Sunday, December 31, 2017

Perennial Birthday Project Kit by Stampin' Up!

Happy Sunday!

... and Happy New Year's Eve!  Wow.  Was it REALLY Christmas Eve a whole week ago?  It's been a blur of cleaning, sorting, organizing and purging this week!  The -30 degree temperatures have been an GREAT excuse to live in leggings and get at those "one day" jobs.  Truth be told, I LOVE "one day" job days (weeks?!) . Every year, usually starting on Dec 26 or Dec 27, I start my organizing frenzy.  This year was MUCH more thorough than usual as I got Craig involved and we sorted through the storage room and about 80% of everything in it.  The 20% we didn't touch were buckets that had our photo albums, records, cassette tapes and memorabilia in them that I just couldn't get through.  I don't have THAT much time! *lol* . I DID, however, hit the games/kits cupboard, the pantry (MAN I had a lot of crackers, rice and baking supplies that were off!), tupperware, front hall closet, medicine cabinet and more.  The front haul is overflowing with boxes and bags that are going to a local charity that takes everything but the kitchen sink.  I'm THRILLED as it means just ONE stop to drop it off, rather than 5 or 6 as I find which charities take what.  I love purging almost as much as I love Christmas.  It feels SO good to "get it gone"!

I'm just ITCHING to share with you two cards I created this week using new products from the 2018 Occasions Catalogue that goes live January 3rd. Alas, the cards are being used for SWAPS.  What's a swap?  A number of card makers (in this case my fellow demonstrators) agree to design a card (or two ... or three) and then they swap (trade) them with each other.  So I designed a card, I made 15 of them and I will trade one with 15 other demonstrators.  In the end I will have 15 different designs (mine plus 14 more) to share with my customers and to CASE myself!  Now I CAN share my projects with you however I will wait until everyone has their swap (we mail them).  It's just good etiquette.  Everyone is SO excited to get their happy mail and they don't want that excitement spoiled by seeing the card on-line ahead of time.  So wait we must!  Don't worry - I'll be sharing as soon as I can.  They're worth the wait!

Meanwhile ... scroll down 2 posts ago - December 27th.  I shared the cards I made from the upcoming Perennial Birthday Project Kit.  I seriously LOVE this kit now that I've had a chance to play with it.  This video from Stampin' Up! does a much better job at showing it off.

Check it out and, starting January 3rd, you can order one for yourself!

Now I'm off to find my 2018 fridge calendar and start filling it out with all my appointments and stamping classes.  SLOWLY getting back to the reality of back-to-work!

Whatever you get up to today I hope it's a stampy day.  Happy New Year and ALL THE BEST in 2018.

xoxoxo . Tam

Friday, December 29, 2017

Eclipse Technique by Stampin' Up!

Happy Friday!

Feels like -41 with the humidity and wind up here in Edmonton this morning,  I already warned Koda we are NOT going for a walk this morning.  He seems fine with that, as he asked out, stuck his head out the door, looked at me, turned around and headed for the couch.  Too cold for him too! lol.  Naturally today is the ONE day, in a week, that I actually have to leave the house!  I've been home every day since last Friday, cleaning, purging, organizing and napping.  Today, however, we have to head out to the Humane Society to finish our volunteering hours for the month.  Note to self:  Start the car 15 minutes before having to leave!  MAN that's cold!  As much as I love playing with kittens I think today would be the PERFECT day to stay home and craft!  Hmmm .... perhaps I should see if tomorrow is still open for volunteer slots ...

Well, even if we DO have to go out I WILL be spending some time in my cave ... but probably just to find the floor .... again.  Yes, the storage room is now nice and tidy but a *few* items ended up back in my cave and it's next on my hit list.  I DO love the week after Christmas as it's the only time in the year I take a full week to get my life back in order and de-cluttered!

Whilst you wait for my next project I thought I'd share this Eclipse Technique video with you.  I made this Christmas card (CASEd from Randi Collins) using it. 
They're fun and are a real "wow" card.  Watch the video and try it out!

Stay warm and have a stampy day!


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Kits, Kits, Kits!

Happy Wednesday!

I'm hoping everyone had a fanTASTIC Christmas - we did!  The kids have rated it as one of the best days EVAH, which is what every mom strives for, right??

I have managed to spend a few hours in my Craft Cave, as I work on Card swaps with other demonstrators, and on making all new samples using toys from the 2018 Occasions and Sale-a-brations catalogues - whoot!

Anyone who knows me nows I LOVE kits!  When I was a kid KITS were my love - everything I needed on one box.  Nothing has changed!  I have received three shipments of toys from the new catalogues.  What are the first things I opened?  My KITS!

I wasn't sure how much I loved this first one - Perennial Birthday - but (naturally) I bought it anyway.  Am I ever glad I did!  No, the cards aren't what I would deem my usual style but I really do love them .. and the BOX!  It isn't tin, like in past years, it sturdy board ... and the DIVIDERS!  They are printed so you can add the names of everyone who has a birthday or anniversary each month. You then put the required number of birthday cards behind each divider and you are ready to go all year long.  I LOVE being organized like that.  At the start of every month I DO write out my cards for the entire month and just mail them a few days before the big day.  Love love LOVE!  Check it out ...
The kid will be available January 3rd and is $35 CDN and makes 16 cads, envelopes, with dividers and box - the stamp set is not included - that is $29 CDN for the clear set but it is one you'll want to own (its a great birthday set)

Now - the GREAT thing about buying both the kit AND the stamp set is that it comes to a total of $64 (pre tax/shipping) and THAAAAAAAATTTTTT means - FREE STUFF!  Whoot!  The Sale-a-brations promotion starts Jan 3rd and for every $60 you spend you get to pick a SAB item for free.  One of my fave items this year?  Yup - a KIT!

Check out the Mixed Medallions kit - NO STAMPING required!  Everything you need to make 8 cards and envelopes - and the sentiments are in English, French and German!  Pick the language you want, keep the extras for other projects.  Love it!

So that's it for today.  I think I might have to actually put on pants and leave the house today.  Yuck,  it's CRAZY cold this week and I don't wanna ... alas, I need to mail my swaps and get milk ... so I best press on.

Whatever you get up to today I hope you get to relax a bit .. and have a stampy day!


Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmast - Ornaments

Happy Christmas!!

No, I'm not "working" on Christmas Day.  Right now I very likely have my feet up, enjoying a "special" coffee and basking in the glow of family and relaxation!  I typed this yesterday as I was putting my feet up, basking in the glow of family and relaxing! *lol*.  Nothing on my to-do-list ... so I thought I'd do a quick post sharing another tradition I have - that of making an ornament for the girls every year. 

This year I had PLANNED on doing something else but time got away from me and I went with the ornament from the 2017 Holiday Catalogue Kit Very Merry. 
As I was scrolling through my photos I came across all the ornaments that were on our tree last year.  I decided to take a picture of them all in case, God forbid, anything should ever happen to them.  Here they are.  I hope they make you smile - they make ME smile!  Every one is home made - either by me or the kids ... or knot by my mom or carved by my dad.  Every one is very special to me.  Enjoy - and Merry, Merry Christmas


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Wish List Booklets 2018

Happy Christmas Eve!

Ooooooh the waiting kills me!!  I've been "done" for days now and am TRYING to be patient waiting for tomorrow morning but it's not easy!!  It's always ME who is awake at 4:00 am trying to will the clock to move faster ... or sleep to take me away for another few hours.  Alas, every year it seems to move slower!

The annual tradition is (around 7:00 am) Craig and I get up.  I brush my hair and wipe off yesterday's make up, trying to look a *little* presentable for any photo ops that may arise, while Craig goes down, starts the coffee, turns on the tree and so on.  The girls (who we've likely had to wake now that they are 12 and 14 *lol*) wait upstairs (staring at a phone) until my Mom and Dad arrive.  Everyone gets hugs, helps bring in presents, grabs a "special" coffee and takes their place in the living room.

Stocking time!  The girls open their stocking.  Craig and I do too but, generally, there are only 2 or 3 things IN the stockings ... and really, I couldn't care less about presents as I sit, sipping my coffee and trying to savour every moment of the girls' excitement and smiling faces as the pull out candy, after knick knack, after trinket.

Presents are next.  One of the girls, usually Alicia, hands out presents, making sure everyone has one at all times.  She tends to open hers faster ... Rebecca savours hers and is slower ... and I'm always last.  I always now 90% of my gifts ahead of time (ya, 'cause I buy them then give them to Craig to wrap and give to me *lol*.  I an't help it!  I stumble across deals (which i my favorite part of "the hunt" and buy them to a) save him time b) save us money and c) to ensure I get something I want but didn't KNOW I wanted until I stumbled across it!)

Once presents are all opened (takes approximately 42 minutes for the 8 months of planning and prepping to be over - sigh) we eat!  Corned Beef hash has been the breakfast of choice for the last few years.

After brunch Mom and Dad go home (they are only 12 minutes away) - Craig cleans up, I grab another coffee and chill.

Craig preps the turkey, mom makes a veg and dessert and (eventually) I make potatoes, stuffing and more veg.  A nap often occurs while the girls are off playing with whatever treasures they got and to text friends.

Mom and Dad come back for dinner and, my 8:00 pm it's all over.  Another fabulous Christmas Day comes to and end.  I sit and reflect, smiling, full of love .... and too much pie ... so thankful for all the blessings in my life.

We may play a game or watch a show as a family ... then, after scrolling through Facebook to see all my friends' posts and happy pictures, we hit the hay.

Traditions.  We love them.

One tradition I won't let go of any time soon is the girls' Wish List Booklets.  Anyone who has been following me for a while knows I make one of these booklets every year.  It started when I first got into stamping, and, I suppose, when Alicia would have been just a year or two old.  I first saw it at one of our team get-togethers - maybe one of Tamye's Extravaganzas.  I fell in love with them and a tradition was born.

Every year the girls write out what they want for Christmas.  As the years have gone on the list gets shorter, but the price tag gets bigger!  Christmas day, after everything is over, I turn the book over and, starting at the back, I write down what they got and from whom.  I think it's a FABULOUS way to record a bit of their childhood.  It's fun to look back and look at the toys that they SO wanted to find under the tree ... and a way to capture ALLLL the gifts they were so very blessed to receive, and from whom.

Traditions.  Without them The Season just wouldn't be the same.

This is the booklet for 2018.

To make the booklet I cut 2 pieces of card stock (it used to be 3 but, as I mentioned, their list has gotten shorter so now I just use 2).

Cut the card stock into 5 1/2" x 4 1/4" pieces.  Score each piece along one side at 1"

 Use your Crop-a-dile to punch the largest hole you can.  You then need to punch the hole again, slightly to the side to make the hole a little bigger, so the jumbo eyelets will fit.  No, the eyelets aren't available any longer.  Yes, I have a stash that I have been hoarding for years and have enough to get me through many more yet.

Place the Eyelits in the holes ...
 ... and fasten with the Crop-a-dile
 You then take two MORE eyelets, turn our booklet over, place the eyelets over the holes and seal ...

 You will now have a nice, clean, finished back ...
 Decorate as desired and your done!
Here are some booklets from years-gone-by (and that are now filled in and sitting int the girls' memory boxes) ...

Thanks for popping in.  If I don't post again tomorrow I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and all the very best in the year ahead.

Have a stampy, stampy day xoxox


Thursday, December 21, 2017

Beautiful Bouquet Bundle by Stampin' Up!

Happy Thursday!

I feel like I've made it to the finish line!  The kids finished school today ... well, they're kinda playing hookie tomorrow 'cause they would rather sleep in than go to school for a dance and/or games.  Works for me!  Mama gets to enjoy her coffee in peace a quiet a little longer tomorrow - whoot!

Still not *quite* done my Christmas crafting.  I went downstairs last night to work on my annual ornament and/or the kids' wish list books but I had a *squirrel* moment ...

I spotted the box of unfinished projects on my dest and ... well ... I didn't HAVE to craft anything in particular so I grabbed my box and crafted just for fun!  I finished off the Be Merry Kit of ornaments ...

They aren't the ornaments I PLANNED to make for this year but they may just be the ones I go with.  I'm just ITCHING to play with my new toys so might just have to kill two birds with one stone!

I MAY finish the Wish List Books tonight - we'll see.  I'm either sick as a dog or having an allery attach from WAY too much sugar this week - I'm thinking the latter but regardless, I want to rip my nose off my face (which feels swollen twice it's normal size) and can't stop sneezing ... so we'll see what happens in an hour or two.

Meanwhile ... did I ever share this video with you?  I don't think so ...

It shows off the Beautiful Boutique Bundle and I learned a few things by watching this.  Maybe now I'll use it a little more.  Check it out ... and have a stampy night!


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Brusho Crystal Colour Techniques

Happy Wednesday!


I've had a lovely day ... cleaning.  Seriously!  I LOVE cleaning ... when it's on my own terms and because I want to, not because I've lost sight of my reflection in the mirrors!

I have a fresh batch of Tortellini Soup on the stove (soooooo yummy!) and then, after dinner, I'm off to play in my Craft Cave.  Wa-hoo!  As I said this morning, just two Christmas projects to finish before I can pack up all my Christmas toys and dig out the new stuff.

SPEAKING of new stuff ... my evil friend Holly kept showing me samples she made with the new Brusho powders that are available starting January 3rd.  I was resisting.  I gave up .. the samples were too awesome and ... ya ... I just placed yet ANOTHER pre-order so I can play with it too. 

Wanna see what I'm talking about?  I'd never heard of this stuff before the November "On-Stage" Stampin' Up! gig.  Check out this video, start thinking about all the possibilities with this stuff and add it to your New Catalogue Wish List!

Have a stampy night :)


2018 Occasions and Sale-a-brations New Toy Reveal Part 2!

Happy Wednesday!

OK - today is the day.  Today I WILL clean my house and then hit my Craft Cave!  I have 2 more Christmas projects to make before I'm "allowed" to play with all my BRAND NEW TOYS.  While you wait for me to post pics of my 2018 Christmas Wish Booklets and my 2018 Christmas Ornament let's check out my 2018 Occasions and Sale-a-brations New Toy Reveal, Part 2!

Off I go to clean ... then craft!

Have a stampy day!


Monday, December 18, 2017


Happy Monday!

What better way to start the day than with a sale??


I just scooped some GREAT deals!

Birthday Bright Project Kit - regular $37 on for $14.80!
Blushing Bride Glimmer Paper - regular $6.75 on for $2.70!
Crumb Cake Notecards & Envelopes - regular $8 on for $3.20!

Canadian Shoppers - use Hostess Code VE7XJTCT at the checkout and get a free gift in the mail from me!

Happy Shopping - have a stampy day!


Saturday, December 16, 2017

2018 Occasions Catalogue Sneak Peek!

Happy Saturday!

So I'm sitting in the soft glow of the Christmas lights drinking my coffee, surfing the internet ... and nursing a throbbing back.  I've been SO careful not to "overdo it" where my back is concerned ... and, until this morning I have won the battle.  Muscles relaxants at night, heat and ice in the day, not sitting t the computer TOO long, making sure I get up often when crafting, wearing my spikes on the ice sidewalks when strolling Doodle Dog.  Alas, I neglected to factor in the possibility of stepping the the cat's tail at 6:30 am (whilst stumbling in the dark to the bathroom) and darn near jumping out of my skin!  Flippin' 'ECK Charlie!  So much for trying to be quiet so as not to WAKE anyone *lol*

I thought I'd share my 201 Occasions Catalogue and Sale-a-brations  Sneak Peak video with you this morning.  I THOUGHT we had to wait until January 3 ... but I was wrong.

Watching the video I realized a few things.

1.  I mentioned the Hedgehugs set was free with a $60 order.  Wrong.  It's not a SAB item, it's for sale.
2.  I talk a LOT with my hands.
3.  I CAN do a quick-ish video when I have to (just over 19 minutes - that's a record for me!)
4.  My shirt is on inside out.  LMAO.  yup - that's me - polished and  classy to the end!

Enjoy the video and have a stampy day!


Friday, December 15, 2017

Sock Gnome Fun!

Happy Friday!  Whoot!

Guess what I've got going on today???  Go on, guess! 


Wa-hoo!  Guess what else??  Go on, guess?

Aside from taking my mom out for dinner and to Fiddler on the Roof Saturday night (and Christmas Open House) I have NOTHING on the calendar until Dec 29th!  Whaaaatttttt???

True story!

I'm going to LEAVE those squares empty!  NO coffee dates.  NO lunch dates.  NO firm commitments.  Oh sure, I MAY end up doing those things but they will be spur of the moment things, not schedules!  I'm going to spend this weekend baking with the kids, wrapping our doors like presents, making the kids' wish list books - oh, and sending out Christmas cards.  Yes, many will arrive late but ya know what?  That's OK!  Listen to me ... NOT EVERYTHING HAS TO BE DONE BEFORE DEC 25.  You don't have to visit, phone, meet with or write to every person you've ever met in the next 10 days!  Don't stress!  This is supposed to be a magical, FUN time of year - ADVENT ... as we celebrate and await the birth of our saviour!  Get back to basics, do what you WANT to do, what you ENJOY doing and ditch the "shoulds"!

What did I do this Tuesday night (instead of Christmas cards)?  made Sock Gnomes with friends!  HOW stinkin' key-UTE are these????

SO SO SO KEY-UTE!!!  Best part?  No sewing - just hot gluing!

You'll spot a few Stampin' Up! buttons, ribbon and a hint of Melon Mambo on some of the noses - other than that it was all dollar store sock, felt, ribbon and a HUGE sack of rice from the Chinese Food Store.

I roughly followed the video here ....
SO easy!

I did make a few changes.  #1.  I used white wool to tie the sock at the top and the nose.  The elastics were redundant (plus I bought ones that didn't stretch enough to actually get around the sock!) . #2.  I could find white felt at any of the dollar stores so instead I bought a HUGE fuzzy throw for $4 at the dollar store.  It will last me 100 years!  #3.  Although we did make SOME of their beards 3" x 4", like she said, we made most of them 5" x 4" for a wider beard.  #4.  Instead of using a styrofoam cone in the hats I bought a pack of 40 styrofoam cups for $1.25.  The cones were $1.25 EACH so that significantly increased the cost of each gnome.  The cups worked great! Want a taller hat?  Stack more cups!  We found 2 or 3 was the perfect height for the standard size gnomes.  Oh ... and make sure you DO use white rice - we belw through our 15 pound bag pretty quickly (making 12 gnomes) so I found a stale box in my pantry.  It was brown rice.  It did alter the color of the nose as the white sock was more of a tan color.  We preferred the white.  We added some blush or ink to some of the noses for a little pop of color.

We all had a great time.  Each gnome has it's own "personality" and most of us made more the next day!  They are slightly addicting!!

So that's what I did this week ... instead of Christmas cards.  What will YOU do this weekend just for fun??  Whatever it is, I hope you have a stampy time!  Just breathe and have some laughs!