Saturday, August 27, 2016

Magic Slider Card using the Watercolor Stamping Technique by Stampin’ Up!

Happy Saturday!

Ho-lee-COW am I stiff today!!!  Why?  No, I didn't do an hour long workout video yesterday.  I did something no out-of-shape, slightly overweight, quickly-approaching 50 mom should do.  I went clothes shopping with my teen!  WAIT!  It gets worse.  Because the all-afternoon shop-a-palooza didn't cost me enough in time, leg power or money, I decided to go to Staples and Winners with my teen AND tween after dinner.  Oi Vey!  I don't know what is in worse condition - my body or my credit card rating!!  Having said that we all had a BALL buying them pretty much complete new wardrobes for back-to-school.  This is a first.  In the past I have picked up one or two complete outfits for them.  This year was WAY beyond that!  Everything from hats to boots … and LOTS in between.  I think Mom got a little carried away dressing up her little dollies in new, trendy clothes.  I couldn't help myself.  On the bright side 99% of it was on sale :)  … as my Dad would say (and as Craig is quickly learning to say) "I an't afford for you to save that much" *lol*.  Love my dad-isms!

Since back-to-school has been my priority the last few days which means stamping has taken a back seat.  Have no fear!  I'll share some videos in lieu!

Here is a water-colour technique … and I'll follow it with a Magic Slider Card technique.  I thought these would be popular as my "Magical Slider Card Tutorial" post from April 2015 has gone somewhat viral on my blog lately.  You can check that project out here

Enjoy the video and have a stampy Saturday!!


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