Sunday, July 5, 2015

Father's Day Shirt using the Mini Treat Bag Framelits

Happy Sunday!

Ahhhhh Sweet Sunday.  The only thing that makes Sunday beat a Monday in my world is a RAINY Sunday!  My all-time-favorite days of the year.  If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know why … rainy Sundays are what created my love of crafts.  As I kid (who had an older brother who rarely played with me so I had to find my own fun) I would sit for HOURS doing my black velvet paint by numbers (using a toothpick instead of a paintbrush so I could get the really tiny spaces more easily!), or working on my rug hooking kit or colouring.  Mom would be making Sunday dinner and dessert and the house smelled like … well, roast dinner and dessert *lol*.  Yes - let it rain I say.  A nice slow, steady, all-day kinda rain.  Bliss.  Sigh.  Such great memories ….

Right!  Back to present day! *lol*  Today lets check out another way to use that Mini Treat Bag Framelit set I was talking about a few days ago.  I CASEd this little cutie from a Dutch demonstrator named Anne Marie over at  Great idea Anne Marie!  Check out my version:
So cute!  To make the shirt you simply cut out TWO pieces of the larger bag section (the one shown below that has the "enjoy, bow etc inside it.  Cut two of those.
The rest is just assembly!  Took me a few minutes of fiddling to put it together properly but I got there in the end.  Essentialls, after you slice off the jagged top, you just want to make sure that one of the bottom folds wraps behind the back of the shirt.  Why?  To stop the insert from sliding right through.  I used my Fast Fuse to seal it, but snail would certainly do as well.  For the collar I just folded down the corner on both pieces.

The bow tie is made using the bow tie punch.  The ONLY way to assemble the tie is using glue dots.  Life is WAY too short to use anything else!  Trust me - investing in the use of 8 glue dots will save sticky fingers and your sanity!!!

The buttons - now if this was just a one-off card  would definitely have used real buttons.  Alas, we made this card in class and I simply didn't have 28 buttons that would work … so I improvised.  I used my (retired) button Sizzlit.  It embosses and cuts about 6 different size/shape buttons.  Perfect!  We attached those with glue dots as well.

Then you just make an insert with Happy Father's Day or Happy Birthday on it and Wa-low!  Done!  For my sentiments I used the Guy Greetings stamp set - a MUST have set for those guy cards!

Right!  I'm off to do a little crafting and spend some quality time with the kids (I feel a movie coming on!)  Hoping you too have a stampy day!



  1. Aaah, how nice to see your card and my name ;) Like your version very much!!!

    1. Hey Anne-Marie!!! Just saw your comment! The ladies in my class LOVED your project!! Thank you for sharing it with us! So cool that demonstrators in countries all over the world can share their passion and ideas!