Thursday, August 13, 2015

Wedding Invitations - What Was I THINKING??

Happy Thursday!!


What a marathon crafting session this week turned into!  Long story short  … (no, not my "style" but no time to ramble on!  On Saturday I agreed to make 100 wedding invitations for my neighbours Nanny.  Seemed simple enough … until we established we needed them done in 4 DAYS!  Ack!  I started cutting paper Sunday … it was all systems go staring Monday … and I have send 12 hours a day for the last 3 days making them … finishing last night at 1:30 am!!!  I can't REMEMBER the last time I stayed up until 1:30 am!!!  Somewhere around 12:20 am … when I had searing pain in my back (seriously 0 felt like a hot poker was being stuck into me!) I thought "perhaps" I bit off a bit more than I could chew! *lol*

Whatevs.  I'm not known for my common sense!  I got 'er done … well … mostly … today I still need to custom make 20 envelopes … THEN I can start getting excited for our holiday on Saturday.  Yes - off to Hawaii … no - I haven't started ANYTHING towards packing or prepping.  I still need to get US $$, do laundry etc etc etc .. (and place two orders!).  Meh - I'll sleep on the plane!  *lol*.  So thought I'd do a quick share of the invites … and some figures I crunched whist crafting … alone … for 36 hours …

Here are some figures of what was involved …

Packs of white paper used - 8
Pieces of blue paper used - 33
Number of "layer pieces" needed - 1,030
Number of times I "punched" the scallop punch - 1,030
Number of times I cut paper - 4,120
Rhinestones used - 927
Rolls of double sided tape used - 5
Rolls of "Fast Fuse" tape used - 2
Rolls of "Tear Tape" used - 1
Number of back pills needed - 8
Number of ice packs needed - lost count! lol

 That's a LOT of paper … and a LOT of work.  Next time I may want to think things through a little more before saying "yes"!

Right!  Those envelopes won't make themselves!  Have yourself a stampy day!!


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