sucky 10 year span of peri menopause, shall we??  Ugh.  Not digging this new chapter, I've GOTTA say!

Well … on the bright side I get to enjoy a few hours of peace, quiet and coffee to to myself every morning (although I'm pretty sure I forgot to throw away yesterday's coffee grounds and made a cup THINKING I used fresh 'cause my coffee this morning tasted like watered down dish water.  Bleh!).  I'll be making a FRESH cup right away … before my friends show up for my Christmas Stamp-A-Stack.  Mmmmm coffee, fresh cinnamon buns, stamping and laughing with friends … followed by the Western Final Football Game and a roast beef dinner.  Does it GET any better????  I think NOT!

Oh!  Before I forget - the Stampin' Up! ONLINE EXTRAVAGANZA starts tomorrow!!!

It is only for one week, there are door crasher specials on the first and last days and supplies are "only while supplies last" (yes, they do ear-mark just a certain number of products on offer so they can (and do!) sell out!

I will be sending out an email with all the details, I will also post them here (tomorrow) and/or on my business Facebook Page "Tamara's Paper Trail" (make sure you "Like" and "Get notifications" to get all the latest info!!)

You have a few ways you can order.  You can access my 24/7 online store here, you can e-mail me your order or you can call me (- email/phone will save you shipping if your order is less than $100.)  I will be placing an order Monday night at 7:30 SHARP but just know that the items you want MAY BE GONE!  The BEST bet is to order yourself online early in the morning.  That should ensure you get what you want.  If the item(s) is no longer available the system will tell you so immediately.  Just know that shipping is 10% of the order total or $9.95, whichever is more … so it may save you shipping if you email/call me … but, again, your items may be gone by then.

If you DO place an online order know that you earn hostess dollars at the checkout if your order is $200 or more.  If it is UNDER $200 then, if you use HOSTESS CODE BPNMD26A at the checkout then you will be entered into my draw for free product (don't know what it is yet … depends on what I scoop up tomorrow!).  If you have any questions regarding this give me a call!

Right!  On to a project!

I just realized .. this is the last "draft" post of projects I have … I best get creating again!!

Sorry … but this project is one of my LEAST favourites in quite a long while (hence it being designed months and months ago but not posted until it was the last one at the bottom of the barrel!)  Prepare to be underwhelmed ….
*Meh.  Thptptptptptp.  Stinky.  Essentially just stamped the stamp in Smoky Slate but before doing so inked the Thanks So Much with my Island Indigo marker.  Tied some ribbon, added some rhinestones. *Meh.

I SO wanted this card to work.  I played with it for EVER.  I thought the stamp (A World of Thanks) was a must-have for a quick and easy card.  Alas … an hour later this is all I had.  I LOVED the sample in the catalogue …
It looks like :they" stamped the image in versa mark, sprinkled it with heat and stick powder, heat set it, sprinkled it with dazzling diamonds, heat set it again and added the flower detail.  Mine?  *Meh.  I was trying to design it for a class but wanted something quicker.  Hmmm.  Now that I see the catalogue card again perhaps I'll try it again … their way.  I haven't used heat and stick powder in a class in a looooooong time.  Perhaps I should stop trying to reinvent the wheel and just CASE the darn card that I liked in the first place!  Ok!  I'll DO IT!  Stay tuned for that in the coming weeks!

Right - that decent-cup-o-Joe is calling me.  Must run.  Pop in again soon and have a super stampy Sunday!


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Season of Sparkle Take II

Happy Saturday!

I'm thrilled to announce that my back seems to be behaving itself and I am not (yet) horizontal, drugged to my back teeth nor sleeping on a board.  Yay me!  For ONCE I listened to my body and stopped before I was lying on the ground of a snow covered parking lot screaming in pain!  Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers.  They seem to have worked!

Today I'm sharing another card I made with the Season of Sparkle set.  This is one of those sets you either love or hate.  Given that I've only sold two (and one was to myself!) I take it most of my customers aren't in the "love" category.  Too bad.  I am!  Check it out:

I bought this set because I fell in love with the little nutcracker.  It helps that I also LOVE colouring (and hopefully my family is aware that THE hot trend in the art world is adult colouring books … but I digress …)

We made this card at my Technique Class last night.  I used a 1" x 5 1/4" strip of Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer paper, punched with the Banner Punch (you just HAVE to own that punch!!!).  The mat of 3 1/4" x 3" of Garden Green is popped up with dimensionals.  The top white layer is 3" x 2 3/4".

I stamped the grey globe base and the snow in Smoky Slate ink - the sentiment, globe and nutcracker in Archival Black.  I coloured Mr. Man in with Garden Green, Crushed Curry, Real Red, Basic Black and Old Olive Markers.  For a little bling I then stamped the snow in Versamark, covered with Iridescent Ice embossing powered and heat set.  I WANTED to use Dazzling Diamonds - that would have involved the following steps:  stamp the snow with Versamark, cover with Heat and Stick powder, heat set (i. melt), cover with Dazzling Diamonds Glitter, heat set (i.e. melt) again.  It's one extra step.  If the image I was embossing were larger I would have used the Dazzling Diamonds but found with such a small image my customers would have a tough time seeing if the heat and stick powder was indeed set and envisioned a hot mess in my husband's Man Cave so I opted for the iridescent ice route.  Still gives some glimmer without the extra mess and/or hassle.

I finished it off with a rhinestone on the base.

I love this set.  Hope you do too!

That's it for today - I'm off to set up for tomorrow's Christmas Stamp-a-Stack.  Have yourself a stampy Saturday!


Friday, November 20, 2015

Envelope Punch Board Flower

Happy Friday!

Video time.  Have a stampy day!


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Christmas Stamp-a-Stack 2015

Happy Thursday!

… well .. it WILL be a happy Thursday if I can make it through the day without throwing my back out completely!  As I type this I know it's "on it's way out" … next stop … the floor!  I've spent too much time sitting lately.  Saturday was an all day (I mean 10 HOURS all day!) sitting at my Stampin' Up! Conference … then Sunday I placed orders for a few hours … Monday was crafting … Tuesday the gym … and on and on … everyday getting a bit worse.  Of COURSE I have three stamping classes in the next 3 days which may just push me over the edge.  Ice and heat are my friend today!!

So … if I make it to Sunday these are the cards we will be making at my second Christmas Stamp-a-Stack of 2015 ...
I love them ALL!  If you are in the Edmonton area and looking for something to do bright and early Sunday morning drop me a line and come on by!

So …. wish me luck (and good back pills!) and have a stampy day!


Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Happy Wednesday!

Today I want to share with you a card I created a few days ago.

We've all had close to a week to let the horrors of what happened in Paris sink in.  When I went down to my Craft Cave to create the last of my upcoming Stamp-a-Stack cards I was impelled to make a "quiet" card.  Nothing too fussy, loud or bright.  Something soothing and peaceful.  I think I got it.
Notice anything different about this card?  There is no stamping on it.

I used a whisper white base and a 5" x 3 3/4" white layer.  The black mat is 5 and 2 ticks (yes, very precise lol) x 3 3/4 and 2 ticks - to just give a tiny peek of the black.

I made the ornaments with the NEW 1 1/2" circle punch.  I nay just noticed this punch in the main catalogue a few weeks ago.  Naturally I added it to my next order and I'm glad I did.  These balls are the PERFECT size.  The 1" is too small and the 1 3/8" is too big.  This s perfect.  I used the Vellum stack from the 2015 Holiday catty for the top ornament.  The other two are from the Wonderland Specialty DSP.  The tops are from the Delicate Ornaments Thinlit die and are cut out of the brushed gold card stock (main catty).  The "peace" is from the Christmas Greetings Thinlits Die.  I coloured my rhinestones with a gold Sharpie for a little extra interest.  I think it's perfect.


'nough said.

Have a stampy day :)


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Sledding All the Way

Happy Tuesday!

Right!  Last card from my card-blitz last week.  I started off strong with this one but REALLY struggled to finish it off with a bang.  Check it out.

Hmmmm - love lots of things about it - the woodgrain textured background … theCrumb Cake banner made with the banner punch … the Early Espresso mat and Very Vanilla layer .. the Early Espresso sled (from Warm Winter Wishes) …
… the banner (from Oh What Fun) …
… then I kept falling down.  I can't TELL you how many times I changed the finishing details - I had 3 snowflakes … I had them in various colours … I had ribbon in various colours, pearls in various colours … enamel dots in various colours … argh!  In the end I settled on some Night of Navy Seam binding ribbon, a punched snowflake (from the Snowflake punch) and some pearls that I coloured with my Dark Night of Navy Blendabilities marker (so sad those got pulled :( )

I think I'll change it yet again - a masculine Birthday Card - scrap the pearls, the snowflake and the ribbon.  Clean and simple may be better.  I'll keep you posted!

I'm off to the gym (week 10!)  Have yourself a stampy day!!


Monday, November 16, 2015

Solemn Stillness

Happy Monday!

A quick and easy one today … using a retired set … Solemn Stillness ...
I've admired this retired set for a few hers now and wondered why I never bought it.  I saw it come up for sale on one of the Buy and Sell groups that  follow and scooped it up.  Yay me!  Here is what it looks like ...
What a great set.  I've seen so many great cards made with it.  Embossing the images looks great!

For my card I simply stamped everything in Real Red and then added some of the glitter ribbon to the edge and an enamel dot for a little texture and interest.  Hmmm … a little too simple for my liking.  Gunna have to play with this one a little more.

Pop in again soon.  Until then - have a stampy day!