Saturday, April 4, 2015

Project Life Class #2 - All about Filler Cards

Happy Saturday!

I can't believe Spring Break is almost over!!!  The week has gone by SO quickly … and we really haven't done a whole lot of anything.  Having said that I'm finally feeling relaxed!!!  I was forced to lay low for 3 days while the cold-from-hell nailed me right between the eyes.  Snow and nasty weather helped us to hibernate for another 2 days.  Craig (who took the week of work) managed to snap the tendon on one of his fingers …. and caught my cold … forcing HIM to relax!

I managed to get our taxes together and over to the accountant (HUGE relief to get that off my list of things-to-do!) and have spent the last few days just "putzing" - wandering from room to room cleaning a drawer here, a closet there, putting the Easter baskets together, mailing birthday cards, paying bills and watching movies with the girls.  It has been a nice, therapeutic week (well, barring the cold and snapped tendon!) Today is painting easter eggs with the girls and helping them make easter crafts for their grandparents … and HOPEFULLY I'll get around to designing the 3 cards for class this week!

Today I'm sharing the second video from Janet Wakeland at in her series on Project Life.  She really nails the essentials of Project Life and has some great ideas for the journaling cards.  We are heading over to Mom's for Easter Dinner tomorrow.  I plan to take an album with empty pages over to give to her.  I want her to put in all her old pictures … and journal who, when  and where they are so "one day" I won't have to be going through them, wondering who they are and feeling guilt throwing them away because I don't know!

Enjoy the video … and your Saturday.  Until next time- have a stampy day!


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