Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tag a Bag Pretty Packaging

Happy Saturday!

I'd like to start off by thanking everyone for all the kind words, virtual hugs and prayers send my way for my Dad and my family.  It really means the world to me.  How did it go?  It didn't.  The surgery/procedure has been postponed.  Sigh.  Here's the story …

Dad has an aneurism that requires a stint.  It has been there for years but they started keeping a close eye on things as it grew close to 5 mm in size.  I guess they consider it serious enough for surgery once it is larger than 5 mm.  Back in mid fall it reached that point and surgery was given the green light.  Problem was that this particular aneurism was so high up that their traditional method/tool wouldn't reach it.  There is/was the option of cutting him open to reach it but of course the "through the groin" method is/was preferred as it is carless intrusive and recovery for a 75 year old man is much easier and faster.

A new procedure and tool was offered to Dad.  Essentially a new tool was designed and Dad would be a candidate for it.  The procedure/tool has only been used/done three times in Alberta to date .. and Dad's doctor has never performed it.  That made me more than a little twitchy but since have become comfortable with the fact that his doctor is the best of the best.  He has crossed all his Ts and dotted all his Is.  All was good to go.

Thursday Dad got a call from the actual doctor to say they couldn't proceed.  The head dude of the new tool/procedure was flying in to oversee the surgery (that made me happy given it was Dad's doctor's first time!) … alas … the head dude has a torn retina (of all things!) and can't fly!  Geez!  there are two other specialists who could have overseen the surgery but given that the surgery was scheduled for less than 24 hours later they had prior commitments.  So it has been postponed until March … the next date they can get the operating room.

We were all very disappointed.  Aside from rearranging our schedules (postponed my Craft Night, Craig took the day off to get the kids to school etc) it makes us all pretty nervous to have to wait.  Of course the longer we wait the larger the aneurism can get.  An aneurism is an excessive localized enlargement of an artery caused by a weakening of the artery wall.  Untreated it will continue to grow, the wall will continue to weaken and eventually burst - killing you.  OBVIOUSLY not what we want.  The longer you wait the higher the risk.  Having said that I'm not too worried.  First of all, as mentioned last post, I'm not a worrier.  Big old waste of time.  In fact I seem to be calmer now that it is postponed. I am a VERY firm believer that everything happens for a reason.  I find RELIEF in the fact that it was postponed as I believe it's the universe's way of following a plan.  HAD the surgery gone ahead I now feel it would have gone terribly wrong.  That has now been avoided and it will work out in March.  If, God forbid, things go badly waiting for March … well … then it was meant to be and the surgery being postponed was the universe's way of following a plan.  Either way, things will happen as they are meant to.  I take great comfort in that.

Now!  With the surgery being postponed I had a "found" day!  Craig still took the day off and together we got a lot done.  He ran a lot of errands, I got to spend the entire day doing chores and working.  I'm talking ALL day!  Friday night at 8:00 pm I was sending out emails lol.  Felt great.

Thursday Night it was 7:00 pm and I was floundering.  Too early for bed … wanted to eat, but now that I am working REALLY hard (with a nutritionist too!) to control my eating didn't think that was a great option … so I hit my Craft Cave.  I just wanted to work on a little something.  Not too time consuming, not brain taxing, not even terribly creative.  Then I came up with the perfect mini-project.  I wanted to package the little thank you notes I made for my friend whose husband was/is so sick ….
(As an aside - I found out last week her husband does NOT have cancer (thank GOD!) but another condition that looks very similar.  The great thing is this condition can be contained.  Things are looking up!)

I am delivering another meal next week and will take the note cards over at that time.  I LOVE cute gift packaging but I really kinda suck at it.  15 years ago you would be lucky if I wrapped your gift in anything other than a Safeway bag scrunched up at the top!  Things are a little different now and I love when I can add a cute tag to a present.  I grabbed my bog of "tags, bags and cute embellishments" and 10 minutes later had this …

Love it!  I used the now retired - but still available in the Clearance Rack for $4.79 Canadian -  Tag a Bag Accessory Kit.  SO quick, SO easy and SO cute!  The stamp I used is from one of my Paper Pumpkin exclusive stamp sets.  It was perfect.

I now have 9 tags made up and ready to add to a package when I'm in a hurry.  Best idea ever.

So that's my story for this week.  Today and tomorrow will be spend with the family (with some crafting with the girls!) and relaxing.  My favourite kind of weekend!

Whatever you get up to I have you have a really stampy day.  xoxo


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