Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tooth Fairy Tins

Happy Thursday!

Today I'm sharing a project the girls and I made for their dentist last month.  How cute are THESE???

Aren't they adorable???  Little tins for kids' to keep their teeth in so the Tooth Fairy can swap them for money.  If you have kids you know that if/when the kids lose a tooth at school or have them pulled at the dentist's office they are given the tackiest little plastic tooth case on a rubber string to hang around their neck.  They are horrible - not to mention the fact that they aren't big enough to hold any money!

The girls and I worked together to create these tins as a gift for Dr. Kuji.  We LOVE Dr. Kurji and she is always so fun, happy, kind and generous (we usually walk away with at LEAST 2 studies and a bouncy ball on top of the tooth brush bag of goodies!) that we wanted to give HER something special.

We used little tins bought at the "M" store.  We put cotton pads in the bottom for a little tooth pillow :)  I stamped the fairies in Memento Ink and punched them out with the 1 3/4" circle punch.  Yes … I admit, I actually did that back in AUGUST!  Hey!  Don't judge me!  I've been busy!!  I coloured them with my Blendabilities.  Rebecca put the glue dots on the tins, I attached the ribbon and Alicia attached the fairies to the lids.  We had to put a blank circle on the inside of the lid since the lid is clear and the colouring shows through …

It took about an hour to finish all 30 tins.

We took them to our appointment and gave them to Dr. Kurji.  She absolutely loved them as already knew the first patient who would get one.  A little boy was coming in later to have a particularly difficult extraction done.  He would get to pick a special tin for his tooth.  Dr. Kurji really cares for her little patients and is always looking for things to give them to make them smile.  We felt SO good to be able to help her … and for no other reason than to make HER smile!

Pop in again soon - until then, have a stampy day!


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