Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine Treats

Happy Tuesday! … and Happy Valentine's Day!

Sorry my posting has been a little more erratic than usual.  I'm getting lost with what I've posted when and where!  Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger …. so much social media so little time! *lol*

As happens EVERY treat-filled-occasion, I found myself finishing off my treats at 8:00 pm the night before.  Doesn't matter that I started them in January.  Nope.  Always finishing them last minute.  That's just the way I rolllllllllll!

Her is what I made 16 of for my customers, 30 for Alicia's class and 30 for the teachers ...
(ok - so the teacher and kid ones actually said Happy Valentine's Day!)

I'll keep this brief as I need to do some paperwork (and have been VEY successful at procrastinating on that today!) … so I'll show you a QUICK video on how to make these little cuties!  They are "Diaper Fold Pouch" treats.  SUPER quick and easy … as you'll see in my 1:23 minute video! … only catch is I can't upload it (MAN I spend a lot of time trying to figure out why I can't do what I want to do!)  SO!  IF you want to see the video you have to pop over to my business Facebook page.  Head to Facebook and search for "Tamara's Paper Trail".  You'll see the same smiling face you see at the top of this page :)  I have my video posted there.  Oh!  WHILE you're there why not "like", "follow" and/or "get notifications" and then you'll get ALL my crazy videos (cause Lord knows I don't have the patience to figure out how to link them here *lol*)

…. I'll pause here while you head over and watch the video …

*insert elevator music playing here* …..


Did you watch it?  Did you "like" it?  (see what I did there? hee hee … I think I need a nap ….)

Easy, right?  Our 6" x 6" designer paper series stacks are GREAT for these treats!  Click on the image over on the Right Hand Side to access my on-line store to get yours.  Remember, with every $60 spent you get a FREE Sale-a-brations item of your choice!

Gotta fly.  Have a stampy night!


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