Sunday, January 31, 2016

Suite Sayings Stamp Set by Stampin' Up!

Happy Sunday!

Not much to report today.  I spent most of yesterday relaxing … and hemming my new curtains.  Yes, I can sew … but hemming curtains is about the extent of my talent in that regard!  Top tip … if you ever need curtain panels head to your closest Fabricland store.  Yes … I've done the rounds a number of times now and Fabricland has by FAR the largest selection and their prices are generally in the $40 per panel range.  There.  Aren't you glad you popped in for today's post?

I hope to get some crafting in today … before I take the small people to the sledding hill.  Much more time stuck in the house together and one of us won't make it out alive.  Some fresh air and exercise will do us ALL some good!

Here is a quick video on a stamp set I highly recommend - Suite Sayings.  It is one of those "keeper" sets - lots of sentiments to cover lots of occasions.

Enjoy the clip … and have a stampy day!


Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tag a Bag Pretty Packaging

Happy Saturday!

I'd like to start off by thanking everyone for all the kind words, virtual hugs and prayers send my way for my Dad and my family.  It really means the world to me.  How did it go?  It didn't.  The surgery/procedure has been postponed.  Sigh.  Here's the story …

Dad has an aneurism that requires a stint.  It has been there for years but they started keeping a close eye on things as it grew close to 5 mm in size.  I guess they consider it serious enough for surgery once it is larger than 5 mm.  Back in mid fall it reached that point and surgery was given the green light.  Problem was that this particular aneurism was so high up that their traditional method/tool wouldn't reach it.  There is/was the option of cutting him open to reach it but of course the "through the groin" method is/was preferred as it is carless intrusive and recovery for a 75 year old man is much easier and faster.

A new procedure and tool was offered to Dad.  Essentially a new tool was designed and Dad would be a candidate for it.  The procedure/tool has only been used/done three times in Alberta to date .. and Dad's doctor has never performed it.  That made me more than a little twitchy but since have become comfortable with the fact that his doctor is the best of the best.  He has crossed all his Ts and dotted all his Is.  All was good to go.

Thursday Dad got a call from the actual doctor to say they couldn't proceed.  The head dude of the new tool/procedure was flying in to oversee the surgery (that made me happy given it was Dad's doctor's first time!) … alas … the head dude has a torn retina (of all things!) and can't fly!  Geez!  there are two other specialists who could have overseen the surgery but given that the surgery was scheduled for less than 24 hours later they had prior commitments.  So it has been postponed until March … the next date they can get the operating room.

We were all very disappointed.  Aside from rearranging our schedules (postponed my Craft Night, Craig took the day off to get the kids to school etc) it makes us all pretty nervous to have to wait.  Of course the longer we wait the larger the aneurism can get.  An aneurism is an excessive localized enlargement of an artery caused by a weakening of the artery wall.  Untreated it will continue to grow, the wall will continue to weaken and eventually burst - killing you.  OBVIOUSLY not what we want.  The longer you wait the higher the risk.  Having said that I'm not too worried.  First of all, as mentioned last post, I'm not a worrier.  Big old waste of time.  In fact I seem to be calmer now that it is postponed. I am a VERY firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  I find RELIEF in the fact that it was postponed as I believe it's the universe's way of following a plan.  HAD the surgery gone ahead I now feel it would have gone terribly wrong.  That has now been avoided and it will work out in March.  If, God forbid, things go badly waiting for March … well … then it was meant to be and the surgery being postponed was the universe's way of following a plan.  Either way, things will happen as they are meant to.  I take great comfort in that.

Now!  With the surgery being postponed I had a "found" day!  Craig still took the day off and together we got a lot done.  He ran a lot of errands, I got to spend the entire day doing chores and working.  I'm talking ALL day!  Friday night at 8:00 pm I was sending out emails lol.  Felt great.

Thursday Night it was 7:00 pm and I was floundering.  Too early for bed … wanted to eat, but now that I am working REALLY hard (with a nutritionist too!) to control my eating didn't think that was a great option … so I hit my Craft Cave.  I just wanted to work on a little something.  Not too time consuming, not brain taxing, not even terribly creative.  Then I came up with the perfect mini-project.  I wanted to package the little thank you notes I made for my friend whose husband was/is so sick ….
(As an aside - I found out last week her husband does NOT have cancer (thank GOD!) but another condition that looks very similar.  The great thing is this condition can be contained.  Things are looking up!)

I am delivering another meal next week and will take the note cards over at that time.  I LOVE cute gift packaging but I really kinda suck at it.  15 years ago you would be lucky if I wrapped your gift in anything other than a Safeway bag scrunched up at the top!  Things are a little different now and I love when I can add a cute tag to a present.  I grabbed my bog of "tags, bags and cute embellishments" and 10 minutes later had this …

Love it!  I used the now retired - but still available in the Clearance Rack for $4.79 Canadian -  Tag a Bag Accessory Kit.  SO quick, SO easy and SO cute!  The stamp I used is from one of my Paper Pumpkin exclusive stamp sets.  It was perfect.

I now have 9 tags made up and ready to add to a package when I'm in a hurry.  Best idea ever.

So that's my story for this week.  Today and tomorrow will be spend with the family (with some crafting with the girls!) and relaxing.  My favourite kind of weekend!

Whatever you get up to I have you have a really stampy day.  xoxo


Thursday, January 28, 2016

What I Love Stamp Set by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Thursday!

WOW yesterday was 15 hours of straight GO mode!  I got a LOT of little things off my plate, which felt great, but it was exhausting.  I realize that I'm a lot more wound up this week with my dad's upcoming surgery tomorrow.  This is a fairly new sensation for me.  Yes,  I'm often wound up but generally because I have to many things on my "to-do" list and not enough time to do them they way I want to.  Worry is new to me.  I am SO not a worrier.  I actually often think I should be MORE of a worrier … it's just not my way.  I figure worrying is just a big old waste of time.  Why waste time, emotion and energy on "what ifs" when you can't control them??  Alas - Dad is going in for surgery for an aneurism.  Yrs, he's had it done before.  Yes, the doctor is the best.  Yes, he's in the best shape he's been in since he was in college.  But yes, he's my daddy …. and I m SO his little girl, despite supposedly being a grown adult (discuss! lol).  I'm staying positive and doing my best to quell my daughters' worries …. but there sure are worries fighting to push through to my consciousness - so I'm just keeping busy,  Haircuts for the girls today, a few more deliveries, handing the new kitchen curtains I bought …. just keep busy, right?

If you have a minute tomorrow I'd be thrilled for any extra good vibes, thoughts and prayers you could send my way.  I do believe in the healing powers of prayer and positivity.  I'll take all my fabulous friends can spare!

So!  With all this is going on I don't expect to b in my Cave for a day or two …. but when I DO get down there I want to make this card with this Sale-a-bration free set.  A $60 order gets it into YOUR Craft Cave.  Free is my favourite!

Whatever you get up to today I hope it is stress free and that you have a stampy day :)


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Party Pop-Up Thinlits Dies by Stampin' Up!

Happy Wednesday!

Had a great time at school yesterday … but now I have to make up for the time I spent there rather than working.  Lots to do … plus deliveries … so another video.  LOVE these Pop-Up dies!!

Check it out … and have a stampy day :)


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Rose Wonder Bundle by Stampin' Up!

Happy Tuesday!

I got SO many little things finished yesterday - receipts sorted, bills paid, birthday/sympathy/get well soon cards mailed and so on.

I didn't get a chance to play in my Craft Cave (which makes me sad) and I still have a few emails and projects to price out before I get to head down but hopefully tomorrow that will happen.

I'm off to help out at school with the Grade 5 Winter "Carnival" so thought I'd post a quick video for you.  I am NOT a flower-lover and don't usually "go for" the flower stamps and accessories but this one I had to have and is my second favourite bundle (next to the Nice Cuppa bundle!)  There are SO many uses for these products.  Sympathy, wedding, birthday, Mother's Day, Thank You, Just because …. just about all occasions.  It's a "must have".

Off I go.  Thanks for popping in.  Have a stampy day :)


Monday, January 25, 2016

Cutlery Thanks

Happy Monday!

Ahhhh sweet Monday - how do I love thee - let me count the ways …

  • husband is at work
  • kids are at school
  • housework was completed Saturday so none to do today
  • groceries were bought  Sunday so none to buy today
  • just the cat, the dog and the sweet, sweet sound of silence …
Ahhhh Monday.  Welcome back :)

Yes, a fabulous weekend all the way around … and now it's Monday.  I cleared off most of my calendar for this week so I could spend some time doing some actually WORK.  Well … I say "work" but really, my work is crafting … which isn't really work … it's more play … so I cleared my calendar so I could PLAY today lol.  I DO need to work on some projects, some emails, some class and project ideas, and so on.  Fingers crossed I can chip away at some of the things I've wanted to work on for weeks now!  Ill get to it right after my work out … which will happen after I share the project I told you about in yesterday's post.  Ready?  Here it is …

All together now ….. " I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!!!"  Seriously.  Love love love love LOVE it!  I *may* have squealed when I sat down and approximately 4 MINUTES later was stating at this little piece of awesomeness!  Ok … so it might not blow your hair back quite as much as it does mine but I'm pretty sure I DID hear a "swoosh" from my hair.  Really!  lol

WHY do I love it so much?  Well … because it is just PERFECT for what I want it for.  Remember a few posts back I mentioned a number of ladies in my community are helping out our friend?  Her husband has cancer (well - we think now it's NOT cancer - something that looks like cancer … and is treated in the same way … but is BETTER than cancer because it can be contained … so fingers crossed and keep those prayers doing!)  ANYWAY … our friend needs more help.  Her husband IS still quite sick and now has to go to the hospital DAILY for treatments.  Suffice it to say more meals are on the way.  I wanted to give her a pack of notecards that she can give out to those who bring her meals.  I certainly don't want to ADD anything to her to-do-list but thought she could pop a wee note into the food container when she returns it to the owner … and how perfect are these little cards??

I made them using my favourite "staple" - our Notecards and Envelopes.  This things are an absolute MUST to have on hand.  I use them ALL the time for things like this … and for teacher gifts … and for new baby gifts …. They are SO economical!  You get 20 pre cut and scored bases (3 1/2" x 5" in size) and envelopes for $7.50 (Canadian)!  Can't beat that with a stick, as Dad would say lol.

I grabbed my "Have a Cuppa" designer paper and cut out an oval with my oval Framelits.  I think it was the 4th smallest one.  I then grabbed the stamp set and Framelits that I was MOST excited about when I saw the 2016 Occasions Catalogue - the "A Nice Cuppa" set and "Cups and Kettles" framleits. Note that when you buy the set and framelits together you get a 15% discount so the bundle is only $48.25.  I didn't end up using the stamp set … but the framelits … ohhhhh the framelits.  I fell in love with the kettle first … but then I spotted the cutlery.  I had no idea what I would use them for but I was certain I would find them a purpose.  I think I nailed it!  Cutlery to thank people for the gift of the meal. Perfect.

I punched the cutlery out using the precision plate (I've decided that yes, this item is well worth the money and I recommend it) using Basic Grey card stock.  The sentiment was made using a piece of Whisper White measuring 3/4" x 3 1/2" and then using the Triple Banner Punch to make the flag ends. That punch sure does cut a lot off the thin strips!  Look at the picture - it started off the same width as the card base and that little piece is all that was left after punching it lol.

The sentiment was stamped in basic grey using the Rose Wonder stamp set.  Perfect font, perfect size.  Love.  I popped the sentiment up on 2 dimensionals and added a single rhinestone to the spoon for the finishing touch.

Freaking Love it.

Here are the stamp sets / framelits / DSP I used …

So that's it for today.  I'm off to "work" ;)  Whatever YOU get up to I hope you have a stampy day :)


Sunday, January 24, 2016

It's My Party Catty Case

Happy Sunday!

What a GREAT weekend I'm having!!  Nothing but relaxation for this gal!

Friday night the four of us settled down to watch a movie together - the chosen movie?  Ant Man of all things lol.  When I saw the preview for this movie I vowed NOT to see it as it looked absolutely ridiculous.  Well it certainly won't win any awards but it was a few hours of mind candy that did give us a few laughs.

Yesterday was the best!  I spent 5 glorious hours with my BFF who is off on an adventure next week following her heart and a dream.  She'll be out of the country for 7 weeks so we spent the afternoon together having lunch, shopping and getting pedicures.  MAN I needed that.  She always fills my heart with love and we both feel so recharged when we simply get together.

I spent the evening ordering an Ikea wardrobe system.  I LOVE shopping from the comfort of my couch … in my comfort-wear!  No, it shouldn't have taken me 2 hours to order it … but it did.  You can't IMAGINE how giddy I get over organizing my stuff!  It really is not normal lol.  We have done a LOT of purging lately … and some reorganizing.  We had a shelf unit in the basement that found it's way into Rebecca's room … which left space for a large wardrobe with doors to hide what we didn't purge.  It will be housing the kids' games, extra linens/pillows and all my retired stamping toys.  I can't WAIT for it to arrive … alas it will take 1.5 weeks to get here.

Once I was finished shopping I head to my Craft Cave.  I was relaxed and creativity was flowing.  I love love love what I came up with … but you'll have to pop back later to see it.  It's stupid-o-clock around here and still dark outside.  That means the lighting is lousy for taking a picture … so you'll have to wait.  I'm excited to share it with you!

In the meantime … here is the last of the cards I designed for my Open House a few weeks back.  This is another CASE from the 2016 Occasions catalogue … 
Super quick and super cute.  As I said yesterday, I love this suite of birthday products - they are a must have!  How can you go wrong with a mini balloon punch?  You can't!  Fun Washi Tape?  Birthday designer paper?  Thick Baker's Twine?  Candy dots?  You need 'em all.  Change the colour for a "boy-birthday".  Doesn't get any easier than this!

I think I'll grab another coffee and hit the Craft Cave while the rest of the family snoozes away.  I want to mass produce my beauty from yesterday to give to a friend.  Pop back later to see what I'm so excited about.  Until then - have a stampy morning!


Friday, January 22, 2016

It's My Party Regionals CASE

Happy Friday!

Ugh.  I feel like I've been it by a bus this morning!  Everything hurts!  A combination of a) working out when my body is trying tell me to rest b) sitting too much and c) crafting with (7) 10 year olds yesterday.  Woke up with my back throbbing (despite sleeping on my heating pad),  cracking headache (my shoulders have been up around me ears all week) and an aching uterus.  Ya ya, I know, over-share.  I'll leave it at that *lol*.

I hauled my aching butt out of bed, sprayed my favourite product "that stuff for pain" on my back, shoulder and temples, popped some ibuprofen, drank a glass of water, took my "Holy Basil" (aka my happy pills), had a cup of joe and am starting to feel a little more human.  I'm actually pretty excited for today.  Why?  Well … first off I have decided to stop being such a stubborn mule and listen to my body.  I won't be doing my jumping jacks today … pilates instead … then, after my dog-walk and shower Craig and I are off on my dream date.  Ikea (for some storage units), Costco (for food essentials) and lunch (at my favourite Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall restaurant).  That's pretty much his idea of a hell date (except for the lunch part) but that's the plan.  Can't wait … so let's get on with it, shall we??

Today's card is another one we made back in November at our Stampin' Up! On Stage Convention.  It uses the "It's My Party" suite of products.  I had to have them all.  They are classic, timeless and fun!
The DSP is actually a HUGE 12"x 12" pad with 48 sheets.  That's quite a lot for the average person to use but as a demonstrator I LOVE it - I can now plan classes and not have to use just a teeny little piece for fear of running out.  Lots for everyone!

The cupcake and balloon punches are part of a trio that are a MUST have!  What is really great about these punches and coordinating stamps is that Stampin' Up! purposely designed the stamped image to be larger than the punched image so you don't have to be so precise when you punch.  With most of our punches you get a white border around the stamped image and, if you are like me, it would drive you INSANE if that white border wasn't perfect.  I love that it much quicker to punch out and you don't have to perfectly centre the image.

The new thick Bakers Twine comes in a double-pack.  You get both the Bermuda Bay and the Melon Mambo twines in one pack.

these product really are ones you will want in your collection.  If you want them all I HIGHLY recommend purchasing the "Try It" kit - you pick $195 in product (any product you want!) but only pay $125 flat (Canadian pricing).  I have had a few ladies scoop this deal already this month.  You really should consider it.  It is by FAR the best bang for your buck.  You don't have any obligations to start a paper crafting business.  You can be a discount purchaser, or you can just take the deal and run, or you can be an active demonstrator (like I am) and earn money.  Totally up to you.  There are no penalties or obligations.  Just get the kit - you will NOT be sorry you did!

Right.  Enough rambling - gunna get to that DVD so I can go shopping.  Weeeeeee!  Whatever you get up to today I hope you have a stampy day!


Enjoy the Little Things Project Kit by Stampin' Up!

Happy Saturday!

Just a video today - Enjoy the Little Things project it.  As you know I LOVE kits and tis one makes me smile.

Enjoy .. and have a stampy day!


Thursday, January 21, 2016

World Traveller CASE

Happy Thursday!

MAN do the weeks every fly by!  Today I have (6) 10 year olds coming over to make cards after school.  The Catholic Schools in Edmonton have the kids get out early every Thursday … so I figured it would be a great time to slide in a kids class.  The moms can pawn their kids off on me, Alicia is entertained for the afternoon and I get to spend a few hours with an awesome group of kids!  Oh sure, I'll be drinking vodka from the bottle by 3:31 pm I'm quite sure but what the heck … makes for a nice change from an otherwise uneventful Thursday, right?  lol

Now!  I'm SURE you're all dying to see my new hair colour.  Yes, as I mentioned, Tuesday I headed over to my favourite hairdressers house for a new do (hi Elaine - hi Alesha!)  Well … we weren't sure what we were going to end up with, trying to go silver/gray … but we gave i a shot, Elaine worked her magic and I've gotta say … I kinda love it!

Before and after …

It's kind of chameleon hair!  In certain light you can see different metallic shades - gold, silver, pewter … indoors, but at a distance, it looks more "dusty" than silver or grey … up close and indoors it looks gold and silver.  It's kinda trippy really … and I keep checking it out to see what colour it is lol.  Either way I love it … and don't think it makes me look older (phew).  Now … to work on those crows feet!

So today I'm sharing another card made with the Going Global / Going Places / World Traveller products.  It was a direct CASE from the 2016 catalogue and I love it!
Whenever you feel like making a card with a certain stamp set just head to the catalogue for great ideas.  Either copy it exactly or change it as you go.

This is Lost Lagoon and Whisper White.  I inked the embossing folder before running the card stock through with the Big Shot.  Once it was embossed I used my Wink of Stella clear to colour the raised areas that look white.  The stars are enamel shapes coloured with the gold Wink of Stella.  I made a Hello Honey banner, used my framelits for the sentiment and BAM!  Done!

I REALLY like these world products.  They also work with items from the annual catalogue - World Map, World Traveller and a few others.  It's a keeper!

Right - guess I should get on with my workout DVD and walking mutley.  I think he can tell time and once it hits 9:30 he starts giving me stink eye!

Hope your day doesn't require vodka … but if it does, raise a glass to me … and have a stampy day!


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bloomin’ Heart Thinlits Dies by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Wednesday!

Right.  Remember yesterday when I mentioned I had been to the On Stage Conference back in November?  Well … at that event I got to try out the Bloomin' Heart Thinlit die.  Not gunna lie - I hated it.  HATED it!  In fact SU had sent out a survey asking if, following seeing / trying certina products, we were likely to purchase them.  I said "Definitely Won't".

Ya - guess what I just orders Saturday? lol.  Kinda love it now that I've seen so many great samples using it.  I also bought the Big Shot Die Brush, which helps get the little pieces out of the die without using the "pokey tool".  I'l share my creations once I get my new toys.

In the meantime - check out the video and have a stampy day!


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Going Global at On Stage

Happy Tuesday!

Another short post - I'm off to get my hair cut and coloured.  Always a fun day when you get to be pampered for an hour or two!  I WANTED to go grey - yes grey.  Hey!  It's the new hot trend amongst the 20'something-or-others.  Alas … I'm FAR from 20-something … and my hairdresser said she can't get the look I want with my older, pre-dyed hair … so we'll likely go quite light - almost blonde - with the aim of gradually going natural-grey over time.  Stay tuned for possible pics of before and after!

Today's card is one we made back in November (at out On Stage Live Cnference )using the Going Global / Going Placed / World Traveller products.  LOVE this suite of toys - so many possibilities ...
Pop in again tomorrow - I have more samples using these products.

Off I got - have a stampy day!


Monday, January 18, 2016

Botanical Blooms Bundle by Stampin' Up!

Happy Monday!

Just a quick one today as I think I might be Field Trip Parent today … guess I should find out if I am or not! lol

Following yesterday's flowery card I thought I'd post the Botanical Blooms Bundle video from Stampin ' Up!  Gotta say I'm not a fan of this DSP … too much brown for my liking … but the thinlits are pretty funky.  I don't own them … yet ;)

Happy viewing … have a stampy day


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Botanicals for You … and Soup Recipe

Happy Sunday!

Hope it's a HECK of a lot warm where you are than where I am this weekend.  MAN it's nippy!  We've been SO spoiled in Edmonton this winter that, although -21 C is never exactly balmy it's feel s EXTRA cold when last weekend it was +2!!  We spent all day yesterday hibernating … except for my little 30 minute "saunter" with Koda.  I say saunter because it was really hard to "walk" at a decent pace wearing 22 pounds of ski pants, fleece sweater, snowmobile boots and 17 shirts! lol :)  Having said that I love a reason to stay home … helps me justify my "pants are optional" lifestyle!

Being as cold as it was it was another soup night.  Actually, it was supposed to be chilli … my White Chicken Chilli … but I tweaked the recipe a bit and it came out more soup-like than chilli-like.  Didn't matter to me - the kids ate it and said they LIKED it.  Always a "SCORE!" when I can get them to eat something healthy (then again I DID see them both scooping most of the White Kidney Beans back into the pot *sigh*).

Speaking of soup, I had a new friend ask for my Tortellini Soup recipe from my last post (Hi Karen, San Francisco Bay Area!)  I promised I'd share it on my next post so here is a ink to the recipe.  Yummy!

Today I'm sharing a card a 100% CASEd from the 2016 SAB Brochure.  LOVE the font!
 It is such an easy card … and I love the strong black accent!  The set is Botanicals For You and is free with a $60 purchase.
It's looks for time consuming to make than it really is.  Each of the flowers are actually different sizes - so I just used one colour for each size - easy peasy!  The colours are taken from the colours in the corresponding (also free with a $60 purchase) DSP Wildflower Fields - Lost Lagoon, Calypso Cora, and Hello Honey with Old Olive for the greenery.  Love!

What's up for today?  Nothing too exciting … think I'll roast slab of cow and try my hand at making Yorkshire Pudding.  Never made it before but saw an easy Jamie Oliver video that has peaked my interest.  Other than that more crafting, movies and family time.  My favourite kind of Sunday!

Whatever you get up to today stay warm, and have a stampy day!


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Going Global … and cookies!

Happy Thursday!

Hmmm.  Funny.  I have LOTS of projects to share but just haven't made the time to do it yet!  The days have just been flitting away while I do a whole lot of little "homey"things.  Been baking a lot … which is weird 'cause I kind hate baking.  Well … not so much that I hate the baking part .. but it makes a lot of mess (I am THE messiest gal in the kitchen - seriously - I'm a disaster!) … and worse than the mess … when I bake I just EAT it!  Take this morning, for example.  I seem to be alone in the house with a batch of fresh baked molasses cookies.  I'm not really sure why but 4 seemed like a completely reasonable number to eat back to back.  Five, of course, would be ridiculous … but four is absolutely acceptable ???!!!!  

What?  You need the recipe for a cookie that demands you eat four in one sitting??  Ok … here it is … my new favourite cookie EVER!

Molasses Crackle Cookies


1 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter flavor shortening
1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter
1/4 cup molasses
1 egg
2 cups flour
2 teaspoons baking soda
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon salt
Sanding sugar, for rolling



Special equipment: a 2-tablespoon cookie scoop

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.

In a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, cream together the sugar, shortening and butter until light and fluffy. Add the molasses and egg, and mix to combine.

In a separate bowl, mix together the flour, baking soda, cloves, ginger and salt. With the mixer set to 
low speed, add the dry ingredients to the sugar mixture, and mix until combined. Chill the dough for 1 hour.

Use a 2-tablespoon cookie scoop to portion the dough, and then roll the portions into balls. Then roll in the sanding sugar and place on the prepared baking sheet. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes.

I DARE you to try to stop at one!

Aside from baking I've been cleaning, organizing and so on.  There has been a flurry of activity with delivery people lately.  Becca got a new bed, Craig got a new Man Cave couch, we had Shaw in to upgrade our modem … UPS, Fedex … phone calls, appointments, groceries ..

One thing I did yesterday made my day.  I made dinner for a friend who could use a little help.  Her husband was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer in early December.  They are the LOVELIEST daily you'll ever meet.  Two beautiful children - both i hockey.  Both parents work full time.  Their lives are very busy … and now this.  Well!  Nothing makes me happier than when women rally around women when the chips are down .. and that's what our community has done.  Naturally us women have a VERY hard time accepting help and my friend was no exception.  She pointed out that there was nothing wrong with HER - she was fine.  Ummm hmmm.  Ok Super Chic.  Not gunna fly.  With a little bullying we convinced her that it was ok to accept help - it's not a sign of weakness and we KNOW she CAN do everything but why should she HAVE to???  Take the help and spend the extra time and energy on herself and her husband!  She did.  She let me set up a link to help out.  It's called "Meal Train".  Google it and use it the next time you know of someone who could use some meals.  A new mom, an elderly parent who's alone, a friend whose husband has cancer ….

You simply set up an account (free), input their name and address, food preferences, allergies etc and what days they could use a hand.  It could be 3 meals a day, 7 days a week or, as in our case, one meal a week.  Then you share the link with friends.  They can then sign up to bring a meal on a date that works for them.  Everyone can see who is bringing what on what day so the recipient doesn't get 8 lasagnas in a row.  The other great thing about it is you indicate WHAT TIME you are bringing it - this way you can take a HOT meal - not a frozen one.  Often people take friends a frozen meal but then the recipient quickly runs out of freezer space …. and still has to plan to thaw it, heat it etc.  I LOVE this site!  Check it out!

I made them a pot of my Tortellini Soup, salad and bread.  I delivered it at 4:30 pm so they had it ready to et before their son's hockey game.  They were so grateful.  I was so happy to help.  As I told her, people WANT to help - it makes us feel useful to bring a meal when we can't do anything else.  And let's face it … I was making a batch of soup for MY family so it was SERIOUSLY no big deal to make double!  Win/win.  Women helping women,  Love.

Speaking of love … I DO have a card to share that could be used for Valentine's Day … or anniversary … or just because.  It's a great masculine card.  Check it out ...
It uses all new toys from the 2016 Occasions Catalogue.  The Going Global Stamp set, Going Places DSP and World Traveller embossing folder.  I also used the SAB limited time only paper PErfectly Artistic (only available until mid Feb!).  I used Very Vanilla, Early Espresso, Crumb cake papers and inks  The 2", Triple Banner and Full Heart punches, dimensionals and pearls.  It's a quick and easy card that isn't too foofy to give to a guy.  Love!

Right - gotta go get Leeshy from school then off to the orthodontist with Becca.  Such a glamorous life *lol*

What ever you get up to today I hope you have a stampy day :)


Monday, January 11, 2016

You're So Lovely Project Kit by Stampin' Up!

Happy Monday!

Yesterday I was a little more long winded than usual so today I'll keep it short and sweet and post a video for you.

This video showcases the awesome You're So Lovely Project Kit in the 2016 Occasions Catalogue.  I'm planning on doing a class with this kit in the near future so watch your emails for that!

In the meantime … have a stampy day!


Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sky is the Limit CASE

Happy Sunday!

Wow, what a great weekend so far!  I am thoroughly enjoying myself, felling relaxed, motivated and happy :)  Why?  Well, nothing out of the ordinary, really.   I've just spent a lot of time with people I love! 

Friday night was my Open House.  Yes, it was a FULL week as I made card samples with all my new toys (MAN I love my job!  Who doesn't like making money by crafting???), Yes, I was going hard from the time my hit the floor until I fell into bed.  Yes, I was still prepping cards 2 hours before people showed up.  Yes, I was ready to drop half an hour before people arrived.  Yes, my back packed it in as I was cleaning up.  Yes …... I LOVED it!  (PS - back pills and sleeping on my heating pad saved my back and I was good as new Saturday morning.)

For those of you who came - THANK YOU!  You have no idea how much your friendships, encouragement and business mean to me.  That you took the time out of your busy schedules to hang with ME and my crazy, makes me all squishy inside.  I also appreciate that you humour me by nodding and smiling at all the appropriate times during my "squirrel" moments and "schpeel"s.  Thanks Friends.  You make my heart smile :)

Saturday was just as fun and fulfilling.  Although I felt like I'd been hit by the UPS truck when my alarm went off at 8:15 am, I chugged two coffees and headed to Tamye Dunbar's house (yes, "THE Tamy Dunbar) for "Diva Day" and I got to spend 3 hours with other great friends and fellow demonstrators making some fab cards (that I didn't have to prep!)   Came home, hung with my peeps for a while then spent a few hours doing paperwork from Friday night.  Rebecca slept over at Mom's so Craig, Alicia and I spent the evening together playing games and watching movies.

Today?  Well … at SOME point I'll put some pants on and take Alicia to the mall to spend her birthday gift certificate from Auntie.  Perhaps a little afternoon kip before Craig treats us to dinner (yes, he cooks too!) then an evening of pre-Monday morning prep (homework, hair, lunches)

See?  It's great being me!  Any wonder why I'm having such a great weekend?  Hope yours is going well too!  If not … escape to your craft cave, get the creative juices flowing and enjoy!

Today I'm sharing one of the many cards I made to show off Friday night.  I can't take credit for it - I CASEd it from the Sale-a-brations Catalogue (CASE stands for Copy And Share Everything in stamping-lingo).  I needed quick, easy and awesome so to the catalogue I headed.  In fact, most of the samples I made were direct CASEs from our catalogues.  They are an AWESOME resource!  Next time you feel like making a card but can't get your mojo going just open the catty and copy!  I guarantee it will start something great.  Often I will START by copying but then I end up on a tangent and come up with something original that looks nothing like what I was copying.  The catalogue is always a great jumping off place, regardless of the final design!

Right!  Enough rambling …. here's the darned card!
Wa-low!  Awesome, yes?  This is one of the cards we are making in class this week.  It uses ONLY the new Sale-a-bration (SAB) set Sky is the Limit.  I wanted to use this set in my January class because it is only available for 6 weeks!  Middle of February it's GONE … forever … so get it while you can!  A minimum order of $60 will get this into your collection.  I love it.  It's great for masculine cards, graduation cards, encouragement … so many options!

So!  I started with a Whisper White base then added a layer of Basic Black measuring 5 1/4" x 4" than a Crumb Cake layer of 5" x 3 3/4".  I first stamped the sentiment (Archival Black, of course!) and the heart.  I then stamped the plane on a scrap piece of Whisper White and cut it out old-school … with my paper snips.  I popped it up with dimensionals for added texture and depth.  Oh!  Before I added it to the card I made a propellor.  Any guesses about what I used for that?  The catalogue sample used a flower punch.  Not me!  I used the "X" that is on the Festive Flower Punch!  I love when I can find alternate uses for my punches.  This one worked perfectly!  I punched two "x" s out of vellum paper and attached it to the plane with a 1/8" mini brad (haven't used THOSE in a while!!)

For the clouds I grabbed my Tree Builder Punch.  I punched 1 from Vellum, 1 from Whisper White and 1 from the DELICIOUS Perfectly Artistic DSP.   That is another SAB item … and another item that is only available for a limited time.  Yes, like the Sky is the Limit set, mid Feb the paper will be gone.  Two new items WILL be added to the SAB offerings but those two will be done :(

For the finishing touch I added some Basic Black Baker's Twine and I was done.  BAM!  Took about 6 minutes from start to finish!  Oh!  Forgot - I rounded the corners of the top two layers with my Project Life Corner Rounder Punch.

BAM!  NOW I'm done *lol*

So that's my long winded post from today (it's not my fault - I spent all weekend yacking with friends - hard to stop once I get going!!  you're used to it though, right?  Part of my charm, no?  *lol*  OK ok - enough blathering on.  I'm off to start the day.  Whatever you get up to I hope you get some "you" time in … and have a stampy day :)



Friday, January 8, 2016

Wink of Stella Glitter Brush by Stampin' Up!

Happy Friday!

Another video today as I continue to set up for tonight.

This is the new product Wink of Stella.  It's a glitter pen - the one I used on my A NIce Cuppa card from a few days ago. It's SO sparkly!  It's adds a GREAT pop of glitz to any card - but we careful - as Donna tells us, if you use it over inked images it can bleed so use it sparingly!  I have used it over our Archival Black ink and it doesn't bleed.

Right!  Gotta go prep some snacks.  See you later!


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Playful Pals Bundle by Stampin' Up!

Happy Thursday!

LOTS to do today as I get ready for my Open House tomorrow night but I also have LOTS to share …. so here is a quick video showing you the ADORABLE Playful Pals and Pyramid Pals Thinlits dies.  We will be making a polar bear with these tomorrow so make sure you pop by if you are in the area!

This bundle of products is 15% off AND gets you a FREE Sale-a-brations item!  How about that cute little bird from Honeycomb Happiness from my post a few days ago?  Order this bundle and it's yours! Email me!

In the meantime, enjoy the video and have a stampy Thursday!


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Nice Cuppa Rainbow Technique

Happy Wednesday!

Busy busy BUSY today.  Been going flat out since 5:30 am!  So let's get right to it, shall we??

First up I wanted to let my Canadian Peeps know about a Designer Series Paper Share I'm offering.  a BIG thanks to my Ontario Demo Friend Cynthia Millan ( for allowing me to follow her lead on this one.  Even WITH her guidance and help it still took me 2 hours to crunch the numbers and put the offering together.  

What is a Designer Series Paper Share?  It's en economical way to get at least one sheet of EACH of the beautiful DSP papers in the all new 2016 Occasions Catalogue!  If you haven't seen the catty yet click on the picture over to the right and take a peek!

Here is what I'm offering for the shares.  Two Options ...

"Single" Designer Paper Share = $30
 Short Description:
·      get (1) 6" x 6" piece of every single Designer Paper in the Occasions Catalogue
·      that's 67 pieces of 6x6 Designer Paper!!

"Double" Designer Paper Share = $54 (SAVE 10%!)
Short Description:
·      get (2) 6" x 6" pieces of every single Designer Paper in the Occasions Catalogue
·      ** note - if the original DSP is 12" x 12" you will get a 6" x 12" piece rather than two 6" x 6" pieces
·      that's 134 pieces of 6x6 Designer Paper!
·      ****  BONUS - you will ALSO get 6 Different Double Sided pieces of the SAB  paper "Wildflower Fields" FREE!

*   It's My Party Paper Stack - 12 Different Double Sided Pieces
*   Love Blossoms Paper Stack - 12 Different Double Sided Pieces
*   Have a Cuppa Paper Stack - 12 Different Double Sided Pieces
*   Going Places Paper Stack - 12 Different Double Sided Pieces
*   Birthday Bouquet - 6 Different Double Sided Pieces
*   Botanical Gardens - 6 Different Double Sided Pieces
*   Shine On Specialty Paper - 6 Different Double Sided Pieces
*   Blushing Bride Glimmer Paper - 1 6x6 Piece
*** Club Members get 8 Different Double Sided Pieces of Botanical Gardens SAB DSP free

Get DOUBLE the amount of paper PLUS get a BONUS - receive 8 sheets (1 of each pattern) of the Wildflower Fields (SAB) for FREE!
*   Get 6x12 cuts of the Birthday Bouquet, Botanical Gardens, Shine On and Blushing Bride Glimmer Papers
*   Get double sheets of 6x6 cuts for each of the Paper Stacks --> It's My Party, Love Blossoms, Have a Cuppa and Going Places
*** Club Members ALSO get 8 different 6X6 sheets of printed vellum AND (6) 6" x 6" sheets of the SAB Perfectly Artistic DSP for FREE!

If you are interested in either of the shares please email me.  If you aren't in Edmonton I can mail your share to you for an additional $2.50 charge.

Right!!  On to a project!  Here is another card made using the fabulous new A Nice Cuppa set ...
This is NOT my usual style of card but I kinda like it!  Of course the teach cups are/were my focus … I may tweak the twine … nonetheless …

I used Bermuda Bay card stock for the base and ran it through the Lacy something-or-other embossing folder (dunno the name but it is current … cause I checked before I used it … cause I'm awesome like that!).  I obviously added a doily to the card stock.  For the tea cups ….

I stamped the image on whisper white card stock with Versamark ink, added black embossing powder and heat set it.  To get the cool colours for the writing I simply grabbed my markers.  Whisteria Wonder, Crushed Curry, Melon Mambo and Bermuda Bay.  I coloured over the words (which were white when I started) then I wiped off the entire cup ensemble with a dry baby wipe to remove any extra marker from the black embossed area.  Actually - I lie.  I DIDN" wipe it … but I should have!  BECAUSE I didn't wipe it I ended up with smudged ink on my white card stock that I hadn't embossed.  THAT meant I had to take my scissors and cut out the tea cups the old-school way!  Not what I intended to do but I like the result!

I added some Crushed Curry Bakers Twine and then my clear Wink of Stella glitter pen.  Ooooooo wait tip you get your hands on this stuff.  Deliciously sparkly!!!!  I just applied it to the raised parts of the embossed image.  It added a much needed POP to the final project.

Kinda love this set.  Just sayin'

Right!  I'm off to tidy up - new couch is being delivered shortly.

Pop in again soon.  Until then, have a stampy day!


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A Nice Cuppa!

Happy Tuesday!

Not a lot to report today.  I spent yesterday thoroughly enjoying the peace and quiet of "back to business as usual" around here!  The morning was working out, walking Doodles and tidying up before running a few errands, dinner and homework with the kids.  I expect today will be much the same as I play "catch up" on house cleaning and grocery shopping (with HEALTHY food!)

I spent all weekend in my Craft Cave (well, back-permitting - lots of breaks!)  Sunday I was playing around with a set I fell in love with from the new 2016 Occasions Catalogue (which goes live tomorrow btw!)

It's Called A Nice Cuppa ($21 - page 35 of the 2106 Occasions catalogue).  Check.  It.  Out!
ARGH - I just LOVE the pop of white in those funky hearts!!!

This card actually took about 2 hours to come together.  It It started off VERY differently and ended up morphing into this.  Freaking LOVE it!

I used my long-ignored favourite purple Elegant Eggplant as a mat.  It measures 3 1/4" x 4 1/2".
The delicious Whisteria Wonder patterned paper is the new "Have a Cuppa" Designer Series Paper Stack (page 35, $10) and measures 3" x 4 1/2"

The cup was then punched out of Elegant Eggplant card stock with the new Cups and Kettle Framelits ($36)

If you buy the stamp set and framelits you get 15% off - so the bundle is $48.25.  Worth every penny, if you ask me!

The white waves are punched out with one of the framelits.  The little tea bag was stamped and cut out with scissors.  Yes, there is a framelit for it but really?  Scissors were probably faster for this little guy!

The hearts … ahhhh the hearts.  Freaking love the hearts.  They are stamped and then cut out (with scissors - there is a similar framelit but not an exact fit for this heart so I used scissors 'cause I'm crazy like that!!)

Oh … and the little white part that is in the handle of the tea cup … that was punched out as well (otherwise you would see the Whisteria DSP behind it, not the punch of white that I love)

I attached the "waves" with my fine tip glue pen.  I attached a piece of white bakers twine to the tea bag with some Tear n Tape.  I attached the hearts with dimensionals and added a few rhinestones.

It's rare that I don't have a sentiment on the front of my cards … but this one just didn't need it.  You can use it for a Get Well, Thinking of You, Thank You, Birthday - almost ANYthing.

My kind of card!  I feel a mass production coming on *lol* … well … maybe one day … I still have too many new toys to play with before focusing on one card for more than 10 minutes!  Speaking of …. I loved this set so much I needed to try another card using it.  Mission accomplished!  Pop in again soon to see how THAT one turned out!  Until then - have a stampy day!


Sunday, January 3, 2016

Honeycomb Happiness for A Little Bird

Happy Sunday!

Wow.  Last day of Christmas break.  Am I excited?  Yes and no.  Yes I'm very much loping forward to getting backing into some sort of a routine but no, NOT looking forward to lunches, homework and early mornings.  Alas … all good things must come to an end :(

ONE really bright light for this coming week is the start of the Occasions Catalogue and Sale-a-brations promotion!!!  Yes, we are just days away from packing up the Christmas stamps and getting a whole new batch of Spring and birthday stamps.  Of COURSE I have half of them all ready (thank you pre-order for demonstrators!) and of COURSE I love them all!  I have only just begun to play with them but let me tell ya … I cracked off 9 cards in the last 24 hours. They were quick, easy and FABULOUS!  Wanna see my favourite one so far?  Of COURSE you do!

Drum roll please …..

Ska-WHEEEEEEELLLL! I can't even STAND how stinkin' adorable this little bird is!!!!  It comes fro one of the FREE Sale-a-brations sets "Honeycomb Happiness".  Yes, you can pick this set for free with a $60 order (press s/h/gst).  I wasn't sure what I would do with this little guy but HAD to have the set … and now I'm SO glad I do!  Just LOOK at that little face!  I think this is an ADORABLE baby card!  Yes, it can be used "just because" but you better believe I'm going make a bunch for babies!

So!  How did I create it?  Well … first I grabbed my SAB brochure and started off copying the sample created by Stampin' Up!  The basics are the same - I used two banners -a 2" banner and a 1 1/2 banner (whisper white and Mint Macaron).  The Mint flag was run through the "Arrows" embossing folder for some texture.  I stamped the bird in Archival Black ink then used my aqua painter to colour him Mint Macaron.  No, the aqua painter isn't ideal to use on whisper white card stock.  The paper did buckle a bit when it dried … but I prefer the whiteness odour whisper white to the more vanilla colour of our water-colour paper … so I'm just dealing with the warped paper lol.

You can't from the picture but the beak and feet of our little friend was coloured with another new product "Wink of Stella".  I had never heard of this stuff before but apparently is is available other places.  It's essentially glitter ink in a pen.  Ohhhhhh is it nice!  I used the gold here but there is also a clear that I used on another card(I'll post that one in another post) and it is DELICIOUS!

The sentiment on my bird card is from the same set, Honeycomb Happiness, again stamped in Archival Black.

See the gold thread behind the banners?  Ya - THAT'S new!  Well … new to ME, anyway.  Although he annual catalogue has been in effect since June of 2015 I only just noticed this gold (and there is also a silver) thread.  Well!  Ordered myself up some of THAT little bit of lovely and now I'm addicted to it.  I used it on 3 of my cards yesterday!  To attach the thread I just put a strip of snail adhesive to the back of the banner, cut some thread then stuck it, in circles, to the tape.  To secure the thread I sandwiched it to the card with a piece of Tear n Tape. I popped the banner up on dimensionals and Wa-low!  A key-ute card!  But wait!  What about his little belly???  Ah yes … the belly is another new toy … "honeycomb embellishments".  These are also in the new Occasions Catalogue and are SO fun!  You'll find them on Page 9 of the catalogue.  $6.25 (Canadian) for 12 little honeycomb circles (4 each of three colours).   You get Blushing Bride, Mint Macaron and White.  You can spritz the white one any colour you want with your colour spritzer, making it a mud-have embellishment!

The honeycomb piece DOES make this a hard-to-mail card.  My solution, if mailing, is NOT to actually open up the little ball - mail it with the "ball" closed … the recipient can open it, peel the protective backing off and stick it down.

So …that's it for today.  I plan to spend most of the day in my cave again … LOTS to do before my Open House Friday!  As I mentioned, I have LOTS of projects to share in the coming days so pop in again soon.  In the meantime … have a stampy Sunday!