Monday, September 28, 2015

Tea Bag Gift Holder

Happy Monday!!

Well I survived the weekend and, aside from my REALLY sore back, had a great, relaxing time.  Brunch for 16 turned out REALLY well!  I do 95% of the prep Saturday night so Sunday morning I just had to pop everything in the oven ( had to borrow my neighbours oven as well … too many dishes to fit in mine!)  What did we have?  My "Land of Nod" Cinnamon buns (OMG those things are good!), Big Breakfast egg dish, rosemary potatoes, yoghurt/raspberries/home made granola and home made fruit salad.  it was all so yummy!  To keep things simple I used dollar store plastic plates, Costco "faux silver" plastic cutlery, plastic cups for juice and had Starbucks and Tim Hortons Party Packs of coffee.  No fuss, no muss, minimal cleanup.  Chalking it up to a success!

I managed to craft for about 45 minutes (couldn't do more than that because of my back) and I'll share that project another time.  Today I'm going to share a project I made wayyyyyyyy back … maybe March or April!  I can't take credit for the idea … but I honestly don't remember who to give the credit to.  I found the project in one of our Stampin' Up! Canadian Newsletters - so it was from a Canadian demonstrator.  If I come across the originator I'll be sure to give her credit!

Check out this QUICK little envelope punch board tea gift holder ...

Is that awesome or what??  The sentiment goes well as the teas are chocolate flavoured!  This was seriously SO quick to make!  Cut your DSP to 5" x 5".  Score and punch your piece at 2 3/8", turn the DSP 90 desires, line up the scored line that you just made with the score line guide (on the board), punch and score and then repeat on all sides.  Sounds confusing but once you try it you'll get it.

I stamped the sentiment on some scrap 2 1/2" circles I had lying around from my Magic Slider Cards.  Don't want to waste anything!  To keep everything closed I just used some Designer Clothespins I had been hoarding.  LOVE this kind of project.  Quick, easy and cute!

That's it for today.  I guess I should get moving - busy day again.  Thanks for popping in.  Have a stampy day :)


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