Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Introduction to Stampin' UP! Project Life Class

Happy Wednesday!

Yes, it's 4:22 am - for real.  I USUALLY set up my blog posts a day in advance for them to post at 4:30 am (so you can enjoy my ramblings over your morning "cup o' Joe"), THIS morning I'm coming to you *live*.  Yes, I was merrily sleeping away until 3:23 am … then my week-long headache came back and woke me.  I laid there for half an hour mapping out the Easter Bunny's route and egg hiding spots for Saturday night (yes … this is what I DO at 3:30 in the morning *lol*) when I went from *horizontal* to *olympic sprint* in 1.4 seconds.  What could get me to do THAT?  Only two things come to mind.  The first is the sound of a mosquito buzzing around my ear.  The other … and the one that had me streaking through the hallway at 4:02 am … is the sound of a 61 pound ball of fur retching.    Ya.  Nothing says Good MORNING! like tiptoeing through a minefield of dog yack trying to get the poor beast outside before the next attack!

How's YOUR day going so far??  *lol*

Aside from the ridiculously early wake-up call I'm doing pretty good.  My cold seems to be slowly dissipating - just a few days of coughing to go, I figure.  Sadly last night Craig said HIS throat was a little sore.  If he has what I had he's in for a week of feeling like a bag of dirt!  NOT a good time!  Good excuse for a "home day"!  Yes, Spring Break is in full swing over here and we have had a GREAT few days weather-wise!  Alas, rumour has it that there may be up to 10 cm of SNOW today.  Ack!  Oh well - to be honest I NEED a good excuse to stay in today … I HAVE to do those taxes!!!  … and bake … I wanna bake with the girls :)  So that's ok - let it snow … lots of indoor things to keep me busy today :)

Right! The Sale-a-bration promotion ended last night (*sniff*).  I want to say a HUGE thank you to all my customers, club members and downline for their support, orders and efforts again this year.  It was a great success so thank you!!

So NOW what??  Every April 1st I'm a little lost without the SAB focus!  Well … I have a number of Mother's Day classes lined up at various schools over the next month, thanks to Teacher's Convention!  I'm also going to be working on expanding my Project Life classes and clubs.  At the moment I have all my photos in my album up to Christmas.  I have journalling cards in place and am chipping away at the journalling and embellishing (the FUN stuff!)  I need to pick up the pace a little, though, as I have about 120 more pictures sitting on my phone and camera that want to be printed!  So that's the plan.

I've been doing some "Research and Development" on Project Life over the last little while.  Yes - I call it R&D, most people call it Pinterest *lol* … and I came across some videos on You Tube that were created by Janet Wakeland.  Janet is a US demonstrator and is one of the demos at the forefront of Project Life.  She has a blog -  here

I wanted to share with you her first video - and Introduction to Project Life Class.  This will help you to understand a little more about what Project Life is and some of the basics.  Happy viewing!

Right!  It's now 4:57 am and I think I'll try to get my head down for an hour.  Koda seems settled now so hopefully we'll have a better rest-of-the-day.

Pop in again soon.  Until then, have a stampy Wednesday!


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