Sunday, April 12, 2015

How to use the Canon Selphy Printer for Project Life by Stampin' UP!

Happy Sunday!

Here it is 4:16 pm.  The Plan for today was to a) bake cookies with the girls and b) make cards (I need FOUR "congratulations on being pregnant" cards!!)  I have managed to do neither *lol*.  Oh sure, I DID deep clean the bathrooms, organized the kids rooms (making sure to stop and play with "the twin" … Alicia's new gerbils!), clean the front hall closet, put all the winter "stuff" away, do a "what shoes/flip-flops/sandals fits whom" check, walk the dog and do two loads of laundry … but I still have to bake and make cards!

Oh well … the best laid plans …..

So … I have some FABULOUS projects to share … I just have to haul my arse up to the main computer to download the pics!  Maybe I'll do that next - you know - to procrastinate on baking that little bit longer *lol*

In the meantime I've been doing some "Research and Development" via YouTube.  In particular, I've been researching home picture printers.  I have heard over and over that the Canon "Selphy" is the one to get.  Most of my demonstrator friends have gone with this little beauty and are loving it.  Project Life Guru Janet Wakeland agrees … here is her YouTube video showing us how it works.  I feel a purchase coming on!

Enjoy the video … and the rest of your Sunday.  Have a stampy evening!


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