Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Do You Want to Make a Snowman?

Happy Tuesday!

Nothing crazy going on around here today.  The kids have the day off school (I'm sure WE never had this many days off growing up!!!) and I have another massage scheduled to try to get those ribs back where they belong and relax those muscles!

Today I'm sharing the Christmas ornaments I made for the girls for 2014.  No, Im not so much late SHARING this project as I was MAKING this project!  I made them January 23rd *lol*.  If you recall I was pretty laid back this Christmas - so laid back that I was busy enjoying the season rather than stressing about things that really didn't HAVE to be done.  The ornaments were one of those things.  Yes - every year I make the girls an ornament so that when they move out (they WILL move out, right???) they will have beautiful ornaments to put on their trees.  Did they HAVE to be done b Dec 25th?  Nope.  Did I still want to have one for 2014?  Yup.  So here is what I made:
Fun!  They seriously took me half an hour to make.  Makes me wonder how I didn't manage to find the time to make them before Christmas but oh well - they're done and we all love them.

I used small glass ornaments that about last year (I always have at least 1 pack of them lying around).  I filled them the tippy top with some fake snow I and also picked up last year at the dollar store.  This particular bag is really fine and had lots of iridescent flakes in it to make it suer sparkly.  The filling took the longest time for the whole project.

I used my owl builder punch (once again!) to punch out buttons.  I found the 1/2" circle punch just a LITTLE too big for this size ornament and the owl builder circles are just that little bit smaller.  I used glue dots to attach them.  I used a 7" strip of our Real Red Cotton Ribbon, tied it in a criss-cross and secured the two tails down with glue dots.  I used a black Sharpie to write "2014" on the back of each one.  DONE!

I should probably start thinking about what I want to create for 2015 NOW so I get around to doing it to hang on the tree this year.  Then again …. why rush these things, right?

Have a stampy day!


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