Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hoarding Pays Off!

Happy Sunday!

Having a LOVELY day today!  Slept in … AGAIN!!! … walked Doodles then went to see the new Star Trek movie with Craig and Becca.  LOVED it!!!!!!  So much so we're gunna re-watch the first two movies after dinner.  Wa-Hoo!

Just a quick one today.  I couldn't resist as this little project just makes me giddy.  Check it out!
I know, I know - it's not paper crafting but it IS crafting, right??

Craig's Family Reunion is coming up this weekend.  We aren't going but his sister is.  Every reunion there is an auction.  Half the proceeds go to charity and half to into the "pot" towards the next reunion.  Every family "clan" puts together a basket to auction off.  Naturally I donate cards … and I volunteered two jars of Craig's Crimson Passion Cherry jam.  This stuff is seriously more addictive than drugs.  He always comments that I don't eat his jam.  I always reply I can't because I can't stop once I start.  Seriously.  Two pieces of toast ALWAYS turns into four … plus a few spoonfuls right from the jar.  It would be faster to just smear the stuff directly onto my thighs and be done with it.  It's that good.  Really.

Now it just wouldn't be right to hand over two boring old jars of jam.  They didn't even have labels on them … so I went to work.

I cut out circles of my hidden stash of Stampin' Up! fabric using a retired circle Bigs Die to decorate the tops.  The LABELS - oh, I thought I was a genius on this one!  Sometimes items ordered are on backorder.  When the item comes into stock they ship it to us.  In the shipment there is a packing slip that is actually a sticker.  Being a bordering line hoarder and a true crafter (who hates to throw anything away that may be craft-able at some point in the future), I cut of the label info and keep the rest of the label.  As I stared at the jars and tried to figure out how I would attach a tag … or label … they came to mind.  Grabbed one of my retired framelits and BAM!  Had me some labels!  Grabbed my retired Tart & Tangy stamp set and my markers and Wa-LOW!  A key-UTE little label for the back of the jars.  Used my markers to write on the front label and DONE!

Love, love, love!

See?  Hoarding pays off!  Retired fabric, retired framelit, retired stamp set and sticky labels.  So glad I kept it all :)

Hope you're having a stampy day!  Have a fun night!


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